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5 Things You Should Know Before Keeping Lizards as Pets

Keeping Lizards as Pets

Reptiles make attractive pets, but each species is captivating in its way. Some lizards are better for you if you are a beginner. Like other reptiles, lizards are cold-blooded. It means the body temperature of your lizard depends on the air temperature. You can click here if you want to know about other reptiles and more.

If you want reptiles or you are planning to get a pet lizard, here are five exciting things you should know about lizards.

  1. Appetite of Lizards 

You may find that lizards do have big appetites and can quickly eat a lot of food each month. If you plan to own a lizard, ensure that you stock up on mealworms and crickets.

Also, you can gather fresh fruits and vegetables for your pet. If you have a gigantic lizard, it will require more food. Moreover, since many lizards live long lives, you will need to bear the cost of a good appetite for lizards.

  1. Vivarium for Your Lizard to Stay 

Being a lizard pet owner, you need to ensure that your pet stays warm. You can do it best in an enclosed environment known as a vivarium. It is made for cold-blooded creatures.

As you do not need to half-fill with water like an enclosure for a turtle, look for a vivarium with a sliding door made of glass or another easy-to-clean, transparent material. Also, the vivarium you choose also requires grilles for proper ventilation.

Additionally, some lizards prefer a more desert-like home, while others look for a too humid environment. Most of the lizards enjoy basking in the sun. So, ensure that you choose an enclosure that encompasses or facilitates the fitting of heat lamps that suit the needs of your lizard pet.

  1. Safety

Choose a captive-bred lizard as wild-bred one’s incline to be more strained by captivity. Moreover, these lizards are more prone to disease and tough to tame. In case you have young children, you mainly don’t want a lizard with aggressive attitudes.

Also, understand that lizards carry salmonella that triggers sickness in all people. However, it can be risky and even deadly to small kids, the elderly, and people with immune system disorders.

  1. Spend Quality Time with Your Lizard 

You need to handle your lizard pet with care and love. Though lizards do not characteristically enjoy that anyone handles them, it is still crucial that you know how to do so safely.

After all, you will be required to safely take out your pet lizard from his enclosure occasionally to clean it or to take him to the veterinarian.

The handling of lizards will differ by species, but here is something that you can be careful about. When you pick up your pet lizard, try to scoop it with your hand and gently clasp its head between your forefinger and thumb. It will keep the lizard safe and sheltered.

If you have larger lizards, you will probably need to use both your hands. Hold the behind legs of your lizard back toward its tail with one hand. It is to avert it from scratching you and grasp its body under its front legs with your other hand. But tiny lizards are fragile, so you should avoid handling them unless essential.

  1. Pricing of Owning a Lizard 

The purchase price for a pet lizard is usually reasonable, reaching from $15 to $150. Moreover, the initial purchase price of your lizard pet is but one part of the cost of lizard ownership. It also includes electricity you use, veterinary care (as posh as a dog or cat care), food, enclosure, and more.

Since you know much about lizard pets, get one that suits your lifestyle and family the best.

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