9 Right Ways to Take Care of Your Laptop

Laptop care

Having a laptop is convenient for a lot of people. It helps you to be active rather than plugging yourself to a desktop.

Most of our digital services have become an extension of ourselves and laptop is surely one of them.

Students, businessmen, writers, sales professional everyone relies on a laptop to carry out their daily activities.

A strong laptop and its accessories are expensive since it comes with powerful hardware and software tools to run your daily activities.

From writing, watching movies to creating animations laptop is a necessary tool of the 21st century.

Tips To Take Care of Your Laptop

Since laptops are costly, for most of the people it’s a onetime investment. Hence it is important to know how to take good care of this useful electronic device.

A laptop is an investment which can pay for itself many times over.

You are unaware but your laptop takes many gentle abuses over the years.

Keeping in mind that you carry your laptop to the office, college, coffee house and even on a plane. You plug various devices, more often than you do on a desktop.

All the more reason why you need to learn to take care of your trusted companion.

  1. Give Your Battery a Break

Batteries will only last for a few years. But there are things you could do to increase its life span. Keeping your battery plugged in all the time will kill your battery sooner.

The way the lithium-polymer batteries work is that the higher the charge potential, the higher is the voltage level. The higher the voltage level, the more stress it carries.

Heat is also an agent of degradation in batteries. Batteries degrade naturally, but too much heat will accelerate this process by expanding the battery.

Keep your fans clean and let air circulates through the fans unobstructed.

  1. Shut Down Your Laptop whenever necessary

It is convenient to leave your laptop on a sleep mode, but in the long run, it harms your laptop.

Even in sleep mode, the battery needs a steady power supply.

Hibernation is a better option than sleep mode but shutting off your computer once in a while will surely benefit your system.

Windows operating software works better with an occasional reboot. There are certain softwares which doesn’t work well when woken from the sleep mode.

This is an additional benefit of shutting down your laptop, it makes your components run safely and potentially lasts longer.

  1. Keep You Laptop in a Cool Place

As mentioned earlier, heat is an agent of chaos for most laptops. Not only it dissipates your battery performance but also harms your other electronic components.

The easiest way to keep it cool is to make sure air is flowing in all the vents.

There are cooler fans available in the market, to additionally provide you with the cooling system.

Always place your laptop in a place with a consistent temperature throughout your usage.

  1. Keeping Your Softwares Updated

Keeping your software updated all the time seems like a hassle, but there is a reason why your laptop recommends it.

Certain software updates are specifically recommended to keep your laptop safe from security threats.

Even with the hardware part if your laptop could use some upgrade don’t hesitate to do it. Such updates will only increase its potential.

If the intermittent notifications seem a hassle to you, you can turn off those messages, but make sure you set aside a date to update all the necessary software.

  1. Back Up Your Important Files

Backing up your important files should be the first step in every laptop recovery plan. Backing up your data in an external hard drive is probably the easiest way to back up your data.

This will protect your files even after your laptop faces any internal threat. Backing up your data online is also another option.

Google Drive, Dropbox are some of the tools which let you save your data for free up to a certain extent.

After which you can pay a monthly or yearly fee. Most of the reputable companies implement encryption to keep your data from getting misused.

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  1. Clean Your Laptop

Yes, clean your laptop. It seems like the simplest thing in the world, yet very few cares to do that.

A laptop’s screen is the most fragile part and hence you need to handle its cleaning safely. Use gentle spray and cloth to clean the screen and avoid anything with sharp edges.

The keyboard can be cleaned with a small vacuum cleaner or a used toothbrush. Never let any liquid particles get in the keypad gaps or any other opening.

  1. Keeping Your Anti-Virus Updated

Keeping your antivirus updated is an important part of laptop maintenance. The updates help your laptop identify new threats from both offline and online environment.

It automatically scans your laptop every time you insert an external hard drive. Some antiviruses even detect flaws from the operating software.

  1. Clean Your Hard Drive

Once you backup your important files, it’s time to clean your hard drive. Uninstall any unused apps, run a disk clean up, scan your hard drive for any viruses.

Find applications which consume too much space and ask yourself whether you really need this app or could you use some lighter version.

Loading your hard drive could slow down your laptop performance.

  1. Invest in a Good Bag

Laptops are designed to travel, so it is given that you need to invest in a good carrier. If you travel frequently you need good padding for shock absorption.

Find a bag with sturdy handles to keep the bag falling off your hands. Look for something with two or more compartments, keeping your laptop and other belongings separately.

Check for its zipping and choose the material which is water resistant. Choose a laptop bag which practically suits your lifestyle.

Following these simple tips could really add your laptop some impressive servicing years.

Any defects in a laptop could cause you to spend thousands of rupees for repair, so it’s best that you follow these maintenance tips.

As we all know “Prevention is always better than cure”.


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