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Dyslexia is a misunderstood learning disability that many people have. But many of them tend to believe that this disorder is just one problem among many that are caused by other issues. There are three main types of inherited learning disability – phonological, reading, and writing. There is also an additional subtype of this disorder, which mostly occurs as a result of nerve damage or a head injury.

Learning disability is often suspected in people who don’t have good handwriting. Poor spelling is usually picked up on during a routine look-up by a school administrator or teacher. For adults, these issues can be noted when applying for a job or college.

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Most dyslexics have trouble with reading, and it affects their verbal as well as non-verbal communication. These people have different strategies for learning. They tend to have problems with word identification, even at a young age. These people can’t follow a sequence of instructions; they tend to skip around or behave unexpectedly.

In Short about Dyslexia


If you believe your child may have dyslexia, there’s only one way to know for sure. You will need to get them evaluated using different methods. Tests that assess skills relating to reading should also be carried out as part of your full diagnostic assessment.

Your kid will take the test when school-aged. Dyslexia is most commonly found in kindergarten through grade school. The impairment is evident within the first year of learning. The evaluation for this condition covers letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sounds, spoken words, matching numbers and letters, numbers out of sequence, and general comprehension skills.

It’s not unusual for adults to detect dyslexia too. When you suspect this disease, you can perform a self-assessment to see if you have it or not. Today, many online tests and resources are available, and most are free. So you can take advantage of modern technology and find out if you suffer from this disorder.

Online Resources


When you have decided to take the dyslexia assessment and screening test, you must consider several things. First is your education level; the higher it is, the higher the expected performance on the assessments.

Second is the expected difficulty level of each of the test sections. If you have problems with any of these, you should ask for assistance. And when you need the help of others, the odds of suffering dyslexia are much higher.

Thirdly, your expected reading and writing fluency will also increase the accuracy of the diagnosis. You will have better chances of successful treatment if you know your processing speed and diagnosis accurately.

There are several websites that offer a free dyslexia assessment and screening test to a broader range of individuals. You just have to provide some basic information and why you want the free survey to enroll. Once you have filled up the registration forms, you can start the assessment and screen online. In a few minutes, you will see how well you’re doing in reading and writing.

Screening Assessment

Screening is an initial step in determining your learning abilities. When you suspect this disorder, you should go online and check for dyslexia tests and resources offering free screening. These surveys test the different areas of the person’s brain, which are responsible for various functions.

As said, online dyslexia screening is about taking a survey. It usually has a few dozens of different questions. These are more or less standardized and serve only for diagnosing dyslexia (but take the results with caution).

You don’t have to answer all questions. Screening is confidential, so you don’t have to leave any personal information. After taking some advanced tests, you’ll even be able to see your learning profile and suggestions from reputable experts on how to deal with it.



The diagnoses of dyslexia depend on the different criteria which were applied in screening the patient. Some people with dyslexia may only have a mild form of the condition. They can still function normally in school or the workplace, but systemic training and adaptation are necessary.

Meanwhile, some have a more severe form of the problem. These people usually have difficulties in both phonological processing and verbal fluency. These patients usually have an average IQ and good eyesight and hearing. But there are some other difficulties making everything much harder for them.

Dyslexia is quite tricky to diagnose, as it leads to difficulties related to reading and writing. For a successful diagnosis of this disorder, it’s necessary to study the patient’s health care and tests for various areas. Neuropsychologists are usually involved too.

But keep in mind that no online screening or test can replace a visit to a healthcare professional. Whatever the result you get after the screening, don’t think it’s definite. But some studies have shown that online dyslexia tests are quite accurate. Still, rely on these forms only as an add-on to a professional diagnosis.



After diagnosing dyslexia (or you still suspect it), you can undergo a series of tests evaluating your condition. This process will include testing IQ, reading, writing, memory, reasoning, and motor skills.

You have to look for dyslexia in many different online resources. Websites that provide screening usually have evaluation tests too. These are webpages of associations or support groups for people who have dyslexia. If you take time to research them, you might find many useful resources and reading material about this learning disorder.

If you proceed to detailed tests, the first thing you usually have to do is an academic evaluation to determine where you stand. For this, you will have to complete an assessment test that evaluates both your learning disability and your IQ.


After finally diagnosing a learning disability, you must undergo a dyslexia treatment adapted to your age and skills. A thorough check of your education, learning skills, past issues, and specific needs will determine the best treatment for you. If you’re determined and dedicated, you will see improvements soon.

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