Top 10 Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

top websites to watch free movies online

In today’s digital world, from playing songs to watching movies, everything has gone online. Watching movies on the online platform is one of the most comfortable and most convenient ways to utilize your spare time. There are numerous websites that offer you to watch free movies online.

If you want to watch online movies and are having trouble finding some of the best websites to watch some of the films, then you are in the right place. There are plenty of sites that offer you the option of watching online movies without even spending a penny.

We have listed the top 10 websites to watch free movies. From action and horror movies to dramas and comedy movies, you will find every movie of your choice at these websites.

  • YouTube


If you are thinking that YouTube is just a place for surfing and watching some of the funny videos or gathering some information about anything, then you might have mistaken. YouTube offers plenty of online movies that can be watched at free of cost. Moreover, you can even download some of them inside the app.

Certain movies are not freely available, but if you feel desperate to watch them at any cost, you can rent them from YouTube. The price is affordable.

Some of the most popular free movies discovered on YouTube are The Terminator, Devil Winds, Christmas on Salvation Street, The Arrival, etc.


  • The official channels of YouTube host some free movies themselves.
  • Viewers can rate the movies.
  • Viewers can also leave comments below the movies so that you can get a review of the film.


  • It is difficult to find every free movie.
  • The quality of most of the free movies is not up to the mark.
  • The movies could be taken down at any time without any notice.
  • IMDb TV


By now, you must have heard that IMDb has an incredible collection of the trailers and information of the latest as well as upcoming movies. But do you know that IMDb is also known for offering some of the fantastic TV shows and free movies? You can search for movies of your own choice by numerous genres provided by IMDb. Some of them are top-rated movies, most popular, recently added, IMDb Originals, etc.

Along with these, IMDB also provides its users with an outstanding video player. The video player lets you change the quality of the video, go into full-screen mode, turn on/off the subtitles, etc.

Some of the free movies recognized at IMDb TV include Patriot’s Day, She’s Out of My League, The Adventures of Tintin, A Cowgirl’s Story, etc.


  • The video player offered by IMDb is uncluttered.
  • You can go through a lot of free TV shows and movies.
  • It is effortless to browse and watch free movies.
  • Includes original videos.


  • You must have a user account in order to watch free movies.
  • Sometimes, the video contains ads that turn out to be irritating.
  • Popcornflix


Popcornflix is known to be a fantastic place to watch free online movies. The most incredible fact about Popcornflix is that they have a constant flow of uploading new movies from Screen Media Ventures. This clearly means that they have a huge collection of all the latest movies that are being added to their website all the time.

If you visit their website, you will get to know that Popcornflix has a collection of more than over 1500 movies of different genres including drama, comedy, action, horror, family, romance, documentary movies, etc. You will also get to watch the film school and web originals.

Some of the latest arrivals at Popcornflix are Evolution, American Folk, Out of the Dark, Bed and Breakfast, Empty Space, etc.


  • You can make GIFs of your own choice from different scenes.
  • All movies are streamed in a huge video player.
  • There is a specific movie streaming site that is made just for kids.


  • There is no option for inserting subtitles.
  • The video quality of the movies could be better.
  • Crackle


Crackle is one of the most widely used websites for watching free movies online. The reason that Crackle offers free movies is that it is owned by Sony Pictures. Due to the same reason, you will get numerous full-length movies that can be watched at any time without even spending a penny.

Crackle provides you with movies of such high quality that you be amazed, no matter what size of screen or monitor you are using. The only drawback of using this website is that every once in a while, you have to sit through some advertisements but they are short, and there are only a few breaks while watching a full-length movie.

Some famous movies found at this website are Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Groundhog Day, Shutter Island, St. Elmo’s Fire, Zodiac, etc.


  • The website contains a massive selection of movies.
  • The video quality is impressive.
  • The site also offers an outstanding mobile application.
  • You will get to choose among numerous video player options.


  • The website is unable to sort movies by their popularity.
  • The ads displayed on this website are probably more than any other site.
  • SnagFilms


Recently, SnagFilms has become very popular for the movies it offers online. It is one of the best places to watch free movies online without downloading them. You will get a list of more than 2000 TV shows and films that could be watched from any part of the world. You can browse movies of your choice wither by title or by genre.

SnagFilms has some of the most exciting features which include its editor as well as the functionality of showing user-curated collections such as Explore the World, Before They Were Stars, Celebrate Pride, Refugee & Immigrant Stories, etc.

Some of the top-rated free movies available on SnagFilms are Mr Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Alive Inside, Lost for Life, The Corporation, Toys Will Be Toys, etc.


