Social Issues in INDIA: Which is the biggest Monster out of these?

Social Issues in INDIA

With great population comes a great share of problems. India no matter how briskly is advancing towards being a superpower we are still caught in a fiasco of social issues. Social issues in India stall the progress of our nation and often derail our prosperity.

Years change, dates change but these social issues in India are constant.

Ours is a society that stands tall on clichés and stereotypes and these socials issues in India are nothing but synonymous to these stereotypes staling the nation for long.

The list of social issues in India which have trapped the nation and the society so much so that they emphatically reflect in our newspapers and national woes is as followed


Don’t you think it is the reason behind other social issues in INDIA?

Illiteracy in india

We might be a very literate nation when it comes to superstitions or stereotypes but education has been an issue. The problem is worse than just what the literacy rates would show to us.

Even if the literacy rates are acceptable the level of education and the educational policies in India are stale.

India’s literacy rate is 74.4 % with the literacy amongst males being 82.4%and female literacy rate being 65% as per the 2011 census.

This wide gap in literacy between males and females in one of the plaguing social issues in India!

Despite free primary education rural areas have low school attendance and people rather prefer indulging their kin in child labor or beggary to help the family finances which is a wrong precedent set among the poor.

Why this illiteracy?

  • People still don’t believe in getting their daughters educated.
  • Stereotypes say girls are only good for kitchen
  • Female literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh the most populated state is only 57%
  • When enrollment in secondary schools is taken into consideration there is a gap of 20% between male enrollments and female enrollments
  • 47% females married off even before they reach an age of 18


The most prominent among social issues in INDIA

Corruption in India

From the ground level to the pinnacle corruption is deep-rooted in India which stalls eradication of other social issues in India. One can never cease about talking corruption in India for it is so augmented.

India is apparently the most corrupt nation in the Asia Pacific where more than 60% of Indians end up paying a bribe.

In the corruption perception index for 2016, India was ranked 79th.

As per a recent survey, Karnataka tops the list of most corrupt states followed by Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, The state of Maharashtra and then Jammu and Kashmir.

Women Abuse

Not a day passes when the newspaper omits rape news, or a dowry death or an instance of women abuse. This is a social issue most concerning when it comes to the list of social issues in India.


Dowry in India

Every hour witnesses a dowry death in India and this alarming rate makes India top the list of nations of maximum dowry driven deaths.

This social evil has been strangulating the prosperity and equality in India since independence and has seen many daughters become a scapegoat of it.

This problem is more prevalent in rural areas and people fail to realize the worth of a woman and only see her as a bundle of cash and an object for sex.


Nirbhaya incident shook the soul of the nation and much was said and done. Candle marches and what not! Nothing changed rather such incidents of brutal rapes and gang rapes became even more frequent in the nation.

2017 itself has seen profoundly barbaric gang rapes and rapes like Rohtak, Gurgaon and Bareily.

Rapes in India are sadly the most frequent occurrences in the nation with states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana topping the charts after New Delhi, the rape capital of India.

Recently the perpetrators of the Nirbhaya incident were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court in order to trigger deterrence but despite the verdict, the trend doesn’t seem to be changing even a bit.

By January 2017 itself, 140 cases of rape and over 200 of molestation were registered in 2017 in New Delhi maximum of which still stay unsolved.

What is even more surprising is the fact that as per the NCRB more than 90% of the rape victims in India are known to the perpetrators.

Relatives raping kids, fathers raping daughters and much more, such is the dark-faced pervert society a daughter in India has to confront and survive.

  • NCRB data shows that 93 women are raped in India each day and this is all worth being ashamed of
  • 4 women are raped in Delhi every day
  • More than 34000 rape cases reported in 2015–16
  • More than 3 lakh cases of violence against women are registered each year in India.

Casteism and Religionism

Caste systems and the religious divisions in India do not define India’s diversity but are metaphors to severe complications in the Indian society.

From 1984 to Godhra to Dadri Lynching and the very fresh mob killing of the Jammu and Kashmir DSP Ayub Pandit Indians have been vulnerable to be turned into violent mobs in the name of caste and religion.

Casteism and Religionism

The caste structure, in particular, has hurt the nation badly and has always been a subject of dispute. Even in the modern India which apparently seems to be rising above caste and religion with the globalization touch the caste clashes and religious clashes have become a prominent feature.

It is only recently that the notion of intolerance overcast the nation and raised serious questions over the harmony of the nation.

Besides the violence part, the caste-based reservations which infringe the rights of the deserving have also been a matter of debate and criticism and it never seems to be dealt with.

Reservations often leave the much-deserved candidates at bay in order to extend leverages to the lower caste factions, which in entirety is discriminatory.

Hence caste divisions and how the caste systems in India function from a major social problem of the nation.

Linguistic Disputes and Regional Disputes

This is another social issue bothering India ever since Independence. India is melting

India is melting a bowl of different cultures, communities, and languages which is an upright sense is India’s strength but the demands for divisions of regions and states are hurting India’s social harmony badly.

First Telangana and now Gorkhaland these demands for divisions on the basis of languages or communities have not only turned violent and ugly but have hurt the very principles of India’s existence.

Linguistic Disputes and Regional Disputes

What if tomorrow every community and the linguistic group starts demanding for a separate state or a separate region?

Would India be divided into as much as fragments as the number of communities and languages?

The list is endless, the issues stated above are among the few from the tragedy INDIA is facing today.

What do you think?

Would India be able to get independence from such social Taboo?

Comment in the section below and share your views with us.

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