Having great skin is important on so many levels. Firstly, it means that you are healthy from within, hydrated and nourished enough for your skin to glow.

But it is also such a confidence boost, because having great, clear skin will make you feel like you don’t have to do any additional work to make yourself look great.

And most importantly, good skin will give you a good base for whatever makeup look you want to create and whatever style you want to go for.

But maintaining perfect skin is far from a walk in the park, so here are some tips to help you get the perfect glow.

Stay Hydrated

It’s one of the most important things for your health overall, but your skin is where it shows the most. If you don’t hydrate, you will get cracked lips and potentially dry and cracked skin.

However, it’s completely possible to also have a case of super-oily skin, because your skin is producing extra oil to make up for the hydration it’s not getting.

So, make sure you’re hydrating both inside and out by drinking plenty of water and having moisturizer be a part of your daily skincare routine.

Protect it from the Sun

The sun is the biggest enemy of your skin. Everyone loves feeling the sun on their face, but every moment the rays are touching unprotected skin, they are causing spots, lines, and overall damage.

You might not see it now, but in ten years you’re going to look 20 years older if you’re not staying safe. You want to be using a sunscreen of SPF 30 on your body and minimum 50 for your face because the skin on your face is the most sensitive.

But really your top priority should be shading yourself with hats, sunglasses and plain old walking in the shade.

Learn to Exfoliate

Many people think that exfoliation is a primary step in your everyday routine and that skipping will leave your skin less than optimally cleaned. But if you break it down, exfoliation isn’t chemical – it’s mechanical. You’re using abrasive to scrape the surface of your skin and remove any dead skin cells.

But skin cells reform only every week or so, so what happens if you are scrubbing your skin daily? You are literally scraping and damaging fresh, new, baby skin that you’ve uncovered by removing the dead skin cells.

So yes, exfoliation is great, but it’s not an everyday activity, and even for a weekly scrub, you should be using the gentlest product you can find, like a konjac sponge.

Use as many natural products as you can

Nothing will care for your skin quite like natural skincare brands with well-chosen ingredients.

Having all-natural ingredients means that, instead of harmful chemicals attacking your skin and forcing it to change to look good instantly, natural, healthy chemicals are working together with your skin, feeding it and healing it to create a long-lasting change from within.

Look at the ingredient lists and use the products with the shortest list and one where you understand most – if not all – the ingredients listed.

Always use clean brushes

Whether you apply makeup daily or just use a mechanical skin cleansing sponge, if you’re not cleaning them after every use, you are contaminating both your skin and your makeup.

Cleaning brushes doesn’t have to be an impossibly long process that you have to set aside an hour to do. You can get simple brush cleaning sprays that you just spray on, swirly the brush around in a towel for a minute or two and voila, a clean brush.

Go through your makeup

Be honest with yourself – how long ago did you actually go through your makeup drawer, brought up the palettes and tubes left forgotten in the back and looked to see what you have?

Probably a long time. Makeup is expensive, and once we buy it, we are very hesitant to throw it away before using it all up.

However, like everything else, makeup has expiration dates, and once they’re past their prime, they can only do damage to your skin.

And keep in mind, the makeup that is natural will have a lower amount of preservatives, meaning it will last even shorter, so you’ll be much better off buying smaller packages and replacing them when you run out.

Befriend your Dermatologist

You might only think to go to your dermatologist or beautician when you have an issue with your skin, but regular visits and check-ups are what will prevent problems in the first place.

Going in for a light chemical peel, a nourishing mask treatment or whatever your dermatologist thinks would be best for your skin at the moment will help you feel and look great on a daily basis.

Schedule your meeting once every two to three months to make sure you’re keeping up with your skin’s needs.

Don’t put dirt on your Face

The most obvious culprit here is our hands. You might think they’re pretty clean, but realistically as soon as you leave your house, your hands are not clean anymore.

After that, every time you touch your skin, you are transferring germs and bacteria onto your skin. But there is something that we don’t think about as often – our phones.

Really, the surface of our phones is disgusting and to think about putting it on your face every time you talk is even worse. Carry in your bag some glass-cleaning alcohol wipes and wipe down your phone screen at least once per day.

Take your makeup off

This is so crucial, and the way you do it will greatly impact the condition of your skin. If you just come home tired, take a wet wipe and sort of rub all over your face, calling it a day – you’re not cleaning your skin.

You want to take an oil-based cleanser and remove any makeup not by pulling and rubbing, but by gently pressing and letting the product do its thing before swiping away.

Afterward, use a gentle cleanser to get rid of any residual dirt and oils. Apply any nighttime skincare you’re using and only now are you ready for bed.

Embrace it

Understand that all of us have different skin and just because yours isn’t as smooth or glowy as someone else’s, doesn’t mean it’s not perfect!


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