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How to Effectively Use a CBD Dosage Chart

CBD Dosage Chart

CBD oil actually occurs in quite numerous forms and each one of them with different concentrations of CBD and the other phytocannabinoids.

A dosage chart is meant to provide a guide on the proper and most beneficial doses, but deciding on how to go about the right dosage of CBD oil begins with determining your method of application.

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In other words, you need to ascertain the most advantageous way to use this oil that would suit your lifestyle and needs.

Various CBD Forms

There are many forms in which this oil is made into and through which intake is possible. You will need to know the different forms in which you have this oil to determine for yourself what reasonable doses are.

The different forms are:


In the ingestible form, there are still different kinds and you will need to know which of them suits you most. We have the following among the ingestible form:

  • The Liquid form like tinctures and drops.
  • RSO –this is a thick concentration of CBD made into a paste.
  • Oil in capsules
  • Phytocannabinoids as spritzers and rich sprays, designed for usage beneath the tongue.
  • Very minute nano CBD particles in bottled water.
  • Chewing gum laced with CBD
  • Instantly dissolving CBD powders that are usually mixed with some additionaladaptogenic herbs.
  • Cooking oils having cannabinoids; for instance olive or coconut oil with cannabinoids.
  • Edibles infused with cannabinoids; for instance, brownies, gummies, cookies, etc.


  • Crystalline isolates
  • E-liquids rich with cannabinoids
  • Vape cartridges that come like e-cigarettes
  • Wax, this is similar to ‘shatter’ –a marijuana concentrate containing THC


  • Cannabinoids-infused transdermal patches; very identical to nicotine patches.
  • Balms, salves, shampoos, lotions, or soaps, all infused with cannabinoids and made for topical application.

Deciding On Dosage

Deciding On CBD DosageWith edibles, you are only required to just open and eat. Though the simplest means of administration, this method results in greater drawn-out effects.

It also takes a longer kick-in time than other options. Edibles are good options for those who want to be furtive in their use and for those who desire sustained effects.

We can see that many options such as chewing gums would need no special instruction to use, but some sites still go-ahead to provide dosage guides for edibles.

You can find an example here:

Below is a compilation of helpful guidance in the other methods of using cannabinoids.

Liquid Tinctures and Oil

These come with an advised ration and a listing on the pack of the product that shows the total amount of CBD in milligrams. This should help you determine what quantity you should be ingesting. When you have ascertained the quantity to ingest, use the dropper to drop that beneath your tongue. Let the drops remain underneath your tongue for not less than a minute.

The intent is to allow for direct absorption into the blood vessels beneath your tongue, doing this sees that there is a bypassing of the first-passage metabolism. At the expiration of a minute, you can go ahead to swallow.

E-Liquid and Vape Cartridges

In case your intention is for a very fast response, vaping is an excellent solution. Inhalation delivers CBD to the body and brain fastest. To use, first exhale the air in your lungs and the inhalation that should follow this should have you inhaling from the mouthpiece gently and slowly for just about three seconds.

After these three seconds, your inhalation continues but your lungs are being filled with additional breath this time. Hold the breath for few more seconds before exhaling. There are different kinds of tools for these inhalations.

You have the cost-effective, pre-filled cartridges and pensas well as the more expensive vaporizers that are refillable with e-liquid.

Isolates and Concentrates

Hash smokers, and those equally conversant with smoking cannabis based BHO and wax, will be familiar with this method. All that needs to be done is to add some into a water pipe or vaporizer, then ignite and inhale.

Most people who use this method are people seeking to raise their consumption levels.

Dosage Charts as a Guide

More important to you than a dosage chart is your product type. A chart that does not factor in if you are ingesting, smoking or applying directly to the skin will not give you reliable outcomes.

This is why knowing in what form you prefer to take your CBD oil matters so much. Now that you know the various forms that this product can be made into, you can check this review here for more guidance on dosage.

In Conclusion

All these methods have a direct influence on what dosage might be. There are no universal dosages, because of the non-standardized method of present CBD usage.

However, each user is expected to factor in issues that have to do with genetics, the concentration of products, and the quality of the product.

Lastly, the amount of CBD you choose to take will depend on whether you are ingesting it, smoking it, or applying it in other forms.

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