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Easy Ways to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug Test

In recent years, hair drug testing has become the most common method used by employers to screen job applicants and existing employees.

Hair follicle drug test is believed to be more accurate than a urine test and mouth swab, which were formerly the most common drug testing method.

While it can take approximately five days to detect marijuana in your hair, a hair follicle test will show it up for several months.

Research has shown that many persons who fail to pass a hair follicle drug test for THC, do so because they are habitual users.

Weed and any other illicit substances when ingested will circulate throughout your bloodstream and will be found in your blood, saliva, urine, and hair follicles.

Although weed may remain in your body for a short time, your hair will show signs of use for a longer time.  Cannabinoids in the blood will attach themselves to cells and sheath of tissues close to the hair roots.

This attachment happens before the body breaks down the cannabinoids in your blood. All of this happens under the scalp but the cannabinoids eventually are absorbed into the follicle and finally in the hair strands. The final result is that within five to ten days, the “weed-imbued hair” sticks itself out on your head top.

Now you understand why cheating a hair follicle drug test is not so easy.

Hair Follicle Screening

In this type of test, a sample of the hair is cut from the scalp. The standard sample measurement is 1.5 inches. Head hair grows half an inch on average per month, therefore we can assume that there would be 1.5 inches growth over a 3- month period.

Therein lies the number 1 reason why hair follicle screening is the most popular choice by many institutions. The results are more accurate when compared to urine and mouth swab tests. They can detect previous substance abuse over a longer time. Lastly, it’s more difficult to cheat on hair drug test than other tests.

All is not lost, however, because you can still pass if you use the best products.

Passing a Hair Drug Test

If you smoke weed regularly and a surprise hair drug test is sprung on you, then there’s nothing much you can do. Your best option in this situation would be to begin job-hunting because definitely you’ll be getting a negative result.

However, if your last smoke was recent, there’s no need to panic, since a hair follicle test will only detect substance use 5 to 10 days after the last time you smoked. As a matter of fact, you could smoke some weed the same day of your test and nothing would be detected.

Similarly, if you smoked intermittently during the past 90 days, there’s no need for concern. A hair follicle drug screening will only detect THC in your hair if you are a regular user.

Basically, timing is of the essence when it comes to passing a hair drug test. Therefore, if you know that you’ll be facing a drug test in a couple of days, your best option is to stop ingesting weed until then. Read here

As mentioned before, it’s not easy to pass a hair drug test. So, as soon as you are aware of an impending drug screening, you should abstain from cannabis use immediately. If you know of anyone who is using marijuana, you should avoid skin-to-skin contact with these persons.

Why is this necessary?

It is believed that this type of contact can really put you at risk by transferring cannabis metabolites onto your hair follicles. Although this may sound crazy, it is true.

Detoxing the Hair

Detoxing your hair is one of the ways you can try to rid your hair of residues of THC metabolites. Be aware though that this is not foolproof and will need some serious hard work.

Firstly, you’ll need to get 3 different hair products, each has a different function in the detoxing process. The products you need are Nexxus Aloe Rid, Neutrogena T/Sal and ZydotUltr-Clean Shampoo.

The package of Zydot has packets of conditioner and purifier that are specially formulated, T/Sal has salicylic acid, which gets rid of the buildup of dirt and grease in your hair and the Aloe Rid will remove the pollutants, medicines and other hair stressors.


Easy Ways to Pass a Hair Drug-Test

Begin by massaging your scalp with apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar, which will soften the oil in your hair. Apply the T/Sal 10 to 15 minutes later. Cover your hair with a shower cap (plastic).

Let it remains there for 30 minutes, after that you should rinse your hair carefully. The next step is to apply the shampoo; the Aloe Rid detox.

This can be done at least two times. Finally, apply a minimal amount of Zydot on your hair and massage this thoroughly onto your scalp. Rinse immediately. Never forget to use your regular hair conditioner after the detox treatment. Ensure that you allow your regular conditioner to stay in your hair for no less than an hour. After this, you can rinse your hair thoroughly.

It is important that you understand the serious damage that detoxing can do to your hair, no matter how temporary. This will require that you spend quality time hydrating, re-nourishing and conditioning your hair whenever you apply detoxing procedures.

Fake Hair

It is possible to use hair extension for hair testing.  Using fake hair will require some amount of bravery if you believe you can trick the technician into believing that the hair sample taken is free of THC metabolites.

There is no guarantee that this will work, and that the sample would not be taken from your real hair. If the technician is unaware that the sample was taken from the fake hair instead of your real hair, then you could possibly slip through.


The possibility of passing a hair drug test is dependent on several things; stop smoking weed know the detection period and comply. While cheating a hair follicle test is possible, you should be aware that using fake hair will need some level of creativity and courage on your part.

If you have an upcoming hair drug test, then weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. Your decision will greatly impact your result.

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