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Top 10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Her You Shouldn’t Miss

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Looking for Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend? Wondering what kind of gift you should surprise your girlfriend with on her birthday. Well, although there are hundreds of gifts available at malls, gift shops, and convenient shops, few can really impress her on this special day.

I know it’s hard getting the perfect gift and that is why I got this list of 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend, to help you narrow down your search.

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers

When choosing the best birthday flowers for your lady, go for a colorful bouquet if your relationship is beginning.

Meaningful flowers like birthday roses or a mixture of red and white are perfect for those who have been in a relationship for a while and have defined their Relationship. Dark red flowers convey great passion and love.

You can get these special birthday flowers and other flowers for every occasion at

A Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Girls love photos to keep and cherish their memories. Another great gift for her birthday will be a photo collage and can help you add a personal touch to the gift.

Get the best photo that you’ve taken over the years, cut them up and arrange them into either star shape, heart shape or any other shapes that you like.

Show her how much you love her by doing the collage yourself and don’t resort to photo apps to help you do that. In this gift, an effort is all that matters.

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A Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are easy to find and order online, and you can have them delivered to your loved ones no matter how far they are.

CosmeaGardens offers all sorts of flowers including gift hampers to complement the floral arrangements.

For a beautiful lady, your gift hamper can include beauty products or snacks and drinks. Many shops nowadays even let you choose what kind of products you want in your gift hamper and they will arrange and decorate it for you.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are the best and show that you are willing to an extra mile to make her happy. There are plenty of gifts that can be personalized such as a pillowcase, a picture frame or even jewelry.

There are plenty of shops that offer custom made gifts and all you have to do is give them a description of how you want your gift and they will make everything for you.

Other gifts that can be personalized are mugs, bed covers, and even photo albums.

Tickets to a Museum

Museum Tickets Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Another great way to celebrate her birthday is by taking her to a museum or a play that she has always wanted to go to.

This shows that you pay attention to the little things that make her happy. If she is your lover, you can take her to a romantic play or movie to help her mark another year of good health.

This also shows that you are willing to spare some quality time with her on her special day. This gift of love will be appropriated highly.

Treat Her at a Beauty Spa

tan fair skin

She has been working very hard to make sure that you are happy, now it’s time to return the favor.

Women want to look good and what better way to heal and soothe their tender skin than to take her to a beauty spa?

Let her unwind and relax after a long week with a nice massage at her favorite beauty spa.

To make it convenient for her, you can organize the session to be done a day before her birthday so that she can have plenty of time to celebrate her birthday with her friends or family.

Romantic Dinner Date

Date NightAfter a long day of celebrations, birthday wishes, and gifts, it is time to top it all up with a romantic dinner date for that special lady in your life.

Make the moment special by taking her to the finest restaurant in your locality. You can have a red birthday flower bouquets delivered to your table as you wait for your orders.

For the best floral experience, you can count on Or you can just have a simple candlelit dinner at home if she feels tired to go out.

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Jewellery Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

It is every girl’s dream to be showered with beautiful jewelry from head to toe, but if your pockets can’t allow you to do that, just get her one or two pieces of jewelry that can make the celebration grand.

A gold necklace is a silver bracelet will work out just fine. There are many types of jewelry that you can definitely afford. A ring, for example, won’t cost much.

To make the gift special, you can engrave it with her initials or name. Don’t go to a gift shop to find the perfect ring, a jewelry shop will give you genuine stuff that is cost-effective.

Birthday flowers and gifts can be ordered online from CosmeaGardens to make the occasion grand.

A Pair of Elegant Shoes

Elegant Shoes Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

To make her look good on her birthday, you can get her those lovely shoes that match with that beautiful dress she plans to wear on her birthday.

A lady can’t have enough shoes and no matter how many pairs she has, there is always room for more. Get her that pair and she will surely appreciate the gesture.

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A Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Sometimes you may have very little time or no time at all to get her a lovely gift. Don’t despair as you can also give her a gift voucher so that she can buy anything she likes.

Gift vouchers are also great when you can’t make up your mind on the best appropriate gift for her. They also have different price tags and you can always get one that suits your budget.
If you have more Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend in your mind then share with us in the comment box below.

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