Basic Guide to Understand Hard Money Equity Loans



The hard money loan is known as an alternative investment which consists of capital that is not listed on a public exchange. A private lender is a combination of funds and investors that directly invest in private companies. It has limited partners, and it offers various advantages to companies and properties.

Hard Money Equity Loans are increasing popularity and become helpful for the numerous high-growth potential companies or properties. Similarly, the term of hard money loan is based on the value of that property which is going to be used as collateral. It is generally used as “bridge” loans between construction financing and long term loans.

Why is private lending so popular?

A private loan is similar to a bridge loan and it is very easy to get rather than a traditional bank. It is provided for a limited period and mostly used between real estate terms. It will take one to two years, probably. The hard money loan doesn’t have any link with borrower’s creditworthiness. Choosing short term finance is better instead of choosing instalments loan.

Actually, hard money lenders are private companies or individuals that see profit in this potentially risky venture. A hard money loan will provide you in need of money as soon as you can get it. Although, cost or interest rate of a hard money loan are higher than traditional lending because of high risks. That’s why banks are not furnished such kind of loan yet.

Hard Money Equity Loans

Is Hard Money Equity only solution for quick finance?

Since the traditional banks are not allow financing quickly, in this situation, hard money will be the best solution. Investors commonly use it like house flippers or developers who renovate properties to make them sell. Moreover, hard money lenders lend borrower without a high credit score.

As we all know, a low credit score is dedicated to you as a risky customer for lenders. For this reason, the traditional bank rejects your loan approval. Further, conventional mortgages may take months to process, and with a private money lender, you can get cash within a week or probably in days.

Which property Types suits for Hard Money Loans?

A Hard Money Equity Loans can be made for any property such as single-family residential, multifamily residential, commercial, retail, and similar. Many outside lenders are specialized in one specific property types such as residential only. Meanwhile, most private lenders have multiple recesses, and they are comfortable with it. You can ask them what kind of property loans they can provide. Beneath are some particulars who perfect for hard money loan:

  1. Property flippers
  2. Borrowers who don’t qualify for traditional loans
  3. Homeowners are facing foreclosure with substantial equity in their home, etc.

Indeed, it refers to a loan which is secured through a real estate property like borrower uses their house or other owned real estate property as collateral.

Why is hard money loan growing fast even with the high-interest cost?

Probably, everyone thinks why to choose hard money lender with such a high-interest rate? Well, it is reasonable because the borrower has no other mortgage options. In many cases, people with poor credits or recent insolvent choose hard money mortgage to buy a property. After that, people refinance the loan amount within the one to two years when their credit score or improves.

Additionally, as already mentioned, hard money loan is used to finance the house flipping. In this case, the investor takes the property and renovate it then sell it. This kind of loan obtains a short term bridge loan. This procedure increases the profit from the sold renovated house.

Another common reason is, borrowers use hard money to refinancing to pay off a credit card that has an even higher interest rate. However, this case is scarce a hard money loan may allow you to reach the equity in your home and use the proceeds for any purpose.
Hard Money Equity Loans

What are the requirements of a hard money loan?

  • A hard money loan needs down payment at the time, or they want equity in the property to serve as collateral for the loan.
  • It is necessary to have cash reserves to make monthly payments and similar holding cost ( insurance, taxes, HOA, etc.)
  • A private lender wants borrowers long experience in real estate. If you don’t have much experience, then a hard money lender wants complete details of the project and property.

Doesn’t have any subject property right now? Nevertheless, you can fill out the loan application and receive a hard money pre-approval letter.

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