“Log Kya Kahenge”- Is India a society of Hypocrite’s?



How often do we lose our aspirations to society?

There is no serial killer as big as the thought of ‘log kya kahenge’! How the possible reactions of this society have assumed such a great reflection on what we do and how we live.

Let us keep our ambit limited to the Indian society, the very judgmental and our own very hypocrite Indian society.

Pick up any developed nation and compare the society or people there with India and you would know why we are still running a long race to be stamped as a developing nation.

So the Indian society has a lot of spices added to it which include mythology, religion, clichés, stereotypes, envy, etc.

All of these only play the role of decorating Indian society with the silver lining of hypocrisy. The hypocrisy of the Indian society can be drawn in a million ways and from a billion conducts of the India society.

In fact, it goes beyond than just the ambit of the definition of hypocrisy. Indian society goes much beyond that!  We are extremely ostentatious people and we would go to any extent to save our hollow pride.

We are one proud hypocrite Indian Society. Are all these just allegations? Or there are facts behind these statements.

Let’s discuss few examples to draw parallels of the hypocrisy of the Indian society we would just want to categorically clarify that our patriotism has nothing to do with drawing fallacies of a nation we other dearly love

Good corruption, bad corruption?

We would just criticize the nation and the political scenarios for paramount corruption. Very easily we will write off politicians and parties by forming a general narrative that everyone is corrupt and that the nation would never be over corruption.

Being caught at a red light the first thing we think of is getting away by offering some bribe.

So if the nation is corrupt who is responsible? 

Is our corruption good corruption and others’ bad corruption? Who can be the better example than our dishonest and insincere politicians?

Fugitive Feminism

Feminism meme

You would have to agree that nothing in India presently is as baffled as feminism. While feminism is about equality women have assumed it to be a weapon of superiority over men.

Feminism is a strong tool to bring equality in society but feminism over the board is only making the society more hypocritical and troublesome.

How hypocritical is the fact that women want to stand for equality and at the same time not want to forsake the leverages that come with being a female!

Feminism is more of a confused concept nowadays. What do you think?

Worship Goddess and Rape women

This again is one mammoth evidence of the hypocrisy of the Indian society. While goddesses are worshipped to celebrate female power women are brutally harassed or raped. These two things cannot coincide.

What’s the whole point of worshiping goddesses and celebrating them with elation if we cannot even confer the basic respect to a woman?

We need not to tell you how rapes and women abuse have unfortunately become so frequent.

The pluralism that isn’t plural

We talk about pluralism is the edifice of Indian society. We talk about ‘sabka saath sabka Vikas but then LGBT people find no place in this pluralism.

LGBT people are laughed upon, bullied and seen as a disgrace to the society despite the fact that they are as many humans as others.

There is negligible acceptance of the LGBT community in India and LGBT is rather a deep-rooted taboo in India. Hypocritical much?

Don’t talk sex, just be the most populous nation

We’re all set to soon surpass China in terms of population. Still talking sex or sex education is a taboo and society would look you with all those judgmental filters if you do so.

We are only about giving birth to children and perhaps in India, they grow on trees maybe.

We do not realize how important sex education is given the population disasters we’re headed to.

We play the racism victim given we’re racists ourselves

We are very vocal about the attacks on Indian citizens abroad. We often call these hate crimes or racist attacks very unfortunate and show a lot of anger in lieu of them.

We are the same people who differentiate between North Indians and South Indians. The recent attacks on Nigerian citizens also expose our hypocrisy and we should only be shameful about it.

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In a Nutshell

We can only hope that someday maybe this hypocrisy would end and the Indian society would rather dwell on sense.

What do you think?

Can India conquer this thought process of hypocrisy?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below…

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