Things to Know About Deshedding Your Dog

Deshedding Your Dog

Having and caring for pets is what gives people around the world the joy in life. Animals make you a better person, tender, and more lovable. They are a great company, and besides, their presence brings many health benefits for you.

Cat and dogs are incredible life-long partners and pets that make your life much more bearable and enjoyable. The main downside of having these pets, especially in the apartment, is the seasonal fur deshedding.

Changing seasonal coat is typical for all animals. If you have a long-hair pet, you already familiarized with this hairy issue. Dog owners must know that there will be moments during each year when they’ll need to fight the excess fur piled up in their homes.

Regular grooming and having some of the top deshedding tools is a must if you want to keep the house, furniture, and clothes clean.

Rules on Deshedding Your Pooch

If you don’t want to leave this job to a professional dog groomer, it will help if you know a few simple but essential guidelines. Grooming dogs has nothing to do with human hair-cutting. Don’t expect your pup will be thrilled with deshedding. That’s why you have to make them feel comfortable and safe.

The first and most important rule for grooming your pup at home is always to do that outside. Most dog breeds have several layers of fur. You sure have no idea how much hair can go off if you’ve never groomed a dog before.

Another essential thing is to make sure your pet is steady while you groom them. In some breeds, you have to do this weekly or even a few times a week. When it comes to short-hair dogs, if you brush their fur regularly, you don’t have to groom them that often. The rule of a thumb is not to deshed a dog when they are upset or nervous.

Taking the excess coat of your four-legged friend will keep their fur soft and shiny. Additionally, you’ll keep your living space tidy.

That’s of great importance, especially if you or some of your family members suffer allergies or breathing difficulties. Living in a place overwhelmed with animals’ hair can endanger their health.

Make Sure to Know Your Tools

Deshedding tools

If you decide to groom your furry buddy, you can’t deshed them with regular scissors and other grooming tools for humans. Nowadays, with the abundance of pet-care companies worldwide, there are plenty of incredible fur-handling tools available.

Always use specialized deshedding tools for performing this task. Choosing the right deshedders, brushes, and combs depend on the canine breed you have. There is plenty of fur brushes specifically designed for taking the excess coat off your pups. Still, not all brushes are ideal for every dog.

Short-hair breeds need one type of brushes. That’s usually a bristle comb. Brushes with rubber or plastic peaks are great for long or curly fur, as they will easily separate hair knots and matts.

Also, these tools are gentle to the dog’s skin. If your pup hates brushing, you can fool them with a deshedding rubber comb that looks like a glove.

On the following link, check some tips on combing your pet:

The Health Aspects

Keeping your dog’s fur clean and neat is beneficial for the health of your pet as well. Without your help, canines will shed their hair naturally. They do that with their claws and teeth. Still, doing it that way is much more complicated for them because they won’t be able to shed it effectively.

Dogs have many layers of furs. When they change their fur, the hair usually falls off freely from upper layers. The fur underlayers can cause trouble because the hair gets shaggy among all those layers. It’s a common occurrence that the underlayers of hair can catch some dirt or mood, which stays perplexed within the coat.

In case not all fallen hair is removed, it can lead to severe health issues like various infections caused by bacteria living in the dirt. If it comes that far, your pup will be up for a vet intervention and, in some cases, even surgery.

Prevent Fur to Flies Around

It is good to know that it is possible to prevent excessive shedding in dogs. First of all, it is crucial to enrich your pet’s diet with proteins and minerals that will make the hair stronger and firmer. Then, you should use quality fur care products, as well as appropriate brushes and deshedding tools.

Regular grooming will keep your pet’s hair straight, shiny, and healthy. You can deshed your dog after bathing. It will be easier for you to collect wet hair, as it won’t fly around.

Or if it’s not a bath day, you can wet your pup’s fur. When these steps are applied, the fur deshedding process becomes much more comfortable.

It’s essential to know which grooming tools are the best for the specific breed you have, as well as how to use them. If you’re unsure of how to deshed your pet, don’t worry. All you should do is visit a professional groomer and pay close attention to how it’s done and which tools professional use for doing it right.

Also, pay attention if your dog is shedding more than usual. Visit a vet as there may be a health problem causing it.

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