Obesity is not only a liability but also a safe haven for diseases. Nowadays, with the kind of lifestyle we have, obesity has become a lifestyle disorder. We might not have time to exercise, however, this doesn’t mean that fat is allowed to accumulate in the body! It’s time to kill the fat with its own source! FOOD.

As bizarre as it might sound, it is actually true. We can consume certain food items to actually reduce weight, burn that stubborn fat and chuck it out of our systems! 

Here are some of the top superfoods for weight loss and energy!


The god of all fat-burning and weight loss foods- Oatmeal. Available in different tastes and flavors nowadays, there isn’t a quicker and healthier snack than a bowl of oatmeal.

Oats contain high fibre content and the goodness of whole grain kills the unnecessary hunger pangs to keep the body healthy! Oatmeal make your stomach feel full and thus save you from unhealthy or overeating.

Sweet Potatoes

Potato has been wrongly categorized as fattening food. Sweet potato is enriched with the goodness of slow carbs and works in a similar manner as oatmeal, wherein, it keeps you satisfied and full for a longer time. The carbs also provide the necessary energy to work out more and burn extra calories!

Dark Chocolates

This is perhaps the very first thing you plan on giving up when you decide to lose weight! STOP! Studies have proved that chocolates with cocoa content greater than 65% have fat burning antioxidants! thus categorised as the super food for weight reduction.


The food of all lazy folks-eggs! When you can’t decide what to cook, just go for an egg. Scrambled, boiled or sunny side up, this oval of happiness, can be moulded into any shape and taste.

Eggs contain choline, which is responsible for to discourage the storage of belly fat. The high content of proteins in eggs also encourages the growth and nourishment of organs.


The richest source of protein that you can think of- quinoa. It is quite a paradox that despite being one of the oldest grains, it not a very common one. Quinoa not only boosts the metabolism of the body but is also a rich source of betaine, which does not let fat stay in the body!


Tomato juice is one of the best sources of adiponectin, which is known to break fat, thereby making it easier to lose. It also helps in decreasing inflammation. Besides this, tomatoes also enrich or body with vitamin C and make our skin glow!


The goodness of avocado comes with fat burning properties! It helps our body cells to interact with fat cells. It also discourages the fat storing hormones from storing fat and lastly, it also boosts the metabolism of the body, which helps in easy digestion. Another feather in the hat is that it is the major ingredient of guacamole!

Coconut Oil

This is a miracle oil, which instead of storing fat, burns the existing. Studies have shown that people consuming coconut oil have lesser belly fat as compared to others. However, other oils such as olive oils are healthy too. Hence, a combination and balance of both are necessary!


With summers approaching, lemon is a boon! The refreshing taste and aroma it has are beyond comparison! Water helps us generally feel full and lemons act as a toxin remover. When our body becomes toxic free, the metabolism is automatically boosted, thereby, accelerating weight loss!Green tea

Green Tea

Green tea is a wondrous concoction that not only boosts metabolism but also prohibits the formation of new fat cells! This antioxidant rich source is also known to burn fat cells and promote good health!

It’s time to eat away your way to a slimmer waist and good health!


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