The beauty of life lies in saving a life!

Blood shortage is one of the major issues that concern the whole globe. 14th June is World Blood Donor Day and we put forth all the dimensions that you need to know about blood donation and blood shortage and blood wastage.

This World Blood Donor Day we shall tell you how blood shortage plagues our nation and why the nation needs more blood and donors.

What do you need to know as a blood donor in India?

If you wish to donate there are a few things you need to know and a threshold health status that you need to carry.

The following pointers might help your intents of saving precious lives by donating blood generously.

  1. Only 350mL of blood is taken out at once
  2. The ideal age for blood donation is between 18 years and 60 years
  3. The minimum weight you must have in order to be able to donate is 45 kg
  4. Your hemoglobin count must not be below 12 g/dl
  5. You shouldn’t carry any disease at the time of the donation
  6. Your blood pressure should be normal at the time of the donation
  7. The donor must not have had medicine in the last 48 hours
  8. The donor is not eligible if he or she has had alcohol in the last 48 hours
  9. Pregnant women should avoid donating blood

How frequently can you donate?

The recommended duration between two successive donation drives is recommended to be 3 months. This gap is considered to be sufficient for the regeneration of blood cells.

However, be very particular about the hygiene condition while you donate because underprepared conditions can lead to infections.

Ample population yet shortage of blood

Taking this in the context of our nation this day is more about being an awareness initiative than celebrating it because in India only 1% of potential donors donate each day.

The irony lies in the fact that while we are a nation of 1.3 billion people yet we face a severe blood shortage and a high rate of deaths due to the blood shortage.

As per a recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO) report, India faces a blood shortage of at least 3 million blood units.

blood donation

Only 9 million out of the 12 million units required are collected per year in India missing the required mark by not a whisker but miles. The capital city of the nation itself faces a shortage of 100k blood units annually.

The nation has around 2700 blood banks but 81 districts still don’t have a blood bank and have to traverse far in search of blood.

Not being able to provide blood timely in the rural and the remote areas is where the bulk of the problem lies.

Every year as much as 30 million cancer treatment procedures, 63 million accident cases, and 230 million major operations require blood for blood transfusions and the blood is never enough.

Apart from these major requirements, there are a plethora of other disorders which require blood.

No blood yet we waste blood

Blood shortage is just one part of the picture and the other part of it is even more ironic. Deaths in India due to blood shortage also occur because of the wastage of blood that happens in India.

We waste what we scarcely have!

As per a report by the Times of India over last 5 years 2.8 million units of blood was wasted by the blood banks raising serious questions upon the blood bank systems of the nation.

So now you might realize that a few drops of blood from your body can save precious lives.

blood donation quote

So now you are all set to donate and save lives and you must! Spread happiness and feel it coming back to you. Happy donating!


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