4 Reasons Why Wearing a Rash Guard in BJJ is important



Brazilian jiujitsu or BJJ, as it is commonly known, has recently irked the interest of a lot of people owing to an increase in the popularity of mixed martial arts.

Unlike martial arts, BJJ focuses on grappling, particularly ground fighting to mean that it specifically requires the use of BJJ rash guards.

Although it is not for the faint-hearted, it is surprisingly suitable for people of all types of physiques!

Let us take a brief look at what BJJ exactly is and how a rash guard can be beneficial in your fight.

What is a BJJ?

rash guard bjj

BJJ is a branch of the MMA and is based on the concept that a weaker and smaller person can take on a heavier and bigger opponent simply by taking the opponent to the ground and utilizing moves such as chokehold and joint lock.

Timing and leverage are the keys to success in BJJ. Keep in mind that it is not just a sport but it is one of the best ways to keep oneself physically fit and strong.

Rash guards and BJJ

Using a rash guard during BJJ is important as it prevents injury. Rash guards are typically made of a mixture of nylon with either lycra or spandex.

A rash guard is designed in such a way that it is tightly fitted to the body while being stretchy and flexible at the same time, allowing full range of motion.

Keep in mind that compression shirts and rash guards are not the same things. Compression shirts are made up of 4 panels as opposed to rash guards which are made up of 6 panels.

A compression shirt is not designed for contact sports but a rash guard is specifically designed for contact sports, making it the number one choice for BJJ. However, know that a rash guard is not allowed for use under the gi for competitions.

Here we have outlined a few benefits of using a rash guard in BJJ.

Benefits of Using a Rash Guard in BJJ

Benifits of rash guard

As mentioned earlier on, using a rash guard is beneficial if you are involved in contact and ground sports and BJJ is no exception.

In a nutshell, a rash guard provides compression and protection without any hindrance to movement and control.

A Rash Guard Keeps You Dry!

There is nothing as repulsive as a sweaty person touching you! That said, BJJ is a high-impact contact sport that causes one to sweat it out in buckets, literally.

Aesthetics aside, BJJ involves grappling and ground sports and a sweaty body and palms will not work for you. You will not be able to do a choke hold or a joint lock if you are sweaty all over.

As mentioned before, a rash guard is a blend of nylon and either lycra or spandex which are perfect for wicking away any moisture, keeping you dry and allowing for a sturdy grip. Some rash guards have a ventilated mesh in the underarm area ensuring that one stays dry throughout the fight.

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A Rash Guard Causes Muscle Compression

A rash guard is composed of perfectly blended nylon and spandex that allows for easy compression of the muscles.

Just like knee and ankle compression braces prevent injury, a rash guard causes sufficient muscle compression which not only prevents injuries but also helps in the recovery process, should there be an injury!

Muscle compression also plays an essential role in ensuring adequate and improved blood flow throughout the body, making your sport all the more effective in keeping you fit and strong.

A Rash Guard Keeps the Bacteria Away

Individuals who are actively involved in sporting activities that cause direct skin-to-skin or skin-to-mat contact are vulnerable to infections. Just a tiny scratch is enough to introduce infection-causing bacteria in the body and wreak havoc.

BJJ specifically is a contact sport and you are not only in constant contact with your opponent but you are also in touch with the mat and ground, making you more susceptible to acquiring an infection contrary to any other athlete.

A rash guard provides protection by significantly reducing skin-to-skin and skin-to-mat contact.

How cool is that!

A Rash Guard Prevents Mat Burn and Irritation

Although a rash guard is not allowed in gi-BJJ competitions, you can still wear it if you are not competing on an international level. Whether you are gi-rolling on the mat or no-gi rolling on the mat, a rash guard is bound to protect you from frictional burns.

Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, bjj rash guards are sure to protect you from any kind of irritation.

BJJ is One of the Best Ways to Keep Yourself Fit and Strong. Use a Rash Guard and Do it the Right Way!
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