Budget Long Lasting Perfumes for Men in India

perfumes for men in India

Perfumes have become the daily necessity of the people of today’s world. Perfumes for Men help in pleasing others by leaving a good impression and surround ourselves with a lingering and pleasing scent.

Sometimes people are known to have the smell of success identified by the quality and brand of perfume they use.

Various raw materials are used in the manufacturing of perfumes including synthetic materials, and natural products that are originated from animals and plants. Fine perfumes may include more than 100 ingredients.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different fragrances and perfumes.

Most of the perfumes for men are of the middle eastern brand so their names would be unique for you.

But we assure you that the brands we are going to recommend would be best for you.

The primary focus of this article is to discuss those perfumes and brands that are from affordable range to mid-affordable range that will be helpful for the youth of our country that uses perfumes while dating, or when they go to colleges and offices.

You can get various compliments without spending too much.

Presenting you the list of some of the best, unique and timely-tested perfumes for Men in India.

1. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

Now, we are going to talk about an amazing and wonderful fragrance that is not only famous in India instead it is loved by many people all over the world.

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man is a very famous perfume for Men due to the reason that it is a very popular clone of the world’s most favorite fragrance whose name is Creed Aventus which is a modern iconic fragrance and every man can associate with it.

If you are having that perfume, it meant a luxury statement, not because of the price of the perfume but due to its smell and beautiful fragrance.

Many big companies tried to clone it but the first-ever clone that became so popular was Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man.

It has a bit harsh opening becoming over the top at some places but if you are going for such an amazing thing, you have to compromise a bit.


The perfume is not that much costlier in accordance with its quality.

You can buy this perfume from the attached link just at INR 1900 i,e, You can get a 105 ml of this bottle under INR 2000.


The bottle comes with different fragrances. One comes with a transparent bottle which is a completely different one while the other one is a woman intense brand.

The one described in this article is especially for men. The fragrance of this perfume is sweet and unique from others.

The top notes used in this perfume are bergamot, pineapple, apple, blackcurrant, and vanilla.

The middle note used is birch, rose, and jasmine.

The base note is patchouli, musk, vanilla, and ambergris.


The performance of this perfume is too good and getting a perfume with such an amazing performance at such an inexpensive price is a big thing.

It is a long-lasting perfume and once you apply it, no one can the difference between this perfume and the Aventus.

2. Rasasi Dahn al Oud Nokhba

Rasasi Dahn al Oud Nokhba

Rasasi Dahn al Oud Nokhba is a unique composition. Maybe you have never heard about this fragrance also but as always, you have to trust us because we are here to present you with one of the best items ever.

This is a highly rated fragrance and it is famous on the fragrantica website also which is a famous website for different types of amazing perfumes.


Generally, if you combine anything with Oud, you will get a sweet fragrance and it is very difficult to make such perfumes and the price of this perfume is not too much.

You can easily afford it. The perfume comes with different quantities.

You can buy the 20ml bottle of this perfume under INR 1000.

Moreover, if you want to have a bigger one, it won’t cost you much either.


Nokhba is an Arabic word and the perfume is a middle east based brand.

Oud can be found in this perfume which is an essential element for any middle eastern company that manufactures or sells perfumes because it is highly used in the middle east.

Although it is a very difficult task to place Oud inside a perfume, Oud is positioned with a fruit in this perfume which makes it so appealing, rare composition, and a contradictory one too.

You can get a very sweet and pleasant smell of strawberry in this perfume and the smell of Oud can be found in its terminal phase.

A very soft and woody part of Sandalwood is also used in this perfume and due to the mixture of all such elements with Oud, this perfume is well balanced and sweeter.


Men and women both can use this perfume and it is generally ideal for winters but can be used anytime.

There is no restriction or hard and fast rule of using this perfume.

You can use it in summers too depending upon your environment.

If you continuously work under an AC then you must try this fragrance.

It is a long-lasting perfume that can last up to more than 2 to 3 days.

Top notes used in this perfume are geranium, bergamot, and sea notes; middle notes are white flowers, rose and violet; base notes are amber, praline, cypress, musk, sandalwood, and patchouli.

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3. Rasasi Shuhrah

Rasasi Shuhrah

Rasasi Shuhrah is also a Rasasi product and the theme is very common in the case if you have used middle eastern fragrance.

The smell of this perfume is almost the same as that of the black box version of Jannat Al Firdos that belongs to Swiss Arabian company.

Various other expensive brands replicate this perfume and the same brands have a very high price and buying them is not a big deal for those people who value these types of perfumes for Men.

If you are getting something extraordinary at such a low price then it is worth having.

The bottle of the perfume also has an amazing look.


The price of this perfume is not too high. It is affordable by almost anyone. Such perfumes are bought by those people who have a good taste in fragrances because getting a perfume of such an amazing odor and smell under INR 2000 is a big thing.

