Both Android and iOS users have access to quite a few different reminders apps and each of these apps are equipped with lots of cool features.

Some of the features are shared between these reminders apps and the idea behind all of them is to make your routine more productive and ensure that you keep track of everything you have to do on a day to day basis. This ensures that you are spot on with your deadlines and do not miss out on anything important.

The idea of using these Smartphone apps has taken over very quickly and people who used to set online alarm for the same purposes as described above are now switching to this new phenomenon as it allows them to track things better as they are on the go and they can also manage multiple tasks at a time this way.

With so many apps available for the same purpose, however, it is quite hard for one to figure out which of them they should rely on. So, here we have listed a few of them to make the choice easier for you.

  1. Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a reminders app from Google that gives you all the control you need over your routine chores. The app features a minimal and cool design overall and is just perfect to do what it’s been designed for.

The app allows you to create tasks, write down their description and also add subtasks to better define it. You can set time and date for alert and the app will remind you of the task on the designated date.

  1. Todoist

For dedicated To-List apps, Todoist should be one of your top choices. It really is among the top to-do list applications around and has proven to be quite effective.

To get started, you can simply sign up using your Google or Facebook account and enter the first task you want to be reminded of and hit submit.

It is also quite simple to set up new tasks as well. You can also assign tasks to others and track it through the app making your team more productive.

Reminders for tasks, commenting, and auto backups are premium features that you can enjoy with $29 yearly subscription.

  1. Evernote

Yet another to-do list application for Android users, Evernote has lots of other cool options as well.

The app accepts multiple input options for reminders and note-taking such as voice, photos, full lists and memos. The app takes it one step further by allowing you to add videos or attach Word docs and PDFs to the tasks.

  1. Wunderlist

If you do not like the gamified style of Todoist app, or if you’re looking for something that comes for free, Wunderlist should be your go-to choice.

The app shares quite a few cool features with Todoist but offers quite a simple method of creating new tasks, collaborating with other users, and assigning tasks to the groups.

It’s a more generous app that gives you access to time-based reminders, leave comments and assign tasks to colleagues.

  1. Microsoft To-Do

If you have always relied on Microsoft’s products and are not even ready to make a shift now, you can rely on Microsoft To-Do app for your reminders and to-do tasks.

The app resembles Wunderlist quite a lot and allows you to easily set up tasks while other features and tools are quite similar as well. The difference, however, lies in the emphasis put on My Day by the Microsoft’s To-Do app.

It allows you to start every new day with new things thinking at the start of the day exactly what you’re willing to achieve on that particular day.

  1. Bear

If you like to combine your to-do lists and notes, you should prefer to go with Bear. The app features a conventional menu bar where you can format text.

You also have the option of using markdown for a few quick changes. Your notes and lists can be grouped with the help of hashtags and this makes things simpler to find the tasks.

  1. IKE

IKE is an app that comes with takes to-do lists more lightheartedly. At its core, the app is based on priority allowing you to mark your most urgent tasks like forming your priority matrix to deal with the jobs that are most crucial to you.

The app also allows you to attach images to your tasks making it more enjoyable when it comes to recurring tasks. Furthermore, voice notes can also be attached to your tasks too and you can also set location-based reminders with the app.

  1. Habitica

Usually, all the to-do list apps are quite similar but this one really takes a different approach. You get to notice the difference as soon as you launch this app on your device. You don’t have to enter the tasks rather the app requires you to create some character.

Well, it relies on gaming RPG-style for motivating you to accomplish your daily jobs. As you complete tasks, the character gains more experience as well as gold that you can then spend on making it more powerful.

  1. Do

It’s another reliable reminder app that is probably more established than many other apps on the list.

The app allows you to set up new tasks for different events like any job that you have to complete or reminding you of shopping something from the grocery store. It even helps to remind you of important birthdays, and buying gifts for your loved ones.

As a matter of fact, the app comes with lots of functionality and you’d find it hard to believe that it is available for free.

  1. Just Reminder

Just reminder is dedicated to only one task i.e. reminding you of important stuff that you have to accomplish.

You can set the app to remind you of any important To-Do, birthday, phone call, etc. In addition, you can set bill and anniversary reminders only with a few clicks. You can set recurring reminders with this cool app.


So, if you have always found it hard to be on top of your schedule, you can rely on one of these apps to remind you of everything that you need to do.

You can better track things with these apps and make your days more productive as you’ll have a clear picture of how your day should go right in front of your eyes.

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