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What to Know About Antidepressant Withdrawal

Antidepressant Withdrawal

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms can quickly take out the fun of drug use. And for most users, thinking of dealing with the after effect is one reason they find it hard to quit. But what about antidepressants and the likes? How can you abstain from it without getting all emotional?

The best solution may be to seek medical help, but you may want first to give it a try.

Type of Drug to Use

The type of drug used would determine how best to detox. It would dictate the ingredients to include in your diet and other activities to speed up the process. For the most part, pain killers and mood stabilizers seem to top the list of some of the commonly abused drugs.

But NSAIDs are not the only ones that top the list. Many people also struggle with cannabis withdrawal and nicotine and cigarette smoking. So the right withdrawal therapy would depend on the drugs you used daily.

How Much You Use

Another thing that would affect how long it takes for your body to get rid of the foreign substance is the amount of the compound stored in it. You may not have to worry much if you are an occasional user, but it is the abusers that have to do more to detox.

Ideally, the body’s immune and excretion system is well equipped to prevent infection and eliminate toxins from the body. And most detox remedy helps to stimulate the excretion process while also regulation other body functions to promote overall health. You can click here to find out more about how best to stay clean from antidepressants.

What to do When You Choose to Quit

When you choose to quit drug abuse finally, the first thing you want to attack is the reason for the abuse in the first place. Most people turn to drugs to help cope with a medical condition. But this is not so for a larger population. It could also be that you are depressed or dealing with rejection and find solace in drugs that help you feel better.

So you want to try as much as possible to find ways to bring back happiness into your life. Travel, take a class or go on a date, there are many things you can do to feel better. But you would have to do away with the addiction if you hope to succeed in your other endeavor.


The proper diet is the right start to turning a new leaf from drug abuse. While it may seem impossible at first to give up cannabis for regular dish especially if you need to smoke before you eat, it is all habits that can die and be buried.

So you want to start by including fruits and vegetables in the first few weeks after you use drugs for the last time. Also, drink a lot of water to help with improving your bowel movement.

But you want to be careful not to drink more than the required 6 cups daily. An additional two could be advised if you sweat and urinate more. And this would indeed take place the first few days of your detox. You can check here for more on foods that are right for detox.


Another quick way to squeeze out toxins from your body is to push hard on your muscles. Hitting the gym or performing simple home workout routines could help speed up your heart rate. And this would help with mineral transport leading to excretion in the form of sweat.

Also, you will be assisting your joints and muscles in waking up from months or years of drug use. There are many other ways that the body would benefit from regular exercise, so you want to take the option to get started today.

Seek Medical Advice

It would be best to check with your doctor if you are going off your meds. These are mainly those that are prescribed for use in managing a related medical condition. You will learn more about coping with addiction in the coming days after your last use. There is also the chance that you’d get assistance with groups that help people quit a habit.

Final Note

Getting clean from drug use has its many benefits. You get to feel stronger in your muscles and bones. And there is a good chance it would also help improve your mental and emotional health. So you want to think seriously about doing away with drug abuse now.


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