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5 Home Cleaning Wisdom Gems from Expert Cleaners

According to statistics, more than half of the female population uses an average of 2.6 hours to do cleaning and other house chores every single day. On top of that, men spend two hours doing similar activities daily. When combined, this means that housework is accomplished within an average of four hours per day.

One reason behind these statistics is most women’s perception that a clean house is a reflection of oneself. Most of them also feel better in a clean home. Who wouldn’t?

With all these in mind, you must do your house chores the right way. To help you do so, here are five wisdom gems from cleaning professionals that you can try:

1. Ridding Leather Sofas of Dirt

Some people choose to have a leather sofa in their living room because of the luxurious and elegant vibe it lends the space. It is also very comfortable, especially when used in an airy or air-conditioned area.

However, leather sofas aren’t that easy to maintain as they require special care. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep them in good shape. Here are some expert-proven tips to keep your leather sofa clean and looking new:

  • Use a soft brush attachment when vacuuming a leather sofa.
  • Clean it using a piece of microfiber cloth dampened with a commercial cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar and wipe it from top to bottom. Rinse it when needed.
  • Leave the sofa dry by using a clean towel to wipe the excess moisture from the cleanser.
  • Use a natural and wax-based conditioner to maintain its appearance.

2. Cleaning Different Types of Floors

Different kinds of flooring material require varying cleaning methods. The correct methods will help you effectively get rid of dirt, dust, and grime without damaging your floors.

Below are three different flooring materials and what to do to clean them:

Laminate Flooring

While laminate floor materials may resemble natural stone tiles or wood planks, they require a different kind of maintenance from those two.

The good news is that the laminate floor can withstand exposure to sunlight. However, you might want to avoid wet mopping them to prevent moisture from penetrating underneath the planks.

Instead, you should try vacuuming or dry mopping your laminate flooring. When using the vacuum, check if the setting is on tile mode (not carpet mode) so that the beater bar is raised up. For spot cleaning, you can use a damp mop, but don’t oversoak it.

It is also worth noting that laminate flooring cannot be returned to its original appearance by polishing. If it looks old and damaged, the best course of action is to replace it altogether.

Hardwood Floor

There are two types of hardwood floor finishes used in houses today: wax and polyurethane. To determine which one you have, try rubbing your fingers across the surface. If there’s a smudge, then your hardwood floor is most likely waxed.

To clean waxed hardwood, you should only dust mop, sweep, or vacuum it. This is because water can alter the appearance of your floor.

As for wood floors coated with polyurethane, urethane, or polyacrylic, here are the steps for cleaning it:

  1. Create a mixture of pH-neutral soap (around ¼ cup) and a bucket of water.
  2. Dampen a mop in the mixture and wring out the excess before using on the floor.
  3. After that, be sure to wipe up any excess moisture using a dry cloth (preferably microfiber).

Do this once a week for high-traffic spaces like the kitchen, and once a month for other parts of the house.

Linoleum Floor

The linoleum floor material is crafted using resin, limestone, linseed oil, cork dust, and wood fiber, and colored using mineral pigments. While resilient, this type of flooring should be cared for the same way you would care for cork floors.

Combine several drops of dish soap and hot water to make a spray cleaner. Use it on a specific section at a time and wipe off using a microfiber mop. This should allow the floor to air-dry immediately. Wipe it again if it feels a bit sticky.

3. Removing Soap Scum

One task that often does away with your time in cleaning is removing soap scum in the bathroom, specifically on the showers and tubs.

Instead of rubbing the soap away, you should wait for the area to dry. Once it does, you can easily scrape off the scum using a four-inch plastic putty knife.

Of course, prevention is always preferable. To prevent this nasty grime from building up in your bathroom, try using soap in gel or liquid form.

4. Chasing Dust Bunnies Away

Dust bunnies have a way of sneaking into every room in the house, even the bathroom. Joined by bundles of hair strands, dust bunnies often get trapped in nooks and crannies, making it hard to remove them from the bathroom.

To remedy this, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of these particles. Make sure to do this while the bathroom, as well as the dust bunnies and hair strands, are dry.

For a more thorough clean, you should follow the top-to-bottom path of cleaning. Start from the light fixtures before the window casings and work your way down the floor. Using a soft-bristle upholstery vacuum brush is most useful for this task.

5. Cleaning the Trash Bin

Cleaning the trash bin should also be a part of your regular cleaning routine.

To get rid of muck and grime gathered inside, you can use a combination of liquid toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush. The liquid cleaner helps cover all the corners and sides while the brush allows you to reach down to the very bottom of the bin.

After scrubbing, make sure to rinse the trash bin thoroughly to avoid soap scum from appearing. Then, allow it to dry first before using it again.

Stay on Schedule with Cleaning

Dirt left unattended for extended periods often leaves hard-to-remove stains in different parts of the house. This can be easily remedied by preparing a weekly cleaning and house chores to-do list for your household.

This list should include every room in the house – from the bedrooms and family rooms to the kitchen and bathrooms. This way, you won’t have to take too much time, and you can remain as organized as possible in doing your the chores based on their importance and urgency.


Mohamed Samad is the Founder & CEO of Matic Services. He started the company in 2016 after a series of small start-ups within the home services sector. Prior to that, Mohamed was Vice President at Greenstone Equity Partners, where he spent 24 months building the UAE business from 2011-2013 with its founder.

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