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Chocolates & Cookies Gifts That Add Spice To Valentine’s Day Celebration

Chocolates & Cookies Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It is an ancient tradition to gift the loved ones on some special occasion. The most important intention would be to share happiness.

Even on the romantic celebration such as Chocolate Day during Valentine’s Week and the Valentine’s Day gifts chocolates and cookies can be the perfect gift ideas to bring a smile on the recipient’s face.

Here are some options available online for chocolate gifts:

Choc-a-Cookie Gift Hamper

Choc-a-Cookie Gift Hamper

This is the perfect gift combination for the aspirants that wish to Buy Online Personalized Chocolates and Cookies in India. This gift hamper is decorated in a cane basket and carries fabulous varieties of delicious chocolates and tasty cookies.

The recipient would actually ‘feel’ the love and affection through the rich taste of these chocolates and cookies that add romance to the occasion. This is one of the most ‘delicious’ ways to convey love.

Belgium Dark Cranberry with Choco Chips Chocolate Bar

Belgium Dark Cranberry with Choco Chips Chocolate Bar

This can be a beautiful surprise gift if someone would wish to order chocolate cookies online. The delicious cookies would have chips of dark chocolate in them.

Thus the recipient would love the taste of these cookies that would add joy to the celebration. These cookies with chocolate chips would be remembered for years ahead for their irresistible taste.

I Love You Chocolate Bar

I Love You Chocolate Bar

This most appropriate chocolate gift would bring delight for the recipient. The chocolate bar would carry the message “I LOVE YOU” included in an artistic way.

Thus the recipient would fall in love with the sender once again due to the most beautiful manner to convey the affection on the very special occasion. This would be an innovative chocolate day gift idea as well.

Teddy & Ferrero Rocher Combo

Teddy & Ferrero Rocher Combo

Soft toys especially teddy bear would be well-accepted gift due to its cute and innocent appearance. This gift hamper combines the cuteness of teddy with the fantastic creamy and buttery taste of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls.

Thus the recipient can enjoy the chocolates in the beautiful packaging and retain the cute teddy in the showcase or even on the working desk.

Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Gift Box  

Dark Chocolate Valentine's Gift Box

The packing of this chocolate with a red heart ribbon extracts its beauty and it is a joy for your loved ones to receive. The shipping weight of the product is 1.4 pounds.

The product contains a combination of nutty chew, almond patties, vanilla hazelnut truffle, chocolate caramel, raspberry stick, mango fruit, and chocolate fudge.

The chocolate is more than enough to bring a smile on someone’s face due to its diverse varieties of perfect flavor.

ASTOR Chocolate Valentines Day


ASTOR Chocolate Valentines Day SHARE THE LOVE 3.1 Ounce Belgian Heart Box

Price- INR 1,120.00

It is one of the fine and best Belgium milk chocolate by certified Kosher. The product contains 11 pieces which include 4 ganache filled milk chocolate hearts and 7 solidified milk chocolate hearts.

Being one of the best gift containing milk chocolates, it gives pleasure to the one it is gifted.

Miami beach chocolates vegan love teddy bear heart


Miami Beach Chocolates Vegan Love Teddy Bear Heart With Gift Box Fresh Made To Order Kosher

Price- INR 1,400.00

Being one of the best gifts for someone you love, it is made up of 100% premium gourmet chocolates. It is a vegan and Kosher certified pareve. It also includes a beautiful and very attractive gift box.

The teddy bear is solely made up of the custom chocolate blend and it is accented with a love heart. The ingredients used are Cocoa, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, sugar, and pure vanilla.


The best possible chocolate gift items for your loved ones are mentioned above. Put a Smile on your Loved one’s Face; Picture the smile on their face when they pull these gift out; send the message home of a premium and personal gift and put a chocolaty taste to your relationship.

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