In the modern day routines that breathe stress headaches have become an unwanted friend. A friend that sneaks in stealthily and then doesn’t say goodbye easily! Headaches are a narcissist and the far they are the better it is.

Our general response to a headache is that we go looking for painkillers which seem an easy let off.

However, the side effects of these painkillers are countless and the effect is only delusive wherein the pain is countered but the sensation of it is killed. Why be so harsh to ourselves when painkillers have alternatives, not one or two but many.

Here’s a quick list of headache remedies that would come handy when your headaches the next time and the best part is that these come without any side effects, unlike the painkillers which you consider your best friend.

Headaches can be due to different reasons and of different forms hence the remedies vary accordingly.

But, what can we do? Learn these 12 headache remedies to save yourself:

Drink as much water as you can


They don’t call water the wonder liquid only for the sake of it. Water can do much more than any other medicine. Try drinking ample water in case you develop a headache.

Most of the headaches are due to dehydration and sometimes all that you need to bust it is a good amount of water. This is a simple found anywhere anytime solution to most of the headaches.

Having fruits that are rich in water like the watermelon or muskmelon also help a great deal to fight headaches caused by dehydration in the body.

Scalp massage

Massaging the greater optical nerve that lies at the back of the head might turn out to be a great relief in case your headaches.

This is, in fact, an inference of research. So next time before picking up those painkillers go for the scalp massage, might just help

Coffee they say keeps a headache away


Most of the headaches are due to an expansion of blood vessels or the loosening of blood vessels.

Coffee is high in caffeine effectively constricts these blood vessels and hence is effective when it comes to killing the pain in your head. Coffee is surely one of the best friends the humans have.

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    Tea isn’t a bad option too!

    Green Tea

    Don’t like coffee?

    Never mind tea can do the same magic! Ginger tea is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and this makes it an effective response to a headache. Don’t forget to add ginger to the tea but!

    Ice Packs 

    Apply ice packs to the back of your neck. The anti-inflammatory properties and the cooling effect will relax pain.

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    The power of the shower 

    Take a hot shower if the ache in your head bothers you.  Let the warm waterfall at the back of your neck.

    This way tense muscles will be soothed the fatigue of whose could be the reason behind your headache. Make sure the water is warm enough to suit the job.

    Pepper to defeat pain 

    This may sound outlandish but yes eating spicy things can help your cause. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on your food and have it for this pepper has been proved to be causing changes to pain perceptions of humans.

    So when you have a headache next time just eat something spicy. This seems a very interesting remedy especially for those who are foodies.

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    Deep breathes, easier it gets 

    The body comes under paramount stress when it feels pain. Hence whenever you have a headache take deep breaths to relax your muscles and by doing so you can decrease the pain and help your cause. The more you feel relaxed the better you handle the pain.

    Apple Cider Vinegar 

    Apple Cider Vinegar 

    Sometimes the headache may be caused because of a disturbed acid-alkaline balance. Apple Cider Vinegar is known to bring that back to normal. Take two teaspoons and dilute them in a big glass of water. This might cause immediate relief to your pain.  


    That’s what we do in our daily lives. We stretch ourselves and we end up in stress. But here we are asking you for a different stretch.

    Headaches are caused by muscle tensions usually and sometimes stretching the neck or simple neck exercises can come in very handy to confront a headache.

    This also includes yoga which you can do to expect immediate relief.


    Cloves have cooling and pain relieving properties and can be used to treat headaches sitting at home. This is an effective home remedy to defeat a headache.

    Crush few cloves and put them in a cloth. Inhale their smell unless your headache relaxes. You can also add it to your oil and massage it into your scalp and the back of your neck.

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    Almonds at work 


    For every day, tension-type headaches almonds are a natural healer. Next time you have a headache rather than looking for the medicine box to pull out a pill just grab some almonds.

    These headache remedies will surely help you to get rid of the worst pain ever. Comment below if we missed something…

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