10 Serious Heart Attack Symptoms you should not Ignore

Heart Attack Symptoms

Every 33 seconds a precious life is claimed by heart attacks Symptoms in India.our body gives us many heart attacks symptoms of heart problems but we tend to ignore them.

Heart attacks and growing heart problems that make us vulnerable to heart attacks have become a dreadful reality of the modern-day human life. Different reasons can expose us to this dark-faced assassin called the ‘heart attack’. There are many visible symptoms of heart problems.

Factors contributing to heart attacks include:


High cholesterol levels

High blood sugar


Less indulgence in physical activities

They say prevention is better than cure hence we take the onus to bring to you the signs and symptoms that might be evidence of potential heart problems leading to heart attacks.

Hence it would complete sense to realize the importance of these symptoms of heart problems and seek the appropriate medical guidance and treatment well in time to help them elevate to a heart attack situation.

These signs and symptoms of heart problems would help you save your precious life and also extend this vital information to others help to them.

These heart attack symptoms are the ones you should not even think about ignoring.

Chest Pain

This is the most common symptom of being vulnerable to a heart attack or even the triggering of the heart attack.

The discomfort felt in the chest repeatedly and for prolonged duration does definitely mean that you need to see a cardiologist Houston immediately for the next time you discover this pain might well be that of a heart attack.

It might feel like indigestion or a scorching sensation in the heart. Life is precious and taking care of it is only prudent. This feeling can be either mild or severe depending upon the degree of the problem you are subjected to.

The sensation of pain may feel for a few minutes and even come repeatedly. What is worth being noted here is that this symptom is common in both men and women while the other symptoms may vary in men and women! This symptom of heart attack should never be ignored as it could to taking one’s life.

Pain extending to the arm

This is yet another symptom or sign of a possible heart problem. This pain radiates down to the left side of the body.

In the case of a heart attack, it starts from the chest and moves out.

However, there have also been cases where mere arm pains in the absence of chest pain turned out to be heart attacks. The pain in the arm can be due to certain reasons but this does form a part of symptoms of heart problems.

Exhausting easily

If you witness yourself being exhausted easily without much physical efforts like just climbing stairs or walking a bit this might be a heart problem.

If you discover this all of a sudden and feel a change in things then you need to fix an appointment with a cardiologist immediately.

This sudden habit of picking fatigue without doing much is a serene symptom and needs more attention than any other symptom that features in the list.

This unknown fatigue and extreme exhaustion for prolonged and sometimes even extending to days is a potential risk of heart attack in women.

Feeling Dizzy

One can feel dizzy due to different reasons and one might lose balance and faint due to several reasons. But if this has been happening in strange manners and without reasons you might want to call a doctor.

If you suddenly feel unsteady and short of breath this might be the beginning of a scary vulnerability of a heart attack. Don’t just write it off as a normal unbalance of the body or the functioning of it.

This could well mean that your heart’s pumping has been effected and since it can’t pump enough bloody you are keeping low on blood pressure.


Snoring usually is not a symptom of any potential heart problem. It is OK to snort and a lot of us do that. The problem occurs when you snort in a chocking and out loud manner which might sound very different than normal snoring.

This if happens with you might be evidence of apnea. This simply means that you miss your breathes while you are asleep and this puts a lot of pressure on your heart to make up for it.

You must visit a doctor to check if you need a sleep study to fix this otherwise this will impact the functioning of your heart daily and expose you to the evil of heart attack.


Breaking out in cold sweat for no obvious reason might well be a symptom of a heart problem or even a heart attack. If this occurs to facilitate other symptoms then the chances are very high that your heart is subjected to the risk of a heart attack.

Swollen legs, feet, and ankle

Swelling in any of these might be due to reduced pumping capacity of the heart. This means that your heart might not be pumping blood as effectively as it should. When pumping becomes inefficient the blood stays constricted in veins and this might lead to bloating.

Irregular Heart Beat

When you do a lot of physical work like running or working out it is normal that your heartbeat might become fast.

But if this is happening for long durations that your heartbeat goes bizarre and is facilitated by other symptoms then you need to see a doctor immediately.

Stubborn Cough

In the normal course, the cough has nothing to do with any heart problem. But in some abnormal cases, the cough might be an indicator of a heart problem or heart failure.

If there is a prolonged cough that produces white or pink mucus it might stand for a severe heart problem. This happens in rare cases when the heart loses it efficiency and hence the blood leaks back into the lungs. This then comes out in the form of mucus.

Nausea or Indigestion

These are also potential symptoms of heart problems. These are symptoms of both a heart problem and a severe heart attack.

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