10 Tours Tips and best Place to stay for Families in Phuket



The best activities for children and families in Phuket are those that combine excitement and wonderment with a certain amount of comfort and convenience.

This ensures that all members of this group — no matter their age or ability — can enjoy a fun and memorable experience collectively, instead of having some folks to sit it out while others are having an excellent time.

This is our guiding principle when choosing the following list.

There’s a terrific choice of things to see and do around Phuket and the nearby islands and regions, from exploring the wonderful outdoors to exciting cultural displays.

Have a look through this list and we are positive you’ll find something to keep everyone entertained for when you opt to get a day off from relaxing on the beach.

1) Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea

Enter through the elaborate front gates into Carnival Village, and shop the onsite Centre, lined with ornate buildings constituting prestigious Thai architecture.

Peruse sellers selling bright stone, gold chains, silks, and leather, pausing before a variety of street performers entertaining the crowds.

Continue on into the grandiose Palace of the Elephants. A stunning replica of a Thai palace, this magnificent structure sits lined with elephant statues.

Find your chair and sit in for a night of entertainment, where Gently sweep the point and acrobats swing from over.

2) John Gray Seacanoe in Phang Nga BayJohn Gray Seacanoe in Phang-Nga-bay

Explore the limestone caves around Phang Nga Bay with an experienced guide and find out about their discovery by John Gray in 1989.

Traveling by specially-made inflatable kayak as you duck into low-hanging ledges and discover hidden worlds on this thrilling water-bound adventure.

Grab a ride from your Phuket hotel and visit the port, where you can climb aboard and grab a plate to fill up on a tasty buffet dinner of Thai specialties.

Cruise as you eat, making your way into the canoeing launch website in a contemporary power boat.

Reach the initial site of the day and jump onto your inflatable kayak, letting your guide manage the paddling as you enjoy stunning views of the surrounding limestone karsts.

Learn how erosion has carved these monolithic structures from the sea through time, then duck into hidden caves, called hongs, keeping your eyes peeled for sure-footed macaque monkeys and bright blue kingfishers that call this region home.

3) Phi Phi by Speedboat 

Phi Phi by Speedboat

Enjoy a day of sightseeing at the Phi Phi Islands, a hotspot in Southern Thailand made famous by the Film the Beach.

Admire stunning views and the crystal-clear waters of the Maya Bay, enjoy lunch, place limestone cliffs, and get an opportunity to go snorkeling.

After pickup from your hotel, ride into a private area at Dolphin Seaway Pier where you take a brief break and enjoy a beautiful live ring before leaping into a speedboat.

As you swim in PiLeh Cove, feel as if you are in a lagoon-like pool.

Then go sightseeing around the island by speedboat and see Viking Cave, where swifts make their nests and wall paintings feature ships resembling Viking ships.

At Monkey Beach, attempt to spot wild monkeys out of the speedboat.

4) James Bond and Beyond 

James Bond and Beyond

Cruise along the beautiful Phang Nga Bay and discover the famous James Bond Island. Canoe your way into the exotic Talu Island and see the nature’s wonderful stalactite caves.

Feast on delicious Thai seafood before cooling with a swim at stunning Naka Island.

Start your day trip with a transfer from the hotel to the exclusive personal pier at Dolphin Seaway, where you are serenaded by the Dolphin Seaway ring before boarding the speedboat to Phang Nga Bay.

Cruise upon stunning emerald-green waters and stop at the renowned James Bond Island. The amazing and stunning stone rock of Ko Tapu is a tall islet that spans over 66 ft (20 m) tall above sea level.

The stone was the filming site for the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun

5) ATV Tour 1 Hour 

ATV Tour 1 Hour

Whether you are new to riding or a seasoned expert, quench your thirst for adventure on an ATV journey from the exciting terrain of a 350-acre (142-ha) off-road location.

Explore the wonderlands of plantations, farms, and jungles with this 2-hour guided tour. Head to the riding website in convenient and comfortable transportation from your hotel.

Upon arrival, listen to short safety instructions before climbing aboard your all-terrain automobile and preparing to your adrenaline-fueled trip.

