How to Attract High-Potential Passive Candidates

Attract High-Potential Passive Candidates

Filling critical positions in the company can often be quite challenging. The trend these days is to place compatible people in such important roles, but also make sure that they can serve as bigger assets than their positions for the company.

It is for this reason that most business organizations these days target high-potential passive candidates.

What are High-Potential Passive Candidates?

High-potential passive candidates are basically people who possess solid credentials, as well as a well-rounded skill set that can serve a company’s dynamic goals. However, they are not applying for the job positions that they are compatible with.

These people are not only those in the dormant section of the job hunt circuit. Many of them can also be found already employed by companies but are already quite content with the job that they are currently doing. Essentially, they are those who still have so much to offer but refuse to venture out of their professional comfort zone.

How to Get High-Potential Passive Candidates Into Your Company

Research reveals that about 75 percent of the workforce is composed of high-potential passive candidates. Meanwhile, a separate study shows that most new employees do not have a clear idea of what’s expected of them, and a lot of job-seekers seek employment without bothering to know what’s in it for them. These numbers indicate that there’s a lot of talent that do not get utilized to the fullest.

That being said, how can your company work against the “rut” and activate the potential of such people to ensure your organization’s advantage? How can you get them to come, become a solid contributor to your business, and stay? Here are five strategies to try.

1. Provide opportunities for growth and development.

According to a 2016 study, professional career growth and developmental opportunities can prevent passivity in young employees. Therefore, if your company starts offering development training, or makes it mandatory for your workers to take enrichment classes of their choice, you can boost engagement and discover the true potentials of your workers.

But not only those. Such provisions are often enough motivation for job-seekers who are still not fully aware of their capabilities to apply for any position that they can qualify for in your organization. So, invest in everything from professional development workshops to leadership coaching.

2. Partner with a recruitment agency.

This is perhaps the most logical strategy to try, yet a lot of companies still would opt to do everything on their own. But, working with a recruitment agency can automatically connect you to such candidates.

Recruitment agencies possess a database that can quickly establish employer-applicant compatibility. Furthermore, they take on the job of informing complacent job-seekers of the opportunities available to them.

So, if you are high-potential candidates to fill those often problematic accounting and finance positions in your company, you’re sure to get hold of the faster with the aid of a recruitment agency.

3. Expand the reach of your company on the Worldwide Web.

Take advantage of social media sharing sites because everybody’s on them. LinkedIn, especially, is an excellent platform to establish connections and inform the people that you are targeting about what your organization does. From this, they can determine if they are somewhat a good fit for your operations, values, and goals.

Aside from using SMS, tap into SEO services as well. SEO companies will not only place your brand in strategic places in the digital realm but will also implement the best tactics for making your brand as appealing and trustworthy as possible even to passive candidates.

And lastly, define job positions clearly. One of the strongest draw factors for passive candidates is a well-crafted job definition. You want them to think, “Yeah, I am a good fit for that job, and I want that job” the moment they see the job description on the digital ad.

4. Work with charitable volunteer organizations.

A lot of talent can be found in volunteer programs, and the thing is, a significant percentage of skillful individuals who participate in it are those many consider as professionally confused or in need of diversion.

These are people who have strong qualifications but do not necessarily know what career path to take; hence they’ve taken a step back from seeking employment. Or, they don’t find much excitement in their real jobs, that’s why they utilize their expertise or skills elsewhere.

Your company can grow its reach in finding suitable people for open positions by working with charitable volunteer organizations. Plus, you get the side benefit of fortifying the positive image of your business.

5. Create a referral program within your company.

This is a fantastic way to get your loyal employees involved in the search. The great advantage here is, they can bring in a motley of personalities, which can include high-potential passive ones to the company.

You can trust your employees to be after the organization’s interest by bringing in good candidates. Just make sure to reward successful referrals, and they’ll make it a part of their job to keep an eye out for suitable personalities that can join the company.

With these five strategies, you can be sure to quickly gain the interest of strong candidates, particularly those high-potential passive ones, that can effectively fill the vital open positions in your company.

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