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Everything You Should Know about Anabolic Steroid Drugs

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Like any other drug, steroids can be beneficial for your medical condition but also can make things worse. Most people associate them with sports because they are illegal but many athletes decide to use them to get that advantage over the competition.

They can improve your endurance, performance and boost muscle mass. The recovery time is also shortened so you can gain a lot but with a risk of health issues.

When you do your research for AnabolicSteroidDrugs, you will find out that they are artificially made based on male hormone testosterone. The main association is muscle growth but it influences the whole body including your voice and hair growth. There are many heart issues you can have if you use it non-medically.

Bodybuilding is the only sport that promotes it and where every competitor needs to use it in order to beat the competition.

What Are AASs?

As mentioned, they are a synthetic version of testosterone that comes in a wide variety of drugs. Depending on the person, some parts of the body will be affected more but it targets the central nervous system, reproductive system, blood, kidneys, liver, hair follicles, bones, and muscles. You can notice these changes in puberty when the hormone levels are increased.

It’s doesn’t only affect your physical appearance, you might see variations in self-esteem, aggression, and competitiveness. The dose you use illegally is much higher than the one your doctor can prescribe. In many countries, you won’t even need a prescription which is a big problem because people abuse it. There can also be signs of secondary male sexual characteristics. Read more on this link.

How Do People Use It?

Health risks are numerous if it is not observed by medical professionals. It can lead to issues with tolerance and it can be the reason why you stopped producing your own testosterone. You can find many plans and methods online on how to use them to prevent any problems but none of them are reliable because everyone is different. You will need to get tested and have an experienced person make a plan for you.

All methods can be divided into three types including pyramiding, stacking and cycling. The first one means that you will gradually increase the dosage until you reach a certain maximum your body can handle and then reduce it slowly to prevent health issues. Stacking is maybe the worse method because it involves combining a few types in order to maximize effectiveness. Cycling is the most used method where you will use it for six to twelve weeks and then have a month off.

Types of Steroids

If you check commercial websites you will see 32 types of steroids that are used for different purposes. Some are used for medical reasons other for performance and some for both. You can split them into 3 categories, for bulking, endurance and strength, and burning fat. There are also types that work best for enhancing metabolism and recovery.

They come in all possible forms including injections, cream or gel, pellets implanted under the skin and they can be taken by mouth. Ones that are in pill form are Winstrol, Anadrol, Anavar, Cheque, Virilon, Dianabol, Proviron and Halotestin. A more popular option is to inject them and some of them are Testex, Durabolin, DecaDurabolin, Primobolan and Equipoise. Once used, they will go straight to the muscle tissue through the bloodstream.

How Can It Affect You?

There are a lot of factors that will impact the effect on your body when it comes to synthetic testosterone. The product needs to be high-quality and from a reputable manufacturer and that is the first thing you should look at when purchasing. How long you use it, how much, your age and sex will be the determining factors. Even prescribed doses have side effects so you shouldn’t trust someone who says there are only benefits.

Change in libido is a common thing and low sperm count if the user is male. Acne and hair loss or growth will depend on the individual so you might experience something that your friend that uses isn’t. Increased red cell count and enlarged male breasts is also a common thing. It’s crucial to take blood tests every month to make sure everything is going well. Get more information here:

When someone uses it at their own risk, the outcomes are usually very bad. Sudden death happens because the quantities used are from 10 to 100 times bigger. They will for sure experience liver problems which may come in a form of tumors and tendon rupture caused by degeneration of collagen. Men could have problems with sterility and women can have changes in the menstrual cycle and increased sex drive.

Withdrawal Effects

After taking them for a month, you will notice a big change in masculinity and some people just don’t like the effects so they decide to stop taking. This can trigger withdrawal symptoms that will impact your life in the next month or more depending on the dosage. Because you will have a lot of energy while taking them, insomnia is a withdrawal symptom that is guaranteed.

It’s better to lower the dosage and slowly stop using it or try to seek medication that will help you. There will be cravings and mood swings that may affect your daily tasks. Some individuals experience depression and fatigue. No one should use it unless they have a medical condition or they are starting a bodybuilding career.

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