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Why Are Healthy Eating Habits Important?

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We all want to live a good, long life. But does that mean healthy eating habits that remove flavor, replacing it with blander health food? Not anymore. Healthy food has become tasty, and many of us have added healthy options to promote long life.

To live a full and happy life no longer means we must take out all the things we love to eat that are, by definition, bad for us. On the contrary, now some substitutes are so close in taste to the originals, that many people cannot even taste the difference. And in this, they are eating healthier, and by extension, living longer. And who does not want to live longer?

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With this YOLO culture, propagated by the younger generations, healthy eating has taken a backseat to the principal of living life to the fullest and consuming food that is tasty, but fantastically unhealthy, at an alarming rate. Most of what people put in their bodies is essentially a poison, and they are clueless or do not care, because it tastes good and fills their belly.

But the side effects are always there – lethargy, obesity, mood swings, and even serious organ disease. Healthy eating habits require access to healthy choices in sustenance, and those are often more expensive, and in the past, have been without the exciting flavor profiles of fast food, junk food, and comfort food.

Taking a stand against bad eating habits

So, what can a person do to change their eating habits to live a longer and fuller life without the perils of tastier options?

Reprogram your mindset

Historically, unless you were eating like a rabbit, everything that was considered healthy tasted awful. Many companies pushed remedies to combat the public’s desire not to eat things they did not enjoy with pills and elixirs, but they tasted just as bad and did not give the body the nutrients it needed.

With the advent of the vegan revolution and plenty of groups pushing for healthier options to meet dietary restrictions, companies are spending billions on producing tasty possibilities that the regular Joe on the street would enjoy. It only requires a person to take a chance and see what is new in the health food world. It is surprising what has been done so far.

Reprogram your body

No one wants to be forced into eating habits change. That is the biggest hindrance to change is being told to do it. But often, if a person is diagnosed with something life-altering like diabetes that requires a serious dietary shift, there are only two options: adjust what you eat or die.

Eating habits, healthy or unhealthy, are a choice only you can make. And only you can change. The decision is always yours, but that decision is simple. Do you want to live a long life, or do you want to eat poorly and die well before you would have if you made a simple eating habit lifestyle adjustment?

Reprogram your environment

The temptation is everywhere. Quick and simple solutions to a rumbly tummy can inspire you to stray from your desire to maintain healthy eating habits. Friends and family will tempt you, stress and loneliness will tempt you, and even the occasional craving for something off-menu will grab you.

When this happens, you must remain steadfast. Occasional slips, even small ones, can ruin all your progress. This is a big decision and requires big will power. And emotional triggers are the hardest. Eating healthy and stress are mortal enemies. Eating your feelings is comforting but ultimately will doom you to falling back into old habits.

Activities that will change your diet for the better

If taking steps to eat healthier for no other reason than adding quality years to your life is still not enough, perhaps you need something else to add to it for motivation. Many exercises are best if paired with a new dietary plan to maximize the results.

  • Running

If you are looking for an aggressive form of cardio to shed some weight or just increase your stamina, runners’ eating habits will be a great jumping off into a new and fit lifestyle.

  • Weight training

No one body builds based on the limited nutritional value of fast food. We doubt any bodybuilder has set one foot into a fast food restaurant since they chose to put their lives and their bodies before their impulses. For maximum size, maximum tone, and weight gain, they need to see muscle mass explode, proper eating habits to get abs, eating habits to build muscle, and eating habits to gain weight, are just as important as all of the iron they are pumping.

  • Yoga

It sounds funny, but there are proper eating habits yoga requires to get peak usefulness. Something many people do not know is that these are also eating habits to lose weight. Something built into a yoga exercise routine helps your body release toxins stored in fat cells, expelling them, and allowing weight loss to occur.

  • Pilates

For a healthy exercise that will not be too high impact, Pilates is a good choice. It incorporates many different workout forms into a fluid concept that people of any age can enjoy. And eating habits for weight loss to improve stamina, as well as eating habits for a flat stomach which will naturally occur during the routine, are a fantastic benefit.

Changing yourself to change your life

Have you had trouble connecting with another person because of superficial problems or health concerns? Are you too insecure about talking to the opposite sex because of obesity, bad skin, or a general sense of apathy? Do you want to change that and live a long, full life with someone who deserves to see through to the real you?

If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone, and you must know that. Plenty of people are lonely; plenty is hurt that the opposite sex ignores them, and plenty eat their feelings. And while it may temporarily fill that void you feel in your heart, it is only exacerbating the underlying problem, and thus the vicious cycle continues.


Like problem drinkers hit the bottle to forget their issues, comfort food consumption is remarkably similar. But does the bottle ever help, or does it just numb the pain for a brief while, only returning in the form of a hangover? Feeling self-conscious or depressed, then diving into a pint of ice cream or ordering half the menu at your favorite fast food joint will make you feel better until it does not.

You are essentially filling your body with the opposite of what it needs, and your weight, your complexion, even your lethargy, are the body’s way of rebelling against this behavior. It is time to make a change, but you must start by making a choice. Do you want to be sad, or do you want to live a wonderful life with a person that loves you for you?