  • The website has a vast collection of movies of different genres.
  • You will see very fewer ads on this website as compared to any other site.


  • You won’t get an option to add subtitles while watching the movies.
  • You cannot rate or comment under any video.
  • Yidio


Yidio is also one of the most popular websites to watch free movies online. The website offers some of the most amazing features to its users. You can surf through several categories of movies on the website and pick your favourite movies to watch.

One such amazing feature of Yidio is that it acts as a search engine for watching free movies. When you search for a movie of your own choice, Yidio will show you all the free places where you can watch movies online. This is the reason why Yidio is one of the most preferred websites when it comes to watching free movies online.

Some of the most amazing collections of movies on Yidio are The Guardians of the Golden Eggs, Cinderella, The Three Dogateers, The Chase, Femme Fatale, etc.


  • Make it convenient to search for free movies on different sites.
  • The movies can be sorted by recently added and popularity.
  • You can even filter the movies by MPAA rating and genre.


  • Every movie is not freely available.
  • There are a lot of ads while watching movies.
  • Vudu


It might be possible that you have not yet heard Vudu’s name in the list of top websites for watching free movies online, but today, we are going to let you know some of the amazing features of this website. Vudu has an enormous collection of thousands of free movies from all over the world. Some of the latest additions of this website include The Golden Compass, Hancock, The Final Destination, Scary Movie, etc.

One of the most exciting features of Vudu is that most of the free movies are in 1080p quality. You do not have to compromise in the quality section while watching free online movies.
You can also search your favourite movies through the genre section that includes movies of different categories such as crime, comedy, romance, suspense, etc.


  • You will get numerous high quality freely available movies.
  • You can also rent or buy movies.
  • You can sort and filter movies in many ways.


  • Some of the movies are not freely available,
  • All free movies contain advertisements.
  • Retrovision


Retrovision also comes under the list of some of the most popular sites when it comes to watching free movies online. Most people prefer Retrovision for watching free online movies due to the features it offers. When you visit the website, you will find a ton of comedy, adventure, crime, drama, science fiction, horror, war, western, and romantic movies that are all freely available.

All the movies on the website are categorized by genres, and you can search for any movies of your choice by shifting through the alphabetized list of every movie they have.

Some of the top-rated movies at Retrovision are For You I Die, Children of the Corn, etc. Along with providing its users with free online websites, Retrovision also offers you with a wide range of classic TV shows such as Gang Busters, Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, Dick Van Dyke, Burns and Allen, One Step Beyond, etc.


  • The website has a massive collection of classic movies.
  • The movies are categorized in such a way that it is very convenient to filter them.
  • The website shows a one-page list of every movie that is available for streaming.


  • There is no option for subtitles.
  • App for iOS is not available.
  • Some freely available movies do not have good quality.
  • Pluto TV


You can use Pluto TV in two different ways. One way is using it as an on-demand movie streaming website that offers you a huge collection of latest online movies. The other way is to use it as a live TV service that gives you all the latest TV shows as well as movies as soon as they become available to be streamed.

You can watch live TV for watching free online movies through your web browser by going through the website “”. You can also download the desktop or mobile application of Pluto TV for watching endless movies. You can use the app of Pluto TV on iOS as well as on Android phones.

Some of the famous movie collections found on Pluto TV are Down to Earth, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Fifty Shades of Black, Popeye, etc.


  • You can either watch the movie live or start it from the beginning while using the live TV.
  • On-demand movies are also included on the website.
  • Along with the movies, you can also go for news, music, TV shows, and more.


  • The option for subtitles is unavailable.
  • You cannot watch live-streamed movies.
  • Hotstar


Hotstar is known to be one of the best websites to stream online and free movies as well as TV shows. This website is not just limited to movies. You can also enjoy watching almost every content that a TV cable operator company can provide. You can go through TV shows, movies, sports, news, web series, educational documentaries, etc.

The app, as well as the website, is designed explicitly for Indians. Still, if you live in any other country, you can also use it because there is a vast collection of international stuff too, including Hollywood movies, movie trailers, cartoons, etc.

The registration on the website and app is free of cost, and most of the movies are freely available.


  • The interface is straightforward to use.
  • Doesn’t need a very high internet connection bandwidth.


  • Most of the VIP or PREMIUM movies are not freely available.

In a nutshell

We all must agree on the fact that movies are something that must be watched in order to get relief from stress. Moreover, there is no other way better than watching movies to utilize spare time. We have provided you with a list of top 10 and some of the best websites that offer you free movies and can be watched online without even downloading.

All you need to do is to browse any one of the above websites, pick a movie of your choice, get some popcorn and enjoy it.

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