We have seen so many new gadgets in this current year 2018, but now as the technology running towards the futuristic and blazing advancement, we might see some of the jaw-breaking technology in the coming year 2019.

There is a show named as CES which stands for Consumer Electronics Show. This show is organized by the Consumer technology association and it was inaugurated 51 years before on June 24th, 1967.

From then to now, almost every year this show is held, in which many companies show their advanced technology features.

Last time, this event was held on January 9th, 2018, 11 months ago in Las Vegas.

In this event, the hosts present their innovative ideas and demos related to the technology by which they get motivated and start working harder on those ideas to achieve their goals.

Telling you more about CES, it contains almost 4,500 exhibiting companies which include manufacturers, suppliers of hardware technology, content, technology delivery systems, developers and many more.

The conference program includes more than 250 conference sessions and the attention they got from 150 countries is more than 181K. So in 2019, we will see some of the mind-blowing future techs.

International Consumer Electronics show will be held in 2019 on Tuesday, 8th January up to Saturday, 12th January 2019.

Now, discussing the best upcoming gadgets, it will amaze you by the futuristic technology and some advanced features.

1. 5G Smartphone and Network

Where a few years back we were amazed when the 4G was launched, it is the time to see a 5G smartphone running on the 5G network. It is expected that in 2019, many mobile companies will manufacturing the 5G supported mobile phones.

5G will be faster and cooler than 4G which will make your Smartphones much faster and speedy. The speed and the network connectivity will leave you to stun.

The network connectivity will increase that that means you can load the apps and websites just by clicking it. Downloading apps, videos, and games will become much faster and it surely will save your time.

5G networks can make virtual reality useful also by enabling the sensors that are embedded in every electronic device to be interconnected with each other.

2. Augmented Reality Headsets

Like the Virtual reality headsets, the augmented reality headsets are expected to be the most interesting gadget in the coming years. This augmented reality headset works like the VR but at the advanced level.

It makes the true version of the hologram and will surely pave the way for the games or shows that will protect the environment and characters at the place you are living in like in the room to create the immersive virtual worlds that will blend the surroundings of your room.

3. Self-Driving/ Autonomous Driving Cars

There are many companies that are working on this futuristic technology of self-driving car. Many companies have tested the modules of autonomous cars which works fine yet.

This technology will lead us to the next level generation because it will trim down the oil consumption which ultimately reduces the pollutant gases coming from the cars.

Not only this, it will lessen the traffic incidents which will surely save lives. It will keep the environment clean and clear.

The sensors and technology will take over in few years and we will likely to see the roads with sensors and virtual display signs, the traffic signals which analyze the crowd of cars to make decisions about the traffic signals to be red or green.

Artificial intelligence will collect and analyze all the critical information of the autonomous cars like when to change the lane when to apply the brakes, distance maintained from other vehicles all these will be done by the AI sensors.

4. Intelligent Assistants

In the past, we have seen many businessmen which hire the personal assistant with them, that guides them and keep them updated by the company values and reports.

Even in the ancient era the kings also hired the personal assistants with them but it was the past and now we are living in the modern technology era where you don’t need any personal assistant because in future you will have your personal assistant not physically but virtually.

Yes like Siri, Cortana and Google are the mobile assistants which answer you about the questions. The developers are building the chips which will do the entire complex task to provide you the answers to your questions.

Like the assistants we have seen in the ancient era and heard the stories of those people, we don’t have to worry now because with these virtual assistants you can keep your data secure.

The privacy and important data will never be leaked or loss which will make the business more secure. This all will be done by the AI and chatbots that will be able to understand the language, the facial expressions, and tone of your voice to indicate what is going on.

5. Wireless/Smart Home Gadget

Where the electronic media took over everything, your houses are also going to be changed to the next level of technology features.

The researchers have developed the technology that will enable the gadgets to work and communicate using the energy harvested from the nearby surroundings like mobile, Wi-Fi signals or TV.

It uses a principle of backscattering that reflects the selective incoming radio waves to generate the new signals.

The benefit we can achieve from this technology is that we don’t have to charge these gadgets because they are battery-free gadgets which will use the surroundings waves to keep themselves alive.

These gadgets will include Security cameras, sensors, smoke alarms, fire alarms, temperature sensors, and many more that will never be changed.


The gadgets built with brilliant technology and advanced level features will surely make our lives much better than before.

These gadgets will be used in a daily life routine where these will become as a necessity to have it. Apart from that if we compare the price tag of these upcoming gadgets; we are not sure about how many bucks it will cost.

But surely, if it will provide easiness and security to users then definitely they will go for it no matter how much it cost.

So, we are just waiting for the CES event which is to be held in January 2019, where we will see some of the crazy and innovative technology-related ideas that will change our lives.


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