Commonly Heard 15 Hair Care Myths Busted

Hair Care Myths

In this post, we will be discussing the most commonly heard hair care myths. These myths don’t only fool many people but they also damage your hairs.

1. Hair Products cause you to lose your Hair

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Hair products cause you to lose your hair’ this is an absolutely false statement, the fact is that it mainly depends upon – Genes Nutrition Stress.

No good hair product causes you to lose your hair unless you put something really stupid on your hair.

2. Cutting Hairs make it Grow Faster

Frequent trims make your hair grow faster

Cutting hair makes it grow faster is absolutely stupid thinking. Actually, your hairs grow from their roots not from their ends.

So cutting your hairs more often will not make them grow faster.

3. Drying Hairs naturally is better than blow drying

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Drying hairs naturally is better then blow drying it but actually, the fact is too much heat can damage your hair but if you use it wisely and setting your dryer to lowest heat setting will not damage your hair.

There is much scientific research that shows that exposing your hair to moisture for too long can actually damage your hair.

Exposing your hair to moisture for too long can make the interior of your hair swell which can be pretty bad for your hair.

4. Using a certain Hair Product regularly make your hair habitual to them

Using a certain hair product regularly make your hair habitual to that product is a widely known myth that still roams around.

Your hair doesn’t get habitual to any product if you use them regularly.

However, this doesn’t mean that you start using any product too much. Using a product wisely is best for your hairs.

5. Dry Scalp Causes Dandruff

Dry scalp causes dandruff it’s a total myth dry scalp doesn’t cause dandruff its actually the opposite, dandruff is actually caused by too oily skin.

So, if you don’t wash your hair enough or you just use hair product and don’t wash them out. It’s important to wash your hair product regularly.

6. Combing your hair for too long is Good for them

Combing your hair for too is good for them it’s a very well popular belief that’s actually a myth.

Its totally opposite to this using comb for too long can actually cause more damage to your hair because you can damage the protective layer of your hair by causing friction and breakage over time.

This doesn’t mean that you just stop combing, you can but be a bit gentle on your hairs.

7. Washing hair too much make them Oily

Washing hair too much makes them oily and there are many who still believe it whereas the fact is if you don’t wash your hair enough they will become oily.

So, all you need to do is wash your hair with regular intervals like after every 2 or 3 days.

8. If you pluck out one grey hair 2 or more hair will grow at its place

Trust me it’s the weirdest believe that one can come across.

It’s just not true.

The only thing is that you are not taking proper care of your hair or you are aging and if one grey hair has appeared more will come it’s just a matter of time.

9. You can recover split ends with good Hair Products

You can recover split ends with good hair products this is just false advertising done by big brands. No hair product can help you in this case.

Please don’t waste your money on these products and don’t let these big brands fool you. It’s better to give a visit to your doctor.

10. Wearing hats will make you go Bald

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Wearing hats will make you go bald, it’s just not true if you wash your hat regularly it will not make you bald however using a dirty hat can damage your hair.

So, if you love wearing a hat do remember to keep it clean.

11. If you don’t wash your hair they will clean themselves

That’s just soo weird to believe. If you don’t wash your hair they will just get dirtier and dirtier and start falling even fast.

So don’t be a fool they are not going to clean themselves it’s your job. Do wash your hair regularly.

12. Insects like Dirty Hair

Insects like dirty hair this is completely false. They actually like good clean hair.

No one in this world likes dirty hair.

13. You are stuck with the hair thickness you are born with


Well, let me break the bubble for you, it’s just not true. The fact if your hair thickness can change with stress, nutrition, and your age.

14. Baldness comes from your Moms side

Totally false statement but actually the truth is you can’t blame your mom for that. It actually comes from both sides.

15. Smoking doesn’t affect Hair

Smoking is totally dangerous for your hair. In a study, it’s found that people who smoke regularly are twice as likely to go grey than those who don’t. So, its best for you if you stop smoking.

These were the 15 most popular hair myths. If you want good, clean hair you should never ever listen to these kinds of things instead avoid doing any of this if you were already doing it.

If you want your hair to be clean, healthy and beautiful you should take good care of them. You need to start eating good, Start cleaning your hair regularly, start using products that are actually good for your hair.

Avoid excessive dust because it can be really bad for your hair. Do use hair oil once in a while because it works the same as fertilizers work for crops and make your hair healthy and shiny.

If you take good care of your hair you can avoid getting bald.

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