Top 5 Inventory Management Trends to Expect in 2020

Inventory Management Trends

When talking about inventory management trends and technology, no doubt they are both a match made to go hand in hand.

With technology, online records for the goods offline helps to remove inaccuracies that are prominent in manual process inventory management.

There are so many predictions surrounding inventory management to hit the market in the future, and things won’t look the way they do today.

Technology is truly amazing, it just doesn’t allow us to produce and make things work faster, but helps to cut down the risks or chances of error, waste and uncertainty in the best ways to equip us better than before to adjust in the changing world.

In terms of running a wholesale business, or an e-commerce store, inventory management plays a vital role. It is essential that businesses keep a check on what comes and goes into the inventory easily.

Today, the trick for smooth operations is to use wholesale order management options or tools, which should help a business to boost its sales.

In 2019, the trends are set to change, and the constant progress will make it easier to manage inventory seamlessly through the supply chain.

This year, here are the top 5 inventory management trends you should expect.

1. Better Data Analytics

data analysis

The most emerging trend this year is a higher intelligence, analytical technologies. The main reason for this is to improve clarity and boost the daily operations of a business.

There is every indication that business data analytics will become more important in terms of businesses investing in inventory.

Experts suggest that the business analytics market will rise beyond $18 billion valuations, which the industry experts predict.

2. Embracing an Order Management System

It may be that you are hearing of this for the first time. What really is an order management system?

An order management system is a software system that manages and facilitates the trade of orders.

In any business that specializes in trading, it is important to have a trading system that will promote order for better security and check over products.

Smart tools, such as OrderCircle are more the backbone of analytics. The right tool should work more like the footwork in a process and allow taking orders and customer management easier.

Using an order management system is a great idea because it ensures that you do not duplicate information and end up shipping out stock items unnecessarily.

An order management system will help to facilitate as well as manage the execution of trade orders.

In various financial markets, these tools help to establish a better trading system and offer proper security.

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3. Cloud Services for Wholesale Order Management

cloud storage

Today, it is harder to ignore things like the cloud. In some capacity, every business will have to adapt to cloud technology.

The idea here is quite simple; you have to access important data and assets regardless of where you operate your business.

Whether it is inventory tools for the sales agents or resources in the field, the cloud serves as a great unifier in terms of business operations.

The internet of things and all come into play here. It helps to connect product flow and create web data.

Some people worry about cloud and connected technologies, whether they can offer true potential or not.

However, if you take a few steps back, you will end up having an unproductive business.

Hence, it is best to follow the latest inventory management trends and incorporate a wholesale selling tool in your business.

4. Real-Time Data of Inventory

Another inventory management trend is to have real-time inventory data. The best tools with the right analytic reporting will help to remove any form of uncertainty from operations.

In fact, it helps to have real-time data, with things running smoother and clear with efficient operations.

With smart options, no supplier in the chain will have to wonder what’s next. It will help to keep track of merchandise at any time.

5. An Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

Eventually, as technology will become more portable, it is better to focus on multi-tasking and ensuring things are okay in every venue.

When talking about the omnichannel experience, this refers to how customers should interact with brands and the products in different locations from their mobile phones, desktops, and various other portals or channels.

The trend for businesses would be to get things running on various channels.

It is more about offering the best services, apps, coupons and digital innovations to give users or shoppers a great experience.


Considering these inventory management trends, you will be able to ensure that things move well in your business. Whether you run an e-commerce store or any store, everything has to have a modern touch to it.

Keeping these trends in mind, let us see what the constantly new inventory management trends will have to offer us in the days to come ahead.

Just make sure that you use the right wholesale order management tool or software, which should give your business a better competitive edge.

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