23 Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors


A dog is a man’s best friend, as they say. Dogs are generally kept in the outdoors of a house, but there are many other people who like to have the company of their best friend indoors as well.

It allows the dog owners to train their buddies in a way that they are less destructive and less noisy. If we don’t give them activities, they are bound to do things which would be hard to handle, such as tearing curtains and chewing shoes.

Giving time and some activities to dogs in your absence is very important. Famous analyst Mark Evans said that playing with dogs and providing them activities is very important, playing with dogs and giving them importance adds to their quality of life. There are many ways to keep your dog busy indoors.

You may entertain and teach them games of their interests by using dog runs and playpens. Moreover, you can show them how to clean up their mess after the play session. Teach them to pick and drop the toys and clean it up.

If you want to keep busy your dogs, you can also place other pets like dogs and cats. They will learn to have fun with the other pets, and it can be the best way to keep them busy.

The benefit of keeping them entertained indoors is that they will protect your houses. If the proper environment is not given to dogs, they develop bad habits and start biting every other person on the premises.

Understanding a dog’s nature is very important. If you are busy outside and cannot give them time, then these playing environments are very important. It is also necessary for you to meet, greet, and love your dog when you reach home from the office.

Dogs are the most faithful pets on the planet, and if we love them, they will respond accordingly.

Simple ways to keep your loyal dog busy inside of your house:

  1. Teach your dog the game of treats:

Teaching new games to your dog is helpful and helps your dog playing nose games. They will learn to treat others and stay calm also.

Place some treats and make a cue for the dog to find the treats and for every picking encourage the dog and love him by rubbing hands-on dog. Dogs find it challenging and will acquire the habit of staying in houses.

  1. Play the game of shell:

Have you ever tried playing the shell game with your dog? If not, you must give it a try. Hide the treat in three cups and task him to find it.

This game will help stimulate the mind of your dog and help it to find ways to solve problems. It can be the best way to keep your dog busy inside your house.

  1. Teach your dog to clear his mess:

Teaching dogs to clean up their mess is easy. Command the dog to drop and pick the toys and help him find ways to clean it up. Cleaning gives the dog mental stimulation and develops other skills.

  1. Get Involved in a tug of war:

Playing the tug of war game with a dog keep him physically fit and mentality fresh. The aggressive behavior of dogs can be reduced by playing this game and letting them win will make them happier and dominant.

Allowing your dog to win will make him happier and more interested in playing games.

  1. Visit the dog park:

Visiting the dog in the park can also make your dog more sensible, and he will find it entertaining to run across the park.

Playing with a dog makes him feel loved, and if you are busy sometimes at home, then you can train your dog to play on the lawn of the house. By doing this dog will not disturb you, and he can enjoy himself as being alone.

  1. Go for a drive:

If you have a hectic routine and a lot of work, try to take your dog with you in the car. You can go shopping and buy all the household things with your dog. Take your dog to the swimming pool; he will enjoy diving and playing in the pool.

  1. Make a date:

Plan a doggie playdate with another pet in your house. He will enjoy meeting and playing with his partner, and it can be a productive indoor activity to keep the dog busy, and in that way, you can go to your work.

  1. Teach your dog to find their toys:

Dogs love playing with the toys and they usually keep, set, and arrange their fun-filled toys. Make a proper place of toys for your dog and teach him to find and pick the toys so he can play, and after that, train him to put back the toys in the same place.

Commanding and training these things will help him remain busy, and it will be entertaining for him. It will be a great indoor activity and keeping him busy with these activities will make him feel the love with others also.

On the other hand, giving time to you is also important, so after getting free from work, maintain a schedule to spend some quality time with the dog and try to provide him with time at least two hours a day. This will make him do more activities in your absence.

  1. Give free shaping games a Go:

We heard that it is possible for 101 things using a box and arranging techniques involving free shaping.

All you need is a clicker and a box to make him play this game. This free shaping game will develop more skills in the dog, and he will be more sensible in recognizing things and understand them.

The primary purpose of this shaping game is to encourage the dog to do or try new things.

  1. Create your own indoor doggie obstacle course:

Create an obstacle course for your dog, so he can learn to jump on the bed and lay inside the blanket. Building a pattern for a dog to move and walk across will give him strength.

