What are Personal Diffuser Pens and Are They Safe?

Personal Diffuser Pens

Do you feel like taking a puff but you do not want to smoke cigarettes, hemp or use vapes, one viable alternative is the personal diffuser pen.

Personal diffuser pens have the semblance of an e-cigarette but are colorful, hard, cylindrical plastics that contain essential oils, vegetable oils, water, and glycerin. They have heating elements that get activated when a person inhales them. The mixture is heated up and vapor looking like a cloud of smoke emerges when it is sucked on. Read this article to know more about these essential oils

Depending on who the user is, the manufacturer or the location it is being used, the diffuser pen can be referred to by many other names. Some common ones include aromatherapy inhaler, essential oil pen or personal diffuser stick.

Although they look like e-cigarettes, they are not and neither are they vapes. They contain mostly essential oils, glycerin, and water and do not contain nicotine, tobacco or diacetyl. They also do not contain any form of cannabis or banned substances. They can come in different flavors and can even contain added vitamins.

A personal diffuser pen will typically have two sections. One section is a container that contains the mixed ingredients while the other is the power supply section.

When a person applies pressure by sucking on it, this action activates the heating element located in the power section. This, in turn, heats the mixture to a safe temperature (in most cases not higher than 220 degrees Fahrenheit), just enough to not change the chemical composition of the substances while aerosolizing it.

For safety reasons, personal diffuser sticks are designed in a way that they cannot be modified or refilled. This is so that the device’s integrity is maintained and the substances in it are not changed. It also helps ensure that the heating element is not tampered with as it is designed to heat to a specific safe temperature.

Benefits of Diffuser Pens

Health Benefits

The essential oils contained in diffusers sticks help to lower stress and improve energy levels. People who do yoga and those into meditation are encouraged to use them as they boost the mood, have a calming effect and help improve concentration.

Some also contain vitamins which are essential nutrients for the body. It has also been reported to help wade off menstrual cramps.

For more on the diffuser pens and its health benefits, see this link:

Helps Fight Cigarette Addiction

For folks who are addicted to smoking nicotine and tobacco, quitting may not be that easy but this offers an alternative to pursue if you would like to quit.

For someone who has not started smoking, another benefit of using a diffuser pen is that it helps you not to even start. This is because, instead of taking cigarettes when you feel like a puff, you use the pen which is a much healthier alternative.


They are portable and so can be taken along with you anywhere you go. It can also be used without being a nuisance or causing a disturbance to others who are around you. It does not have a disturbing smell as the vapor is mostly water.

Are Diffuser Pens Safe?

As of this moment, there are no safety studies for these pens. However, looking at the ingredients used in the substances contained in the pens, it is much safer and better than smoking tobacco.

It is unlikely that you are getting any toxic end-products when what you are inhaling are organic substances which have health and physical benefits.

All a person needs to watch out for is that the device works at the recommended temperature or lower.

It is also important to note that as there are good and responsible manufacturers of diffuser pens, there are also other products that are unsafe as they contain substances other than organic oils, glycerin, and water. These products may also heat the substances to as high as 800 degrees which makes it unsafe.

To this end, choosing a verified and trusted product from sites like made with completely natural substances is essential. Be sure it is organic and free of chemicals. Also, read all the ingredients on the package carefully.


Diffuser pens, depending on the flavor, have soothing effects that help to either calm, clear your mind or achieve a relaxed state. They can also boost your mood, relieve whatever stress you may be going through, and uplift your spirit. Taking 2-3 puffs several times a day will help you stay alert and refreshed.

Remember to purchase from trusted sources and check the packaging to be sure you are buying right.

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