Everything You Need To Know About Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

black obsidian yoni egg

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that indicates “Sacred Space” and stands for a woman’s sexual center. The sound of “Sacred Space” involves much more the sense of honoring and loving than our clinical term vagina does. Now you may wonder why I am discussing this?

Well! You probably learned about those unusual yoni eggs! Do you have any idea how exactly they work? How do those crystal eggs support women from trauma? So, now let’s discuss complete details about black Obsidian Yoni eggs.

What Is Black Obsidian Yoni Egg?

Obsidian is a powerfully shielding stone, making protection against negativity. It provides a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth, consumes negative responses from the environment, and strengthens in times of need. It is necessary for very sensitive people. It stops psychic attacks and reduces negative spiritual influences.

These yoni eggs decrease energy blockages and reduce stress, combining the psychological shadow into the whole being to make spiritual integrity.  This gem stimulates an increase on all levels. It supports the exploration of the unknown, opening new horizons. Psychologically, Obsidian delivers certainty to the mind and clears trouble and constricting feelings.

However, it may properly do this by making it obvious what lies behind mental discomfort or dis-ease. When this has been cleared, Obsidian increases consciousness, entering the realm of the unknown with courage and ease.

Uses of Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

Generally, yoni eggs are utilized to enhance health and orgasmic capacity. However, it is deemed a fine tool and mostly utilized for renovating holistic sexual health for centuries.

Women can strengthen their sexual spiritual transformation, physical health, vaginal health, and can recover themselves intensely. Also, women can tone pelvic floor muscles and get a feeling of sacredness to their playtime. Well, these Black Obsidian Yoni egg Used For:

  • Eliminating Trauma
  • Stimulating the gift of prophecy
  • Excluding emotional blockage
  • Mental protection
  • Finding blockages in Aura
  • Releasing negative energy
  • Excluding emotional blockages
  • Having it in a workplace eliminates and frees stress
  • Energy from negativity
  • Balancing the base chakra (root chakra)
  • Removing negative attachments that have grown up in your aura

Guidelines to use yoni eggs:

The use of black obsidian yoni egg is very easy, here is how:

1. First and foremost, empty your bladder gently.
2. Ensure you won’t have any restrictions around you like your phone, the kids are asleep.
3. Start with taking long and serene breaths or spending some minutes turning yourself “On”.
4. Relax and sit down on the bed, up to your knees, put your feet on the bed and lie down.
5. Then gently insert Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs into your vagina with the widest climax.
6. It must feel like a gentle tampon with no applicator.

Although, the yoni egg can work like magic! It is advised to be done 2 hours 3 times a week and start using yoni eggs incessantly. And also, it would be nice if you want to take it up to 10 hours, but don’t forget to clean it and don’t ignore to rest your yoni.

What Are The Magical Benefits To Use Yoni Eggs?

Firstly, it can enhance the blood flow to your reproductive organs.
These eggs keep your sexual energy circulating and aren’t congested.
It enhances comfort due to re-sensitizing and awakening nerve endings.
Provide support to you to have a deeper relationship with your Yoni.
It takes energy to the core of your being.
Increases your orgasmic awareness through tune those muscles which are involved in orgasmic contractions.
It helps to rest chronic muscle strain because of sexual rebuke or bad sexual experiences.
Heal’s self-esteem for the claiming of personal power
Increase your Body/Mind connection to your female anatomy.

The Rose Quartz yoni eggs and black yoni egg are one of the best healing, earthing and protective stones. Have you ever gone through a traumatic experience and want to let go of negative energy from your body? If so then it is the best tool for you. Also, you should checkout hempworx products.

When To Not Use A Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs?

This is the most common question that occurs in our mind “When is it NOT ok to wear my yoni egg?” To demystify, here we will cover the occasions it’s best to avoid a yoni egg practice when:

If you have a vaginal infection, such as yeast and UTI (urinary tract infection)
If you have internal herpes or HPV outbreak
While your menstrual cycle as it is suggested to enable your uterus to release during this time
During at-risk pregnancies, for example, medical complications, many miscarriages, weak uterus cases.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful to answer your questions! As with anything, please use your yoni egg with consciousness and always listen to your vagina.

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