Halloween costumes are as different as they were a few years ago. Superheroes, scary wizards and cartoon character costumes are ruling nowadays.

As a kid, we all want to wear a costume which will give us a realistic look but the fact is that these type of costumes are little expensive and cannot be bought by a middle-class person.

As a middle-class person, you also want to buy a costume as other does but sometimes your pocket or budget restrict you.

So if you are one of those then don’t worry here are some budget-friendly costumes which will give you a realistic look and make will make you the center of attraction.

Moreover, you can buy these Halloween costumes online or make it at home as well.

Old Man Costume

Creating your own Halloween costume is fun and when it looks good the excitement of wearing it gets double as well.

So the first budget-friendly Halloween costume which you can easily make with your hands is a costume of an old man or women.

Dress as old men or women depending on you, I must refer you to wear an old fashion suit with a nice hat.

Wear an artificial white beard to look elder, you can also paint wrinkles for a more realistic look.

Take a walking stick and rock the Halloween party with this unique dressing.

A Princess costume

The other best Halloween costume which will come in your budget is of a princess. Princess costume is said to be one of the timeless costumes because it will not take much of your time.

Every single girl wants to be a princess at least once and Halloween is the time where she can dress exactly like a princess.

Many of us have a long fanny dress frock if not just buy one from any store near you because without that princess costume is incomplete.

Do some makeup and hold a fairy stick on your hands?

If you don’t have a fairy stick you can make one easily in your own, what you have to do is just take a stick, wrap it with a silver foil and attach a cardboard sheet star over it.

You can also buy this Halloween costume online because online stores offer some discounts on such occasions and you can get one in your budget.

A Witch Costume

A witch costume is one of the most common Halloween costume people wear today. To make a witch costume you just need a long black dress along with black shoes.

Wear a witch hat and hold a broom just like a real witch does.

Beggar Costume

The last but not the least budget-friendly costume is a costume of a beggar. For this, you just need tear up shirts and ripped jeans which many of has already have.

Hold a board or bowl in your hands to make your costume more interesting. Do some makeup of making your face and hands dirty and enjoy the Halloween party.


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