Worst Indian Serials! How SERIALS have Corrupted INDIAN WOMEN’s MIND!

worst indian serials

While humans usually have 5 senses women have 6 and this isn’t the smart 6th sense but melodrama.

Oh no! We are not anti-feminists when we say that. We just wish to portray the Indian women’s love for daily soaps and why Indian serials are worst. Yes! You guessed it right!

Those senseless, absurd, and high voltage drama oriented TV serials which women love so fondly.

No love is as strong as a typical Indian woman’s love for her TV or precisely for serials.

So while kids have the virtual world of video games to lose themselves in women in India have daily soaps where the mother in law is never impressed by the daughter in law and the male lead dies a thousand times and comes back a thousand times.

Not to forget how marriages are a routine affair in these daily soaps.

Same character, multiple marriages yet they trend and they always would until we have women who are fanatically related to these ‘saas-bahu sagas’.

We are not demeaning women for their choices here but we’re just wondering how something so deprived of sense and logic finds such great viewership so much so that these daily soaps become much more important than household work or looking after kids etc.

How, How and How?

There is a number of TV channels on offer and a lot of them make much sense, at least much more than these annoying serials which breathe a stale drama.

One can watch the news to gain insight into what’s happening around the world. Then there’s Discovery, National Geographic, Music Channels even the ones for yoga and work out but dare you to change the channel when your wife is watching here serials!

What’s even funnier is that women actually find a way of life from these scripts.

The average frame of mind of a typical Indian housewife is so influenced by these serials which just don’t ever put a stop to their experimentation.

These serials actually reflect the thought process of women very fond of them and this is where sense would feel shy.

It’s a virtual world to which women lose them and they live their lives through their favorite characters in these serials then.

Their curiosity builds up with every episode and this curiosity takes over everything. Beat that?

You’re not concerned about what’s going around the world but you invest all your curiosity and excitement in what is going around in a scripted character’s life!

Here is a list of 5 worst Indian serials which messed up the lives of Indian Housewife:


worst indian tv shows

This has to be the most trolled TV serial which is often ridiculed badly on social media.

This serial believes in diversity henceforth the female lead, Simar becomes a fly at times, comes back to being a human again and whatnot.

This is the human version of Cartoon Network.

The sister of the main lead named Roli keeps experimenting with her faith and keeps testing weapons developed by gods!

Beat that?

Despite this absurdness, the serial enjoys a heavy TRP with a 3913 impression rating as per the BARC data for 2017.


Indian serials are worstAnnoying husbands since years, this is one stubborn daily soap which just doesn’t terminate.

The characters of this serial are often found stitching their own problems for this serial is far away from any sort of reality be it in terms of the problem or the problem-solving procedures.

The only real-time problems they have been able to develop over the years include the child missing the bus, traffic jams, shopping chaos and other even more petite.

Still, courtesy the Indian women this in terms of TRP is the 3rd most-watched serial watched in Urban India with impression ratings being 5774.


Worst Indian Serials

Talk about stories taking time leaps down the storyline! This serial is one livid example of time leaps.

A leap of 8 years in 2014, 10 years in 2015, and furthermore 5 years in 2016 and we wonder how the characters are still so young!

Not just this, the main lead of the serial whose reel name is Gopi has been changed thrice.

Can someone tell us what is going on?

Why is this serial more like a time machine?

But then BARC ratings would surprise you again!

This tale of swapping Gopis is the 9th most-watched TV show with ratings being 4420.


Indian Serials

A serial that only and only dwells on irritating voices, cricket leagues of the society, and the same problems coming back again and again!

If viewers were to be asked as to why this show is so popular and much-watched we’re sure they would only either be answerless or come up with the poorest defense.

They run a half an hour show with no storyline or theme and this is only worth wondering if there are any other better things to do in life.

Still, with 4238 ratings, this is the 11th most watched show.


Indian serials are badThis show has to be credited for how they have created their own theories of marriages and divorces. The writers are no less than discoverers and they have redefined everything.

It takes years and years for conspirators to be finally exposed and the leads to finally meet. Also not to forget this serial’s fascination for conspiracies especially kidnappings!

Let’s not talk about ratings for this is the 1st in the list of the most watched TV serials with 6482 ratings.

Someone needs to tell these serials that they need to stop NOW!

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