How Can Masimo Pulse Oximeter Benefit Athletes

Masimo Pulse Oximeter Benefit Athletes

Pulse oximeters have been used in hospitals and other medical establishments for a long time, as you can see here. These handy devices have also made their way into homes. So much so, that some professionals claim that it will soon be just as familiar as a thermometer. In fact, oximeters are also making their way into gyms and other fitness facilities.

The reason so many athletes are using these devices is that they can also use them to measure their activity success level, give them insight on their efficiency and so on.

So, how can a pulse oximeter benefit you as an athlete?

What Pulse Oximeter Does

A pulse oximeter is a device that measures how much oxygen your heart is pumping to your body by measuring the number of hemoglobin cells that carry oxygen. Ideally, this number should be above 89% but slight variations that are temporary are okay as well, as long as they are not permanent. Of course, for healthy and athletic people, this reading can be well above 92%.

This device works by shooting small beams of light through your blood to see if it’s reflective or unreflective which typically shows whether your blood is saturated with oxygen. It’s not invasive which means you won’t feel any pain. You might feel slight pressure due to the clamp but that’s it.

The clamp will be attached to your finger, your toe or your earlobe, depending on where the medical professional decides it should go. These devices will usually not cost you much if you get them on your own. They give you accurate reading pretty quickly.

Pulse oximeters are generally used by people with COPD, lung cancer, asthma, pneumonia and so on, but more and more athletes are using them as a way to measure their efficiency.

These devices are small and simple to use with readings that anyone can understand.

How It Benefits Athletes

In a hospital, it’s pretty easy to see how a pulse oximeter is useful. However, how can Masimopusle oximeters be of use to you if you’re an athlete and the setting is your gym? A simple answer is that it can be helpful in numerous ways. For one, it reveals a lot of important information about your workout and your own body.

One of the most important purposes of this device in a gym is to observe levels of oxygen in your blood. As an athlete, you probably know just how important oxygen is to your workout sessions, especially if we’re talking about endurance.

In order to work out at optimum speed and efficiency, you need to maintain a healthy range of oxygen. This will improve your performance and help you make some improvements when necessary so that you get a better flow for your entire session.

If you often do some sort of vigorous exercise, you would also need an oximeter. You can use it when you’re climbing at high altitudes – wear it for the entire climb or hike – to measure your levels of oxygen and avoid hypoxia.

If you like to work out a lot but you have a respiratory illness, you can benefit from a pulse oximeter. It can warn you when it’s time to rest and it can improve your stamina in general. This tool can help you avoid a dangerous incident.

If your oxygen reading becomes lower during exercise, you should employ proper breathing. In most cases, good breathing exercises will help you reverse your oxygen levels to normal.

Do your research when buying a pulse oximeter as you will need to carry it with you and it needs to be able to support your work out habits. A lightweight and simple device will certainly improve your workout sessions.

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