How Bad is it to Use Electric Shock Training Collars for Cats?

Cats training collar

Cats and dogs both are common pets from ancient time. Although both of them are well-known pet, cats are more delicate than the dog. They are a little bit unpredictable and super adorable at the same time.

That makes them more interesting. Cats are energetic and always looks to explore a different area.

Some owners use electric collars to subdue their wildness. So how bad is it to use electric shock training collars for cats.

Cats want to be the master of their own choices. They don’t like total control.

So some cat might cause some problem to the owners. But many people recommended an electric collar for training them.


People have a mix experience of this electric shock collar. Some cats often mess with different things around your home and create a problem for the owner. To control the naughty behavior of the cat, some try the electric collar.

But truth be told, cats are funny and adorable, they don’t deserve such a punishment. They are like a human baby; they are cute but create a lot of problems.

This collars will apply mild shock to the cats to prevent movement or to restrict access to some places. This might hurt the nerve system of cats.

The shock collar generally produces a slight electric shock. Some provide a small amount of vibration. Some device uses a loud and sudden noise. There are different types of training collars used for the cat.

Some are remotely controlled, while others are automated.

  1. Remote controlled
  2. Automated and censored collar

The remote-controlled collar comes with a remote. Remote-controlled collars are suitable for training your cat. Collar that comes with the sensors is used for restricting the cat from entering into any room or area.

Whenever a cat wants to enter into some restricted area, collar receives a signal from the sensors. After receiving the signals, the collar applies slight shock.

It is useful for the safety of the cat. If your cat has a tendency to run away from home, you can use this collar to prevent that.

Is it okay to use a shock collar

One should use this shock collar for too long. You can use them for a certain amount of time. But it should not be more than a month. Excess and long-term uses of these collars are harmful to the cat.

So the answer is that you should not use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Even if you use them, use them for a short time. Long-time use of these collars is risky for your pet.

In addition to that, you also have to consider the size of the cat. Collar for bigger cats applies more shock than smaller cat’s collar. If you give collar of larger cat to the tinier one, it will be inappropriate and painful for your cats.

Cats always like to snuggle with the human being. Some cats even go near strangers and get pated by them. They are friendly but little bit obnoxious type of animal. Affection works better for them than this kind of hard measures.

Cat is not as much obedient to people like dogs. So you should spend more time with your cat and get to know its nature and habits. Using it will damage the bond between you and your pet.

After applying it, your cat will view you in a fearful manner. Which as a pet owner is unpleasant.

Cat needs time to adapt with a new owner so you should be patient. Eventually, your cat will get accustomed to you, and your households gradually.  You should only consider shock collar if it is necessary for your cat’s safety or it is trying to run away from you.

If you really want to use them, how should you use them?

Before going into details, you should know that there is a considerable risk of using these pet collar. After knowing everything, if you still want to use one, you should be careful while using it.

As cats are a fragile and playful animal, any rough handling has a possible risk. There are many types of collar out there. You should consider a collar that creates a loud noise. They are less problematic.

They will not put your adorable cats in any kind of danger, and at the same time, they will also prevent them from doing undesirable things. Always try to avoid an electric this collar. They are uncomfortable and agonizing for the cats.

There are some kinds of breeds that are wilder than other cats. Many people possess smaller wild cat as their pet. They require special attention. You cannot tell them to forget their wild nature.

They are good pet but a little bit wilder. These pet collars will only make thing worse for them. You should look for a professional trainer if you have a problem with them.


These devices are not suitable for a good relationship between you and your pet. It is also harsh for the poor cat. Especially electric shock are irritating and sometimes agonizing.

You should think thoroughly before using one. You should not apply these pet collar for an extended period of time. Remove them if it causes too much discomfort to your cat.















































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