Make Testy And Healthy Banana Smoothies Easily

healthy banana smoothies

“A jar of banana smoothies is not a liquid, it is a jar of stamina.” – This thing I hear in Italy. Even out of this country people appreciate banana and milk smoothies as healthy drinks. No matter it is your morning walk or exhausted night, a cup of this creamy smoothies will make you fresh. There is no doubt it is important to know the way to making smoothies at home.

Even this is important that which mistake people do during making banana smoothies. Like, some people use plastic jar blender to make these smoothies. But glass jar blender is more qualified to hygienic and durability. It just an example.

So here we go for hack “way to make banana smoothies with milk”. There we also learn which mistake we should avoid and benefit from these smoothies.

How to make Healthy banana smoothies with  easily

It does not need too much expensive things to make banana smoothies. All the home things are enough to make it. So it does not need to take any hassle to make it. Here I will present two recipes of banana smoothies. One is for diabetes patient and another one will love by people of any age.

Honey and banana smoothies

In this smoothies, you don’t need to add sugar. We will make it sweet and increasing its taste by including honey. That’s why diabetes patient or average people can take it without any flutter. Besides honey, we need milk, banana, milk and sour yogurt for increasing its taste.

  • Step 1: Release the peel of banana and cut them in the tiny piece. Then put it in the blender. No need to add honey at the beginning. Blend it for a little and make that piece more little.
  • Step 2: Add milk into the blender. And blend it until all the banana will absorb with the milk. On this phase, you can add sour curd with it. In order to your demand, you can increase or decrease the speed of the blender.
  • Step 3: When you notice the smoothies have prepared, then you should add honey. The ration of honey will depend on your taste. Even you can try the smoothies without honey. I saw many people like it without honey.

After making the smoothies, put some cube of ice. I saw someplace people add mint with it. Mint is good for smell and it increases the taste. At the same time, it works to Decoration the smoothies.

Banana smoothies with berry and milk


We choose here berry to add it with banana smoothies because it is cheap. Moreover, it has an attractive color and testy too. That’s why children must going to like these drinks. Beside berry, we need here milk, sugar, and fresh yogurt.

  • Step 1: Cut the banana in small piece again. Blend here banana and sugar together. It will help to blend faster. It is good to put the banana in a small amount, with one after one.
  • Step 2: Then put milk on it. Both liquid and powder milk is accepted here. But if it will be powder, including water is important. Otherwise, it will be thick.
  • Step 3: release all the seeds from the berry. It needs half of the banana in quantity. Put it in the blender with curd. Blend it until it becomes fully smoothies.

This recipe you can modify in order your taste. On replacement of berry, you can add chocolate, mango or other similar fruit. Even in random days of a week, you can make a variation on this smoothies. Children in your house will be going to like this.

Way to preserve banana smoothies for next

In the market, we will fount banana juice which have the expiry date of 2 or longer. They put preservative with it what destroys the food value of the juice. In a natural way, we can preserve the smoothies 5 days long. Even it does not need to include the preservative. But it is in natural and hygienic process.

Airtight bottles are essential in this way. Because bacteria are the main ingredient which helps to putrid anything. Air the major way how bacteria comes to it. If it will be possible to protect the food from the air, then it will be putrid slower.

After put it on the bottle keep it in the fridge. Keep the temperature under 0 degree Celsius. But if you have the plan to preserve healthy smoothies for only one day, then no need to keep it in under 0 degree. Normal refrigeration is enough here.

The benefit of banana smoothies for day to day life

  • High food value: if the smoothies are made from only banana and milk, then there will 170 calories. This will find in each 205ml liquid. Moreover, there will be 33g carbohydrate and 9-gram protein available. Other essential nutrition like sodium, vitamin a, vitamin c, the amino acid is also there is a balanced amount. Level of sugar is not a headache there. Because you can use honey as an alternative here.
  • Stomach Savior: Constipation and acidity is a huge problem for the stomach. Even the doctor says banana and milk smoothies are the shields for the ulcer. It works to improve human metabolism system. For the huge Constipation, people can add some Isobugl with it. That will solve the stool related problem in a day.
  • Instant energy: After working under the sun or Sweating people are starting loose mineral and vitamins from the body. At that time a banana and milk smoothies are the solutions where it can supply those things are needed. Here one thing is mentioned that smoothies have calcium, mineral, and electrolyte as well as.
  • Expense friendly: In order to taste and food value, everyone will agree that it is expense friendly. Even it is possible to make the smoothies with intestine things. Moreover to make a variation on its taste you never need to cost too much penny.
  • Time-saving: When you are in a hurry in the morning, or you are in the office, it will take less than 5 minutes to make the smoothies. Even if once you make it in a day, you can use it all day long after follow some preservation tips.
  • Low fat: People who try to avoid fat, for those people this can be a better option. This smoothie does not have the level of fat what will make an impact on your diet chart. Even during the diet, it can be the supply of your energy.
  • Likable for all: As I say, this is possible on this smoothies to make a variation on its taste. For changing the taste we can include chocolate, strawberry, mint, lemon, orange or berry. People of all age should like these drinks because of that much variation.

Things we should avoid during making the smoothies

  • Thin smoothies: Smoothies will be thin if you add powder milk. Even if you use more banana then it can thin as well as. Thin smoothies are not good for the digest. If you add powder milk, then add enough amount of water to make it balanced.
  • Sugar for the diabetic patient: according to medical word, Diabetics patient cannot have sugar. On this spot, you should be very careful. In market or pharmacy, you will have diet sugar what is familiar as sugar for diabetic’s people. But I like to suggest you for the honey. Even in this case, taking advice from the doctor is also important.
  • Long Conservation: because of long conservation, the smoothies can lose its food value. Virus, fungus and other Parasites can make an impact on it. Because of keeping users safe we should keep away from long conservation of this smoothies.
  • Using plastic for Conservation: Often using a plastic jar, bottle or reserving pot can be harmful. In the chemical way plastic outstretched toxicity on the food inside. There one thing I like to mention that the safe plastic grade it #5 and it is known as LDPE. Rather, you can use glass or metal jar for preservation.
  • Flame the smoothies: In cold countries, people naturally likes to have things hot. But when it is banana smoothies then we should avoid to flaming. Either both of food value and taste will be changed.

One interesting thing is, kids to old people all love this testy smoothie. Because according to the age of people we can add chocolate, coffee or milk with this smoothies. This is not possible for other types of fruit or green smoothies. Even it does not have any medical restriction. Moreover, doctors suggest for milk and banana.

No matter it is the morning of desert time, you can take smoothies anytime. its electrolyte, glucose, and other nutrition will help to improve the human body and metabolism. So I suggest making these smoothies at least one time for your family. And then preserve it for them on the proper way for the day long. Maybe none other cheap things has this type of Benefits like banana and milk smoothies. Keep them happy and have a healthy life.

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