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Your dog may be the dearest member of your family, several people around the world consider their pets as a part of the family. You love your pet, enjoying their companionship, playing with them, going for a walk and even you talk with them. Also, the study shows that your attachment to a pet is good for your health as well and helps build community.

Now you can see that there are a lot of things a pet can do for a human being so it is our responsibility to take care of our pet when we bring a bundle of joy to our home. As a responsible pet owner, you know the importance of proper nutrition. But it might be possible that you’re not aware of the factors which influence the health and well-being of your pet.

When you’re offering food to your dog it is not just quality food that should match your dog’s individual nutrition needs but a proper way of serving food is also a matter of concern that is being neglected by most pet owners.

In this blog, we discuss how dog bowls can have a negative impact on your pet’s health. When it comes to feeding your pet throughout his entire life, it is important to feed them in the right size or height of the dog bowl.

So, here comes some tips for you to choose the right dog bowl for your pet.

Plastic Dog Bowls:

These types of Dog Bowls are tended to be inexpensive and unlikely to break if dropped. However, plastic dog bowls are generally not recommended for many dogs because they are easily chewable and can be scratched by the dogs.

As your pet can scratch and chew a plastic bowl easily, this can leave places for bacteria to build up. Also, some dogs can get allergic to plastic which results in a mild skin reaction. So, it is not a healthier option to feed your dog in a plastic dog bowl regularly.

Ceramic Dog Bowls:

These dog bowls come in different styles and colors also, these bowls are great when it comes to express your style. There are designer ceramic dog bowls are now available in the market which are heavier than plastic bowls and have a smooth surface that ensures easy cleaning.

You can personalize the ceramic dog bowls for your pet, their protective glaze makes them easy to clean. However, these ceramic dog bowls can break easily if dropped.

These bowls are not meant for the most extreme temperatures, as they are easiest to break the microbes can accumulate in every crack and become unsafe for your dog.

Be sure to inspect your pet’s ceramic bowl regularly. Although small ceramic dog bowls are best for your little pet.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls:

The metal dog bowls are the most durable ones, shatterproof and biting resistant. Stainless steel dog bowls are extremely hygienic and easy to clean. As it is not a porous material the food substance does not sink into it hence, the leftover food can be washed off easily.

These kinds of dog bowls are available in a version with a rubber bottom to prevent slipping also, it is difficult to find them in different colors and styles. But in case you have decided to bring a stainless steel dog bowl for your pet then you need to consider some parameters of the dog bowl that will match your pet’s needs.

First of all, you need to decide the size of the dog bowl, if it is too small it will not fit in the recommended portion of food for your dog which further can have tragic consequences in the form of malnutrition.

On the other hand, too large a dog bowl makes it difficult for your dog to eat also, it will encourage your dog to put his paws inside.

You can find the food guidelines and the recommended daily portion that are suggested based on the weight and age of your dog over the dog food packaging. So, it is important to take the size of the bowl into consideration for choosing the right bowl for your dog.

Similarly, choosing the right height of the dog bowl is also very important. In case you are having a larger breed then it’s quite harder to choose the right height of the bowl. If you have chosen the smaller one then your dog will have to bend down or they need to bend his paws and eat. This is very harmful to pets, it can cause difficulties in swallowing, destroy their joints, and create digestive problems.

Nowadays feeders with adjustable height are there in the market and it is the best solution for your dog.

Wood Dog Bowl:

The wooden bowls are more modern than the classic ceramic and stainless steel dog bowls. The metal and wood bowls might be a little expensive but they will last longer and are very stylish for a house that has wooden furniture.

But wooden dog bowls might not be the idea, they can break and accumulate food residue and moisture and become heaven’s for bacteria, mold, and other micro-organisms. You can’t put a wooden bowl in the dishwasher so they require hand-washing.

Over time the moisture present in the bowl creates a fuzzy surface texture that needs to be sanded away.

Elevated Dog Feeder:

You can find many interesting solutions regarding dog bowls in the market nowadays. These dog bowls make life easier and can solve the problem associated with feeding.

Elevated dog feeders are one of the crucial inventory. They are great especially for older dogs and larger breed dogs. When your dog eats by elevated dog feeder there’s less strain on the neck, shoulders, hips, and joints.

Also, it helps to keep the feeding area cleaner by preventing your dog from spilling their bowl around the floor, and the most important one, they can reduce the risk of bloat.

Final Thought:

As a loving pet owner, it is always been your priority to find the best products for your pet, and selecting the right Dog bowl is the important process when it comes to giving your dog proper nutrition. Here in this blog we have discussed the dog bowls variety that is available in the market and you can choose among them as per your dog’s breed and that matches well with according to your dog’s need.

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