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What Steroids Do Female Bodybuilders Use?

female bodybuilders steroids

The use of anabolic steroids by feminine bodybuilders is a difficulty that sparks contestation in media circles and a degree of secrecy within the world of Online Canadian Steroids.

Raise any male competition what medication he uses on an offseason. You’ll typically get a reasonably honest response maxibolin_zoom (some are even susceptible to exaggeration!).

On the opposite hand, female bodybuilder steroids remain shrouded, to some extent, in an exceedingly veil of secrecy.

Few ladies can open up (except probably to their nearest friends) and reveal precisely that anabolic substances they are mistreatment.

The tendency amongst ladies is to underplay their use of steroids for reasons best illustrious to them.

Maybe there is still a stigma connected to the employment of what area unit primarily male hormones.

I doubt if ladies would be thus guarded if you were to raise what quite steroid replacement medical aid they were using!

Now do not get ME wrong, I’m not assaultive feminine bodybuilders here (after all, I take into account myself to be one!), I am simply questioning why, once it involves steroid hormone use, there is such a veil of secrecy?

On balance, however, will ladies create safe selections once it involves steroid choice and uses if there is no real data out there to help them?

With this in mind, I even have determined to provide a series of articles discussing the role of anabolic steroids by feminine bodybuilders.

To kick things off, let’s begin this series with a basic introduction of female bodybuilder steroids, that I will be able to decide.


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Winstrol_front Due to their secretion composes, feminine athletes have to be compelled to take a special approach to the employment of steroids than their male counterparts.

The precise compounds thought to be the safest to be used by ladies area unit Anavar, Primobolan, Nolvadex, Winstrol, Maxi Bolin, and Kabolin.

It is also important to notice that even on low doses of those explicit steroids, some ladies can develop civilizing effects.

This is often thanks to the very fact that any quantity of steroid introduced into the feminine system can trigger a reaction since it’s primarily a spinoff of a male endocrine.

With this in mind, it is often suggested that low dosages of weak steroid hormone steroids are used for brief periods of your time.

Side Effects of female bodybuilder steroids

Alternatively, women can use legal steroid supplements which do not come with any of the associated side effects that are so common with anabolic steroids, I suggest you check out the Legal Steroid Guide for a comprehensive list of the best legal steroids for women.

Most common side effects experienced by women using steroids are:

  1. Acne and oily skin
  2. Aggression
  3. Male pattern hairlessness
  4. Lowering of voice tone
  5. Disruption of oscillation
  6. Clitoral enlargement
  7. Increased hair growth on the face, legs, and arms

Oxanabol_front More positive effects of steroid use in girls would be:

  1. An exaggerated feeling of well being
  2. Exaggerated energy
  3. Minimized recovery time from workouts
  4. Heightened drive
  5. Muscle and strength gain
  6. Decreases in steroid fat (e.g. upper legs, abdomen, upper arms, butt)

Commonly used Steroids


The most ordinarily used steroids by ladies are Anavar, Primobolan, Winstrol, and androgen Phenyl propionate.

Therefore let’s take a better check out these substances:

  1. Anavar (oxandralone)

This can be one in all the mildest anabolic out there. Its steroid hormone activity is additionally extraordinarily low.

Most ladies UN agency worry aspect effects typically decide on low dose (5-10mg/day) short length (6-8 weeks) cycles.

Atypically produces smart gains in strength and affordable gains in quality muscle mass with very little within the method of aspect effects.

2. Primobolan Depot (methenolone enanthate)

Primobolan has long been a favorite with feminine bodybuilders since it doesn’t primoject_zoomconvert to steroid and produces little or no within the method of water retention.

Most ladies use 25-50mg/week for concerning 8-10 weeks.

Aspect effects with Primobolan will embrace oily skin, skin condition and a potential increase in facial/body hair.

Primobolan may be slow to require impact however its long length of action will manufacture some pretty dramatic leads to ladies.

These steady lean muscle gains square measure distinctive therein they do not appear to be keen about a ‘hyper-caloric’ diet.

3. Winstrol (stanozolol)

This substance may be taken orally or via injection (some even drink the injectable form). Winstrol may be a smart mass builder and produces important gains in strength.

However, many ladies don’t find it irresistible thanks to its tendency to provide steroid hormone aspect effects like male pattern hairlessness, voice deepening, skin condition, and erectile organ enlargement.

A way to avoid these sides is to stay the dose low (e.g. 5-10mg/day). Since Winstrol may be nerve-wracking on the liver, it is also knowing to embrace a liver protective supplement like Milkweed or Liv- 52.

If the injectable type is getting used, 12.5mg each 2d to the third day is right.

4. Durabolin (nandrolone phenyl propionate)

Conjointly referred to as “fast-acting Deca”, usually this can be} another drug often employed by feminine durabol_frontbodybuilders.

These drug strength and lean muscle tissues produce a slow and permanent gain.

Even supposing it‘s solely slightly steroid hormone, it will manufacture aspect effects like excess facial and hair.

However, not like its longer-acting relation, Deca Kabolin, NPP causes considerably less within the method of water retention and severe masculinizing aspect effects like thickening of the jawline and deepening of the voice.

The same old indefinite quantity for this compound is 50mg/week.

5. Maxibolin (Ethlestrenol)

This is an occasional steroid hormone oral steroid that springs from the 19-nortestosterone parent molecule.

This drug is popular ladies UN agency favor its high anabolic, a low steroid hormone, compounds.

Though onerous to search out these days, many ladies athletes feel this drug is sort of effective for quality muscle gains with lowest water retention.

Effective dosages vary from 5-15mg per day for ladies.

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