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Solar Panels for Hospitals: An Energy Efficient Choice That Comes with High ROI

Solar panels for hospitals

Before we talk about the solar panels, let’s admit that healthcare industry is generally one of the highest consumers of energy in any country.

Facilities such as nursing homes, urgent help care facilities, private clinics and hospitals use a big chunk of available energy. And, the major supply of electricity goes to hospitals as the requirement is higher due to the number of people accommodated inside a hospital, be it doctors, patients or routine visits.

From air conditioners to medical equipment such as MRI machines, CT scanners & ventilators require 24/7 power supply for a hospital to run smoothly.

So why hospitals are turning to solar power in 2020 needs no elucidations here. It’s simply for the cost-effectiveness that comes along without compromising on the quality of their service.

Solar energy is not just easy on the pocket in the long term, but also extends the fulfillment of saving the environment as it produces carbon free electricity.

Let’s look at why solar panels is the imminent need for hospitals today.

Solar panels: A natural fit for Hospitals

A natural fit, because of their quality of being environmentally friendly as they generate zero carbon. By installing solar panels, you use the abundance of sunlight to withdraw power and channel it to take care of day to day operations without depending on the conventional energy.

The major reasons why one must opt for solar panels at a hospital are:

  1. With several machines running around the clock, hospitals need an uninterrupted supply of power. Installing solar panels providesa hospital with electricity without the risk of blackouts and interruptions.
  2. Solar panels are noise-free, can survive harsh weather conditions and can be cleaned easily.

The endless supply, lowest maintenance cost and use of space

Once installed, these solar panels will supply you with a continuous power supply for as long as 25 years. These modern solar panels are designed in a way that they need the least maintenance.

By installing solar panels, you will make use of the empty space on your rooftops or you can install a ground mounted system on the empty land area.

One very clever way of installing solar panels is to install them over the open parking space, which is called a solar canopy. This will save the parked cars from the sun by giving them a proper shade while generating electricity for your hospital.

Alternatively, a Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems (BIVP structure) can be installed.

Save a buck while you are at it

The solar panels are one-time investments that come with the life expectancy of almost 25 years. Speaking in financial terms, when you compare it with your regular electricity bills, you will break the entire cost even within 5 years. From the 6th year onwards, it is free electricity for your hospital.

In many cases the generated electricity exceeds the consumption, in such case you sell the electricity to the government against the credit that can be used later in the year to settle the incurred charges (if any).

The cherry on the top is the subsidies and tax incentives that are generally provided by the governments, simply for investing in solar panels. These incentives and subsidies differ from state to state, but they are generally quite beneficial.

In a nutshell, solar panels are the perfect solution to energy management at hospitals. Since the wellbeing of patients is a priority in this sector, there is no room for error because that can literally put lives at stake.

It’s crucial for you to choose the right kind of solar panel provider for installations to avoid any hassle and enjoy all benefits of thismodern-day Eco-friendly technology. Take a decision based on in-depth knowledge and assurance.

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