  1. Arrange some food for the dog always:

If you are busy at work and you need your dog to be happy and active, provide him good food like chocolate biscuits and dogs special foods.

It will develop a habit in a dog to eat his meal regularly even without you and when you come home from work, eat with your dog and arrange special food for him with you.

  1. Teach them to behave well:

Dogs will behave as you treat them and treat well your dog by giving him commands like please sit down; by this, he will sit down and behave well.

He should be trained to stay calm when a new member comes into the house. This will keep him cool, and he will do less destructive things like biting and tearing.

  1. Hire a dog walker:

Hiring a dog walker can also be very useful. It can be the best way to keep him busy and happy as well. If you are busy outside, then hire a dog walker so he can go for a walk with him and he will enjoy playing in the park.

Ask the dog walker to feed the dog on time and give him a bath daily. It will provide him with a reliable partner and will feel happier all the time.

  1. Organize a food puzzle:

Organizing a food puzzle will be as effective as if you spread food and meals everywhere in the house, your dog will find it creative finding the food. Also, buy some fun toys from play stores. In this way, all the food will be arranged perfectly.

  1. Keep your dog calm:

In the absence of your dog will feel alone and depressed, so always leave the scents you often use, so the dog remains calm and leave scents that will help your dog feel more at home.

  1. Train them to have fun with children at home:

One of the best ways to keep busy your dog by training them to stay with the children. Dogs love playing with the children and find simple ways to have a fun time with the children. Children usually love and kiss the dogs, which makes them happier and amused.

  1. Keep your dog busy and happy with interactive play:

Being indoors dog does not have a lacking interest. You play some funny games with dogs and teach them some new games. Dogs develop an interactive play, and it has a very good impact on dogs’ health and overall well-being.

To keep your dog busy at home, you do not need a lot of fancy toys or getting outside the door, and you just need a bit of time and commitment. We do not provide a full-time job with dogs when they produce offspring.

But we give them some new games and new tricks they play them quickly and make some ground for dogs to keep them busy at home and busy with toys and new skills.

After the training session, dogs feel a bit of relaxation. And when you see the happy face of your dog you can feel comfort exactly the dog, feels you your best friend.

  1. Work on impulse control for better manners:

Dogs like children and we can teach them that they cannot always get all things easily. From a puppy learning the dog bite habit can be controlled and to teach a fully developed dog to wait on command, and sudden strong and unreflective urge to control the dog keep him safe and out of trouble.

The impulse in a dog can control the command like wait, stay, leave it, and down. The sudden commands are essential for your dog to decide anything.

You can practice the dog and give any work to a dog like fetching my shoes and bring something from the fridge and give any work to keep busy the dog inside the door.

  1. Get your dog a companion:

Saying welcome to another dog as a companion to your existing furry friends excites them both. By this, your dog will be become socialize and give him a new life. Precautions should be taken that new animal must be healthy and vaccinated.

  1. Enroll your dog in doggy daycare:

Now there are many care centers for dogs and pets. They take good care of your pets and provide them a great atmosphere. You can also ask anytime about your dog. A friendly environment in daycare is helpful for dogs and keep them busy with other animals as well.

  1. Add a fountain at home:

Most dogs love to swim. Playing in the fountain keeps the dog active and clean all the time. Place some toys in the fountain also so he will get more chances to play.

  1. Switch on the TV:

You can also switch on the TV by setting an animal channel on that. Dogs usually love to watch cartoons and other animals. The sight and sound of other animals stimulate the dog and keep him entertained.

But this is not something you can do every day because they will get bored with the daily routine of watching television.

  1. Keep your dog calm:

If you leave your dog for 8 hours alone, then it will be difficult and stressful for a dog to survive.

So, in this situation, you can arrange a cool bed for the dog to take rest and get relaxed. Place soft blankets in bed so that he can put on himself and can have a good sleep for some time.

Pay attention to your dog:

Lastly, the important thing is to discuss is the attention given to dogs. If we are continuously reading a book and watching movies, it will be tense for dogs. We must give them proper attention and a proper time daily to make him feel surrounded. Playing with a dog, feeding him, and visit him to park will make him healthy and happier.

Pay attention to dogs’ moods, movements, and try to encourage them what they are seeing and discovering. Pay attention to the foods which are loved by your dogs. Every dog has its favorite snacks. From cottage cheese to gravy snacks, these foods are loved by the dogs.

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