Why do we celebrate festivals in India?

Why do we celebrate festivals

Why do we celebrate festivals in India seems a strange question. Maybe the right inquisitiveness would be the one that wants to find out as to how many festivals we celebrate each year in India.

Festivals and the ecstasy that they breathe would surely be a synonym to India if nations were to feature in a dictionary.

“To that ecstatic heart that lies within, to a soul dreaming of liberty to rejoice

To that childishness wanting to dance insane, to the happiness that deserves to be celebrated

Would any hue be as bright as those of the festivals in India?”

There is a reason why whenever we hear a song, we begin to sing along and tap our feet to its rhythm. Whenever we see a baby smile our heart fills up with happiness.

Whenever we see a couple together, we start to picture ourselves with our partner embracing that love. Whenever we see a mother playing with her child or a father lifting his child on his shoulders, a smile stretches across our face.

We often view our happiness in someone else’s face and visualize it. The same reason is also why there are various festivals celebrated around the world.

Festivals embrace the enthusiasm and verve that lies trapped within the human body. It is because of we, human beings, are hard-wired to enjoy, come together, to celebrate and when it comes to celebration no colors seem as bright as the Indian flavor.

The entire globe is fascinated by why do we celebrate our festivals with this zeal and enthusiasm and how we have a plethora of festivals. India is the world’s bowl of festivals and ecstasy.

celebrate festivals

Now one interesting question is that where did these festivals come from?

Where is it written that we need to celebrate them or who said it was mandatory to celebrate them with the gusto that put in our festivals?

How amazing is the fact that the very edifice of these festivals is the mythology, mythology that is subjective and ambiguous yet we believe in it and celebrate it with undying animation and ebullience?

Pick any festival in India to be it Diwali or Holi or any other for that matter! These find their reasons and existence in Indian mythology that could never be corroborated.

Yet the pep to these festivals being celebrated on mere believes is such extravagant that it pulls the entire world towards India.

So why we celebrate festivals or rather why we celebrate so many festivals finds its answers in Indian mythology, culture and the diversity of the nation and this is where we are a beautiful nation.

festivals quoteThe hues of festivals in India are so bright and elated that you feel a strong urge to put your worries at bay and dive into the mood of it. It is beautiful how we have all grown seeing these amazing festivals visit us and how we pull people from all over the world to witness our celebrations.

Everyone is keen to paint themselves in the colors of festivities. Festivals are also beautiful in the manner that they break across religious or cultural barriers.

Do Muslims don’t celebrate Diwali?

Or do Sikhs stay away from the bright colors of Holi?

Do Hindus not celebrate or respect Eid?

Isn’t this beautiful how we find joy in all the festivals that exist in the calendar irrespective of the religion they originate from?

How a festival means differently to different people?

festival means differently to different people

Why do we celebrate festivals in India may have different answers. There are different angles to a festival and people may relate to a festival differently.

Some would relate to the very essence of its origin which holds great significance as per their religious beliefs while some would relate to enthusiasm or the food or the bright atmosphere that surrounds the festivals.

If Diwali is to be talked about while our parents would relate to the reason behind its celebration which the mythology sites as the victory of truth over evil the children, on the other hand, would relate to crackers, new clothes and not to forget the gifts.

Same is the story for Holi, the festival of colors and any other festival in India for that matter.

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Not just the mythological or the enthusiasm façade but festivals also mean taking a break from hectic schedules. When ambitions go higher schedules become very hectic and you find yourself in chaos almost every day.

Festivals give you the perfect opportunity to break apart from the nexus of busy schedules and find some rejuvenation in life.

Festivals form a part of the much deserved human rights of having a few days where it is just you and some enthusiastic celebration and family time. Given how deep and pure family values in India are it only makes sense to be able to celebrate with them.

Why do we celebrate festivals might be answered in a single line, ‘to create happiness’.

Getting up early, wearing new clothes, making the entire house seem new, offering festival prayers as per religious beliefs, distributing sweets and welcoming others who met you after a long time, spending valuable and precious moments with your family and much more.

Can a day be set up any more beautifully?

Does any other nation have a zest anywhere close to our gusto?

Whatever may be the reason behind one celebrating a festival, one thing we all can agree on that festivals is very important for us and our society. Most of our lovely stories and memories are from the time of a festival.

Isn’t it? Without them, our lives would be mundane and mechanical.

So, why do you celebrate a festival?

What thought brings excitement to you when a festival is around the corner?

Why do you feel celebrating festivals is necessary?

What is your favorite memory from the festival?

Share with us through comment box.

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