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Top Tips To Make Your School Website Design Effective

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Everybody says that image is everything! Well, it’s not everything, but it scores for a lot. Particularly when it comes to websites.

In the present era of technology, it is not easy to find a company or a business that doesn’t have a website. It’s difficult to find one that doesn’t have some kind of online presence. So, if you don’t have a website, there’s a good possibility that a potential customer or client might completely bypass you for a different choice.

Nowadays, having a website, whether for personal or business purposes is now a very trend. There’s a lot to gain for Educational Institutions having their own school websites. You need to make your institution unique from the crowd.

But still many Educational Institutions are not aware of certain facts that they can achieve by having their own website. It is not difficult to ignore a website, but this would be a big blunder.

An efficient website for your school is informative one; with both the statutory as well as the updated information that your main stakeholders need, visually appealing, up-to-date, fast and easy to navigate, reduces the load and has frequent visitors.

Below are key elements to keep in mind for making a school website, let’s start:

  1. Host Website With a Secure Hosting Company

Always make sure that your site is hosted with a reputable hosting company and is up 24/7. Do some study on the hosting service provider before choosing them. You need to monitor your site for uptime using one of the various free tools available on the internet.

  1. Design and Develop an Effective Home Page

Make sure the home page of your site enables users to get a glimpse of the most important things about your school and lets them choose a navigation path to dig deeper. 

    3 Easy To Use Website

An effective website must have easy to navigate sections with clear, short titles. Important information requires to be accessible in three clicks or less, otherwise, people will not take the time to look for it, and all your hard work building a page will go to waste.

However, you also give try to keep your main section headers to a minimum and place content in sub-sections, as too many sections to choose from on your homepage will appear daunting.

 4 Update daily news

An effective website uses its news segment as a window into your institution. This is the best way to bring people in and explain to them what your school is actually like regularly. Competitions or functions in school that you take for granted as ‘normal’ are what makes your school shine to parents, prospective parents, and Ofsted.

All users visit your site to get new updates and news regarding your school. So, if they know that there is something latest and interesting to read, they will visit your site frequently.

So, you should try to update the site with the latest news, at least once a week.

Honoring your pupils’ successes outside of school too also shows how you appreciate their whole development.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Most of us spend our time on mobile devices for searching purposes instead of using a desktop computer. Your website must be optimized for mobile just as much, if not more so, than desktop.

  1. Format

Ensure your website font sizes and colors are easy to read. The style should be constant throughout the complete website and look similar to standard school documents for uniformity and brand recognition.

  1.  Imagine like parents

The most important factor to keep in mind with your website is to think like a parent. If the information they want isn’t up-to-date, definitely they will avoid using your website. Areas, for example, calendar, school lunches, letters, galleries, latest curriculum information, news, class pages, what to do if their child is sick, clubs and how to assist their child at home are what parents look at frequently, so check you are giving them new and valuable items to read.

Let Your Website Say All About You

The website is one of the best communication tools. The main motive is to get parents eventually to look at the website first rather than visiting or calling the school for information.

Using your comment boxes, a noticeboard, a letters page, daily news, calendar, and social media feeds will decrease the time taken solving questions, overcome photocopying and have the bonus of keeping parents in touch with their child’s school life at their comfort.

  1. Website Provide Valuable Functionalities To Students

The school website design requires us to address these changes and come up with innovative solutions.

Creating a personalized school website will keep students involved. Such a website could provide them access to get stuff or interactive knowledge chances. Plus, there could also be possibilities for tracking success and grades.

  1. Make Sure It Looks And Sounds Great!

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘Content Is King’ when talking about websites?

Make sure you add eye-catchy images, video and great stories that will involve parents and get them singing your praises.

An engaging picture can speak a lot about you and can take the attention of your website guests, and encourage them to see more.

Final Words! 

Well, there is much more to achieve an effective website. But you can get closer to a top-notch website by using the above-mentioned guidelines. A bright idea of your website will help people to become informed of your school’s presence around the town.

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Let us assist you and lead you through the process. Contact us for an initial consultation to examine your project in detail.

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