You are fat and you want to lose weight but you do not want to do exercise. then this post about “how to lose weight without exercise” is for you. Their are certain changes that you have to make in your daily routine. These changes starts with your food habits. You have to change your complete diet. I will guide you in this post how you can change your diet to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight without exercise then you have to follow these rules strictly in your daily life:

1.   Keep yourself hydrated

I hope you are well aware of that you should drink 5-7 liters of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. But this is only the one side of coin. What is the benefit of this water if it is not going to your cells. You will be surprised by knowing that water also need electrolytes to get dissolve in our body like sodium, potassium, and chlorides. That’s why popular sports drinks have salts in them so that water can dissolve in our body. But you don’t have use sports drink for daily use. Just add a pinch of Celtic sea salt or real salt (unrefined and unbleached) in your water.

2. Don’t skip your meal

If you think that you will eat only 2 times in a day instead of 3 times then you are a fool. Skipping meals is not the solution. You should eat your meal at proper time but less then the amount of food that you require to fill your stomach completely.

3. Increase your physical activities

You have to chose some physical activities for yourself other then sleep, eat, and exercise. Some activities like dancing, cleaning, walking, etc. Do whatever you want to do, it will make you happy and increase your metabolism. Your stress level will decrease and you will start thinking positive for yourself.

4. Some changes in your diet

The most important thing to lose weight without exercise are the changes in your diet. First of all, you have to forgot the taste of non- vegetarian products like fish, chicken, eggs, rice etc. Include green veggies in your diet. Stop eating dairy products which contain large quantity of fat like butter, cheese etc. lower your sugar intake because our body generate insulin to digest sugar. This Insulin stop our body to burn stored fat. During your snacks time eat only fruits nothing else. Include some healthy herbs in your daily diet like Green tea.

5. Take complete sleep

If you are tired and you are not taking full sleep then you will increase your weight. If you want to lose weight without exercise then take your complete sleep. A complete sleep help you in increasing your metabolism.

6. Stop watching Television

Not by one, according, to many studies and researches it is proved that if we watch television too much then we our body fat. While watching t.v we do nothing we are just increasing fat in our body. One suggestion for fat people- “never watch cooking shows”.

7. write it down

Write down your daily calorie consumption. Make a note of everything you eat in a day. Evaluate it and try to remove or decrease some food items. And definitely you will observe the changes.

8. Get social

Don’t shy, take your selfie regularly. Share your photos with your friends. According to studies it is proved that if you are loosing your weight and you share your picture with friends and family then their positive feedback motivates you to go further. Go in public, regularly take a walk, you will feel better.

That much is more than enough, I think know you know how to lose weight without exercise. If this post about “how to lose weight without exercise” seems beneficial to you then don’t forgot to share it with your friends or with a person who need these advises.


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