Sewing with Sequin Fabrics: Guide

Want to make a showstopper dress? If yes, look no further for the fabric other than Sequin Fabrics. Dress designers call it the peacock of the fabric regime. The fabric is pretty, lustrous, and irresistible indeed.

But you need to know perfectly the method of sewing on sequin material. It’s not tough, but it is tricky, indeed. Here we have suggested a few DIY tips for flawlessSewing on Sequin Cloths.

Go for a simple but gorgeous dress design

Sequin textiles are a bit difficult to predict, exactly like a beautiful lady’s mood swing!  Jokes apart, these fabrics are stretchy enough, but some are even in non-stretch variety. The added sequins made them tough to stitch.

Don’t take the risk of encountering the whimsy texture of the material:  rather you may select a simple but eye candy dress design. Complicated patterns may not suit with the stretchy texture of this glistening fabric.

Don’t skip the lining

Do not forget about lining while structuring a sequin dress. In fact, it is wise to select a dress pattern, which includes lining. Sequin fabrics are scratchy and sewing it can be uncomfortable. With the support of lining, you will get to maintain the outline of the dress with better ease.

Select a stitch that also stretches

Sequined fabrics are very much stretchable. Therefore all stitches are not suitable here for sewing. You need to select one such stitch that also can stretch. For example, some master tailors use narrow3 x 3mmzig-zag stitches as this stitch is flexible itself.

Want to sew by hand? Go for using the catch stitch. You will find it easy to handle the fabric.

Do not use a serger

Repeatedly master tailors have suggested using the normal sewing machine for stitching sequin fabrics.  It is always better to follow expert sayings. Use of 70/11 ballpoint or stretch needle is better to use. If the sequins start breaking at random, you may keep an eyeglass on: it will protect your eyes.

Use your sewing equipment wisely

Sequin fabrics are the real naughty material that can dull your scissors sharp blades.  You can use an old pair of scissors, or you may use a paper cutter clippers to cut the fabric.

You may use a leather needle to sew the sequin fabrics. The chance of breaking the needle will be abruptly reduced.

Avoid using top stitches

Top stitches are strictly NO with sequin materials. It is a bad idea to use this stitch even with the lining on. You have obviously checked already that your fabric is quite stretchy: better you can use a hand stitch which has stretch in it.

If you are in a hurry, you may trim down the seam outlines by 5mm (¼in), and you will get around 10mm (3⁄8in) seam margins to untangle. If you prefer to employ this trick while sewing, just remembers to stitch the seams with an extra 10mm (3⁄8in) seam margin later.

Use a press and avoid iron

You may need to press the sequin fabrics to keep the sequin bids as maximum flat as possible.  Pressing is a better idea but stay away from ironing the material. However, pressing gently on the bids will help you in managing the fabric with better comfort.

In many cases, finger pressing may not seem sufficient. You may use a rolling pin or similar tools for exerting gentle pressure of the sequins to keep them amicably flat.

These are some of the suggested tips for sewing with sequin Fabrics. Following these tips, you will find that managing this shiny dress material will be simpler for you for sure.

Have we missed something?  If yes, please let us know by adding a comment here. Or else let us how the tips suggested here have helped you in sewing the fabric with improved ease.


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