Top 2 Clover POS Systems for Your Auto Repair Shop

Clover POS Systems

Update your auto shop POS system today to enjoy improved safety, efficiency, and organization. Learn how these two Booker Clover POS systems can give your repair shop the technological advantage it needs to draw in new customers and save you money.

Gear up for a busy season and attract new customers with convenient payment options.

  1. Clover Station

A Clover Station is the new normal of payment processing systems. This sleek, space-saving system combines a credit card reader, cash drawer and processing screen in one.

Easily create complex invoices and connect it directly to your inventory tracking system. At the end of the day, a Clover Station makes it easy to keep track of payroll information.

Because of the intuitive interface and customizable features of a Clover Station, you won’t have to spend as much time training your employees on this new system. Compared to older systems, it’s surprisingly easy to learn this touchscreen interface and start ringing up customers right away.

  1. Clover Flex

The future of processing is sleek, convenient and easy to use all-around your location. Don’t tie down your technicians with a bulky computer monitor and front-desk system.

A Clover Flex is as portable as a smartphone and as powerful as your current POS system. It accepts credit cards, contactless payment and mobile app payments for convenient processing. You can even print off receipts for your customers from this handy little device.

Give your mechanic a Clover Flex so they can discuss prices of repairs right on the shop floor. As they discuss repair options with customers, your mechanics can pull up images and exact prices of the necessary parts.

When customers see an accurate estimate and can visualize the issue, they may be more likely to agree to recommended repairs.

Convenient Processing Options

Both of these sales systems allow you to accept many different payment options. Modern customers use a range of payment apps, credit cards, and other processing options.

Don’t turn away customers or deny their preferred payment method, but offer them personalized convenience and hassle-free payment processing.

Intuitive Orders and Inventory

For most mechanics, creating an invoice is their least favorite part of the job. Let your staff focus on what they do best and choose a POS system that takes care of the rest.

Clover POS software is completely customizable so you can create a POS screen that is easy to navigate. Put common items in an easy-to-read screen for rapid invoice processing.

This dynamic software is also connected to your inventory. This makes it easy to navigate your store with a Clover Flex or your personal smartphone and keep track of all your inventory.

Once you update your current inventory in the system, it will keep track of parts used in invoices and alert you when you are low or out of stock.

Find an Affordable POS System Today

Don’t settle for an outdated POS system. Learn more about the affordable, innovative features of Clover Station and Clover Flex today. Stay ahead of the competition with the latest auto repair POS system.

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