Foods those must be Avoided when Pregnant

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

There is so many pregnancies do’s and don’ts and numerous of which are basically shortlisted to ensure a safe pregnancy.

There are numerous factors and things which might hurt your pregnancy or might cause damage to the baby or to the mother.

The worst part about it might be, ‘’not’’ knowing or being sure about the things that can impose threats on the pregnancy.

You can also get help from to learn more about your pregnancy due date and type of precautions you have to take during the whole period.

Gestation is referred to as the most sensitive period in a woman’s life simply because carrying a being inside the body isn’t easy and supporting the existence of the baby by your own body isn’t easy too.

When it comes to things that must be avoided, there’s not only a list of activities but also a list of different foods which must be avoided in order to make the pregnancy safe.

Many people are unaware of the different treats that are not healthy for the baby or can affect the baby’s growth in one way or the other.


If you’re not sure about what to eat and what not to, here’s the list.

Although every trimester comes with its own diet plan that must be followed because every trimester includes a different development being made into the baby’s body, there are some foods that must be avoided at every cost because these foods do cause damage no matter which trimester.

To know more, here’s the list.

1. Pre-Packaged Salads

We might consider it so much easier and faster to grab some packaged salad to save time and especially because let’s just admit it, the taste is heaven-ish.

But you do know that re-creating the taste is not impossible at home right?

The pre-packaged salads might be contaminated. Even if you think they are not contaminated, then they might even be containing numerous preservatives which can be dangerous for the body of the baby and yes, for the mother too.

2. Caffeine Consumption


High level of caffeine tends to increase the heartbeat. Caffeine can even increase the risks of miscarriages.

The baby’s weight is seen to be much reduced in women who drink caffeine. Decaffeinated teas and coffees are present for people who think they cannot skip the habit.

Moreover, you do not have to completely skip caffeine so don’t be worried about it. You just have to lower the consumption.

3. Sushi

Pregnant women are usually advised not to eat chilled sea-food. Chilled seafood has a higher amount of listeria contamination which can be super dangerous for the body.

If you are a huge sushi fan and are craving it, then eat fully cooked one which is lesser dangerous for the body.

4. Milk that is Unpasteurized

Cold Milk

Raw milk must be boiled to kill off any kind of bacteria that might be present in the milk. Do not drink unpasteurized milk.

And yes, the consumption of soft ice-creams have a greater risk of being contaminated with listeria.

5. Fish

And while we say fish, we do not mean all kinds of fishes but some certain fishes which might prove to be dangerous for the body.

Fishes are for sure, beneficial for the body as they contain omega-3 fatty acids but some fishes and specifically the ones rich in mercury might prove to be toxic for the body.

Consult your dietician or health instructor who can guide you better with what fish to eat.

6. Eggs


No, we do not mean the properly cooked eggs, but when we say eggs, we mean the ones that are raw or are partially cooked. Make sure the eggs are properly cooked.

This is because uncooked or partially cooked eggs might cause problems such as food poisoning.

Also, do not use cracked or rotten eggs. Be especially careful about it.


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