Follow a knowledgeable guide as you move the rocky roads of Phuket. On the way, pass by dense mangrove swamps, rubber plantations, and palm gardens.

Take breaks to get closer looks at the surroundings –you might even see a Venus flytrap because it catches bugs in its sticky grasp

6) Khai Nok & Khai Nui Island Excursion with Lunch 

Khai Nok

Just off the coast of Phuket are two magnificent islands are known as Khai Nok and Khai Nui–little gems of white-sand shores and tree-covered stones surrounded by clear, turquoise water.

Have a boat ride to those tranquil islands and spend the day basking in their paradisiacal ambiance.

After suitable pickup in the hotel, make your way to a nearby pier and step aboard a ship that whisks you out on the waters of the Andaman Sea.

Enjoy a welcome drink and snacks as you cruise over manicured waters toward KhaiNok, which is your first stop.

Disembark the boat and take advantage of the chance to unwind the island’s hot sand or place on snorkel equipment and marvel in the bustling aquatic world that thrives off the shore of the pristine isle.

7) Flying Hanuman Ziplining Experience 

Flying Hanuman Ziplining Experience

Flying Hanuman delivers a high-speed ziplining adventure that is unlike any other, sending you flying through the treetops with the speed and grace of a bird.

Admire Phuket Island’s dense jungle landscapes and forest-covered hillsides as you get your adrenaline pumping.

After pickup from your hotel, have a drive into the zipline course and meet your friendly guide, who goes over a security briefing that can help you prepare for your experience.

Nestled on a 262,467-square-foot (80,000-sqm) plot of land covered with rubber trees, Flying Hanuman is the perfect place to observe the green flora and varied fauna that make the island exceptional.

8) Coral &Racha Islands Full-Day Tour 

Coral & Racha Islands

Take the opportunity to snorkel for a cursory look at the stunning and vibrant aquatic life or lounge on the white-sand beaches beneath the glimmering day sun.

After pickup in the hotel drive to Chalong Pier, about half an hour from Phuket city Centre, then climb aboard a modern vessel for a calm cruise to stunning Racha Island.

Upon arrival, place on your skillet and prepare for a good look at the neighborhood aquatic life in addition to beautiful corals and a kaleidoscope of fish in the crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Around afternoon, hop in your boat and leave for Coral Island.

Then replenish your energy with a tasty Thai buffet lunch at Island Restaurant and enjoy time on the pristine craggy shore or maybe try some sea sports such as shore diving, parasailing, and banana boat riding at your own cost.

After an adventurous day, go back to the pier and return to a city hotel.

9) Private Art Workshop Half-Day Lesson 

Private Art Workshop

Unleash your creativity and revel in the artistic side of town by joining a private Day art lesson.

Bring your production home as a memento of your unforgettable visit to Phuket. Be moved from the comfort of your resort to the art workshop in central Phuket.

Upon arrival, you’re warmly welcomed by your hosts. Then watch Thai artists demonstrate the art of floral craft structures, gel candle making, and T-shirt painting.

Your own personal trainer teaches the lesson for whichever craft you choose. Listen to the details and observe the thorough procedure, then create your own.

At the end of the course, keep your creation as a unique and beautiful reminder of your artistic explorations in Phuket.

10) Phuket Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour 

Leave the bustling tourist district of Phuket supporting and find a taste of the countryside as you bicycle by traditional villages, tropical plantations, and the gorgeous white sands of Sala Beach.

On your way into a tranquil waterfall, stop in a refuge for rehabilitating endangered gibbon apes.

Your experience starts at Sala Beach at the silent, northeast section of Phuket Island.

Arrive in the refuge of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, where a group of enthusiastic volunteers is dedicated to protecting, rescuing, and rehabilitating this endangered species of ape.

Gibbons are agile and cute but have been poached to near extinction in their natural habitats.

Take an abysmal look at the animals as you learn about their plight as well as the plans of the Centre for repopulating the rainforest as well as rescue gibbons from illegal usage as tourist attractions and pets.

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