Cannabis Legalization in California: All you need to know


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Are you wondering if Marijuana is legal in California?

We have the most accurate answer for your question!

And the answer is yes! Cannabis, most commonly known as marijuana, weed, hashish, pot is legal in California State but some restrictions apply and you need to know all of these to stay safe and make sure you never get caught in any legalities which can land you in big trouble. Don’t worry, here is all you need to avoid falling in sweet trap after you hear “Yes, you are allowed to possess and use Cannabis”. Cannabis being Schedule 1

If you keep this checklist in mind, you will probably never get in trouble with Cannabis in California:

  • Be 21 years or older in age if you want to buy or consume recreational cannabis in any way; smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis infused products which are easily available throughout California.
  • Must not drive under the influence of cannabis, may it any kind of case or emergency.
  • Not to open any cannabis product or consume it at public places
  • Must not sell cannabis without any proper state license
  • Must not travel from one state to other with cannabis irrespective of legalization in that state.
  • Must not use cannabis at a rented accommodation if the land owner prohibits its use.

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