There is a clinical correlation between eating habits and depression. You are beautiful just as you are; however, your brain can tell you you are too fat, or too skinny, just based on the chemicals released in your dietary discipline. Hormones in meats designed to make food animals bigger faster reprogram the neural impulses in the brain, causing anger, depression, and conditions that adjust body chemistry.

You may find the love of your life in a random encounter. It might be a fairytale meeting that will make a great story for your grandkids. But will you know it when your heart tells you it is great, but your brain tells you are not good enough for another person?

That is why dating sites, like, do certain psychological screenings when pairing up members. Sure, you may see a cute guy and want to talk to him, or you might find the girl of your dreams, but if you don’t take a chance, how will you ever know if it’s going to work out? Dating sites have gotten smarter, so their members are not wasting their time. That is why some require you to pay for their services.

So, what can you do

Everything that goes into your body is fuel for your engine. The parts that matter most are all of them. No one aspect of your body can function properly without the right fuel. So, changing your fuel can only improve how well your engine runs.

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier today than ever. And not only for adults. Kids are getting into this new health revolution. The eating habits of generation X were before the movement of veganism surged across the nation, and now, certain age groups are trying to catch up. Fortunately, things like veggie burgers have improved by leaps and bounds, giving plenty of fun and flavorful options.

todether in sport

There is new literature to help people who are new to different dietary ideals, like eating habit articles and eating habit lessons. There is every expanding eating habit list of tasty foods to supplement readily available junk food. There are even support groups and online communities that give helpful ideas on recipes to try for newcomers.

There are cookbooks just for if you want to try eating habits vegan style, or maybe just eating habits vegetarian options, so you do not have to give up dairy or eggs. You can try a diet like Keto or Atkins and see if that helps you balance your body and mind into harmony again.

The resources on eating habits you should follow versus eating habits you should not follow are vast and plentiful. A new book, new article, or even new blog pops up on Amazon or the internet almost daily. And some of the information is fantastic, and some of it is opinion void of any medical facts, but for the most part, much of it is helpful and inspiring.

Ultimately, the tools are there. You just must decide to use them or do not. There is one abundantly clear thing, and that is that you are far more likely to live a longer and healthier life by making better dietary choices. That is just a medically proven fact.

Other benefits of healthy choices

We take vitamins to keep us healthy, but sometimes they also make us happy. Why is that? Because certain vitamins release chemicals in the brain that adjust the level of endorphins coursing through it, and change serotonin levels, which are the levels that make us feel content.

Many foods do this, too. For instance, there is a myth about tryptophan, which is a chemical in turkey. It was originally thought that so many people nap after Thanksgiving dinner because of the tryptophan in all that turkey. Now we know it is because of eating all that food in one sitting. The body needs to rest to restore some energy.

Tryptophan also releases melatonin, a chemical used to help people sleep, but only after they are already asleep. It does not typically knock people out. Melatonin is translated to serotonin in the brain. So, if you eat plenty of food, but dent of chemical exchanges, you feel warm and fuzzy, and cannot help but smile.

For an eating habit to boost metabolism, try eating more protein. Yes, that includes steak. Although if you are trying a vegan diet, peanuts are a great option. For vegetarians, eggs are the best go-to protein source. And let us not forget the muscle and fitness folks, and their favorite protein whey powder.

Other metabolism boosters are simply eating enough. Some people diet by eating less, which is not the correct way to diet if weight loss through metabolic rates is your plan. The proper caloric intake is still important. You just must use the eating habits good dieters go to for their calories.

The eating habits healthy people cling to can often have something to do with internal efficiencies, like the strength of bones and muscles and brain functions like memory and focus. The ability to learn new things to retain the knowledge and concentrate enough to do it yourself can be traced to the foods you eat.

Another thing, with the improvement of cognitive ability, you might just find yourself more creative and willing to experiment more in the kitchen. Sure, you have those tried and true cookbooks you love passed down through generations, but it can be good to give new things a try. You might love the result, or you might go running to the bathroom to get that flavor out of your system, but the common thread is that you were inspired to try.

And this does not just pertain to the inside kitchen, but the barbeque. No one will fault you for giving veggie burgers a shot, or making all veggie and tofu shishkabobs, and if they do, do you need that negativity in your life? Probably not. Your future is in your hands, your life is your decision, and never let yourself be shamed by a naysayer who wants to guilt you into eating something you have removed from your world. This is your fight. No one is fighting it for you. Although having a cheering section helps, so surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.

There are plenty of couples that have different dietary needs. There are plenty of friends who go to bars, and while one orders a steak, the other orders a salad, and they get along fine. Having love in your life is only as good as their support and the support you reciprocate. Life with another person is about the give and take in balance. Your eating habits should mirror this philosophy. What you put in, you get out.


There was a lot said about doing the right thing to make yourself happier, stronger, more focused, and more compatible with quality people. But there was also a lot said about how this journey, even if you have a valid and steadfast support system, is yours and yours alone.

To decide to eat healthily, to live a better life, and to allow your body to do what it was always designed to do in the most efficient way possible is a noble pursuit. Still, as it is a pursuit, it is ongoing, and you have to remain true to your resolve in keeping up with this process.

Again, only you can make a choice. Have you decided to eat healthier and make better habits with your dietary needs?

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