Penis Foreskin Conditions Adult Circumcision Surgery can prevent



When you are taking care of your whole body making it beautiful, sometimes you forget that beautifying it is not the only important thing.

Keeping it hygienically clean is also vital so that no germs and infections can develop inside or on the skin which can lead to further problems in the future.

Many people clean the visible part of their skin but ignore those which are hidden underneath the clothes.

This can cause complications like various skin conditions associated with the penis. There is no need to worry if you have developed these problems; adult circumcision surgery can prevent and even cure these dangerous conditions.

Various types of Foreskin Conditions:

There are a few maladies and ailments that can occur on the foreskin that is totally covering the penis from the base till the tip. Many symptoms can be observed when you are suffering from conditions of the foreskin.

They are mentioned below;

  1. Difficulty in moving the skin back and forth.
  2. Urination becomes a challenge.
  3. Constant ache in the penis.
  4. Blood in the urine.
  5. The color of the penis

If you feel that you are experiencing these then it is most likely that you are suffering from the following conditions;


When the skin on the penis is unable to pull back at its original position then you have a condition called Phimosis.

There can be mainly three causes of this condition;

  1. The skin on the tip of the penis becomes tight and can’t be retracted back.
  2. Frenulum which is like a band connecting the penis and the skin; it is shot in length.
  3. Tiny swellings in the form of balloons can cause the penis to pain and the skin can fit tightly.


This condition creates rashes and on the skin which is common in males and can occur at any age. But it noted that uncircumcised men have this very often as they can’t keep it clean more often.

It can originate for many reasons.

  1. When you cannot keep the penis clean.
  2. The foreskin is unable to be pulled back by the condition mentioned above.
  3. Bacteria and fungus are also a major cause.
  4. It can lead to Balanitis xerotica obliteransin which white colored tissue is gathered at the tip.


It is exactly the opposite of the Phimosis which describes as a state where the skin has trouble move to the tip.

It can occur when the tip suffers swelling as it becomes very painful for the person. When a previously circumcision surgery goes wrong then this condition can happen.


Sometimes the cells in the body can grow abnormally and rapidly, it can develop into tumors. Most of the time these are just lumps of cells but seldom have they transformed into cancer. But if they do they can lead to penile and prostate cancer.

Penile Trauma:

Other than the above-mentioned conditions there are instances where the penis can be damaged by accidents, playing sports or another mishap. There are alternative treatments for these traumas besides circumcision.

The experts at various clinics and centers like Circumcision Center have a moral duty of informing the patients of these conditions, giving each and every detail.

Take care of the Penis Foreskin:

You can prevent these medical conditions from appearing. The only thing you can do is maintain excellent hygiene for your penis. Not only will it prevent the above-mention ailments from occurring but also it will appeal to others.

Regular Bathing:

Infections can develop when any part of your skin is not properly cleaned, so how is it possible that the penis is left unwashed. Take a bath regularly; if not daily then on alternate days. Especially, clean it underneath the skin but be careful not to overdo it.

Softly Wash with Soap:

Mild soaps can be used to wash off any fluid or lubricant. Soaps with strong chemicals must be avoided because it can damage the skin. If you see that there is any type of infection developing then stop using the mild soap as well and immediately visit a doctor to stop it from spreading.

Be Gentle with it:

Many men rigorously wash it which is very dangerous. You need to be gentle with it as it is an extremely sensitive part of your body. A point to note that many men have a very bad habit of playing with it and can damage the penis, so try to avoid such follies.

Adult Circumcision Surgery can prevent:

Researchers have concluded that the men who were circumcised either in infancy or during adulthood have shown that they less likely developed the above-mentioned conditions. But those who remained uncircumcised had developed these problems later in years. Adult circumcision surgery is a very effective way to reduce the causes of these infections that lead to further.

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