5 Reasons Why Finding a New Partner is So Hard


Did you ever think about the fact that millennials get married at an older age than previous generations? Did you ever notice that it takes longer for new generations to find the right person to get married and start a family? You probably have, and there is no one reason for this.

New generations have figured out that they don’t have to settle down at an early age like our ancestors, but on the other hand, it seems more and more challenging to find that one person who has everything we want for our partner to have.

But why is that so?

Why are we so strict and picky?

We are more superficial and shallow

This might be a statement that many will disagree with, but we cannot deny that we are, as a people, all more superficial and more shallow than the generations before. This might be due to the technological advancements in the last several decades, and we are all putting too much importance on appearances.

This is why many people find it difficult to find the right partner – if they don’t look like the partner they have envisioned in their heads, then tough luck, they’ll move onto the next one.

Fear of missing out

Are you scared that you might miss out on an experience that other peers are indulging in?

Are you scared that you want to manage to try all the things you have wanted to try out before finding your partner for life?

Do you think that after finding the love of your life, other things will be put on pause?

Because if your answer is yes, you need to know you are not alone. FOMO is a true problem that can affect your life. 

Nowadays, it’s easy to find the things that you are looking for. For example, if you want to spend a fun night with someone new, finding the best escorts and babes around you has never been easier. If you want to travel somewhere, this is again an easy thing to do. This is how the world functions right now, and being afraid that you might miss something if you settle down is not at all surprising.

Having high standards

It’s not a secret that our appetites change as we grow older. It can be deduced that the older we are, the higher standards we have, and thus, the more difficult for us it will be to find the one we want to spend our lives with.

We want specific personality traits, and we won’t take anyone’s shit. This is perfectly natural, but it is very important to be very realistic and see if you should have all those high standards.

We are all focused on our careers

On top of that all, it’s very difficult to fall in love when you have so much other stuff on your plate. This world we live in completely revolves around our jobs and our careers. We work most of our working day, then go home and have no energy to actually go out and find the person we want to marry or spend our lives with.

Should we really spend so much time thinking about work and letting our work decide what path we should take in the future? Will we really be satisfied with our careers while still not finding the person that is right for us?

What is love?

In the words of the almighty Haddaway, “What is love,” really?

Hollywood ideals have certainly changed our definition of love, and many don’t actually believe it even exists.

So, they don’t need to search for their soulmate. What’s the point since they know they won’t live the fairytale advertised by Disney. There are fewer and fewer couples that actually believe in this word and in the idea that they have found the right one.


Has it been hard for you to find a new partner, and why do you think this is so?

Only by analyzing our own thoughts and actions will we be able to understand why and deal with it.

Let’s all be more open-minded as there are so many good people worldwide, perfect for us.

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