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worst indian serials

Worst Indian Serials! How SERIALS have Corrupted INDIAN WOMEN’s MIND!

While humans usually have 5 senses women have 6 and this isn’t the smart 6th sense but melodrama.Oh no! We are not anti-feminists when...
inspirational quotes from movies

Top Inspirational Quotes From Movies that will motivate you to live “Life”

It is amazing how movies fascinate us and how in some movies we find a reflection of our lives. Movies fictional or non-fictional exhibit...
Why Movies Are Released On Friday

Why Movies Are Released On Friday’s?

It has been a tradition that new films release on Fridays. This is an unspoken protocol that has been around for as long as...
Bengali Singers

Top 8 Famous Bengali Singers in Bollywood

Aside from the delectable fish curry, there are numerous different perspectives for which Bengalis are known for.I don't know whether this is the impact...
Marathi singers

Top 5 female Marathi Singers in Bollywood

Maharashtra is not only famous for their Ganpati pooja and cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Sunil Gavaskar. It is also popular for their...
Rajasthani Singers

8 Famous Rajasthani Singers who brought their best in Bollywood

Once in a blue moon, comes a melody so unique and invigorating, it sounds not at all like the ordinary Bollywood music.It helps you...
Telugu Singers

Top 10 Telugu Singers in the Indian Film Industry

We can see quick development in youthful singers who has got heaps of ability in them. We have chosen to make a rundown of...
highest grossing Bollywood movies

Top 5 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies of all Time

Bollywood is viewed as the world's biggest film industry regarding yield, yet the business is steadily turning into a monetary powerhouse too.The numbers may...

Top 10 Famous GUJARATI SINGERS in Bollywood

Gujarat the place that is known for colors, love, magnificence, business, and richness. Most renowned for being the condition of rich culture and legacy,...
Bhojpuri singers

Top 10 Bhojpuri Singers of all Time in Bollywood

The Bhojpuri film industry has achieved extraordinary statures of prevalence in India, with specialists and vocalists accepting as much acknowledgment as those of the...