The perfume comes with different quantities and the price of each depends on its composition. If you are buying a bottle of 75 ml, you will get it under INR 1500.


The smell of this perfume is sweet, spicy and the perfume has a richness almost similar to the type of tobacco. There is a bit of smokiness in this perfume.

The fragrance is unique as well as complicated and a unique ambergriece and incense are used to make this perfume.

The fragrance of this perfume is long-lasting and people will be attracted to you if you are using this perfume in different events.


The performance of this perfume is quite good because the most unique importance of this perfume is that it is a long-lasting perfume.

The fragrance will last throughout the day even if you use a very little amount of it.

The reaching power or aura of this perfume is too big.

So if you are going to a party, because of its unique smell and its strength, people will notice you from far away.

The most interesting part of this perfume is that it does no harm to the skin instead it makes the skin as well as the order with respect to the time.

The perfume consists of the fresh smell of mandarin orange, Cavaillon melon, cucumber, mellowed by the scent of basil, sage absolute, geranium, and finally the aroma of delicate musky sensual woods that persists.

4. Ajmal Silver Shade

Ajmal Silver Shade

Now, let us talk about one of the sweetest perfumes for Men that belongs to Ajmal company. Ajmal is a middle east and India based brand.

It is a very beautiful and unique model that was released many years ago but it rules the perfume industry to date.

Ajmal Silver Shade has a very unique note of tea (leaf tea) is used in this perfume and many people prefer it over other perfumes due to its amazing fragrance.

A white must is also added in this perfume which is mixed with a base of sandalwood.

You can call it a clone of an expensive perfume named as Silver Mountain Water.


It is almost similar to Silver Mountain perfume but the performance of this perfume is observed to be better than Silver Mountain.

You can get such expensive perfume (ranging from 35000 to 40000) at just INR 1500 to 2500.

So, the cost of this perfume is not too much. However, this perfume comes with different quantity and you can buy it from the link mentioned.

You will get a 100 ml citrus bottle of this perfume just at INR 1700.

The range may vary depending upon the size of the bottle.


The fragrance of this perfume is very appealing and this perfume is generally made for the young and mature people. However, anyone can use it and experience its amazing fragrance.

The energized fragrance of this perfume opens to notes of plum, violet leaves, lime, blackcurrant, lemon, and bergamot, the heart is infused with iris, floral notes of violet and jasmine.

Sandalwood, cedarwood, white musk, tonka, civet and ambergris wrap the fragrance to keep the scent intact.


This perfume is ideal for the time of summers.

However, you can apply it in winter too but it is recommended to use it in the summer season if you want to gain attention and compliments.

It is also a long-lasting perfume and may last up to a day.

It is difficult to find such perfume in the market because it is not that widely available.

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5. Rasasi Dareej

Rasasi Dareej perfumes for Men

This perfume for Men also belongs to the Rasasi brand. Rasasi Dareej is almost similar to a fragrance that used to rule the industry a long time ago named Valentino.

If you love spicy perfume, you will definitely like this perfume because various spicy elements are used in this perfume. The essence of vanilla is also used in this perfume that makes it sweeter.

The most amazing thing about this item is its presentation. The design of the bottle and the quality of the perfume is too good. It can match up to any designer fragrance brand.


This perfume can match the quality of various popular and expensive brands in an affordable range. The price of this perfume is not too high nor too low.

Again, the price factor depends upon the different sizes of the bottle. You can get the 100 ml quantity of this perfume under INR 2000 only.

However, if you go for a bigger size, you have to pay an additional amount for that.


A very fine and leathery incense note is used in this perfume that makes it so unique. Its fragrance is very similar to various expensive brands. People who use this perfume generally think that a little bit of Oud is used in this perfume but Oud is definitely not used in this perfume.

Instead, a synthetic type of amber is used in this perfume whose smell is quite good. The fragrance is very elegant and simple too.

It is made for the middle-aged people who like to use sophisticated perfumes and will definitely like this one too.


The performance of this perfume is very soft as compared to the other brands. The perfume is not long-lasting but it can do its job in a short period only.

You will get many compliments and people will be attracted to you if you will use this perfume in a party or any other event.

It is a widely available brand in the market but you should buy it from a certifies place so that you will get a benefit of the price factor.

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6. Ajmal Aristocrat

Ajmal Aristocrat perfumes for Men

Ajmal Aristocrat is one of the most beautiful perfumes for Men belongs to the Ajmal company. It reminds us of an amazing fragrance of Armani brand however, it is much better than that one.

It is a very sophisticated type of perfume that reveals power, grandeur, and elegance. The fragrance is statutory and noble and it helps in inducing a social success.

It is generally addressed to those men who want to shine in the noble dominance of compelling and potent ingredients.

Citrusy and fresh bergamot, Watermelon delve into a Musk encompassed heart to settle on a woody Ambery base which embodies decadent luxury with a long-lasting and daring imprint.


It is an expensive perfume and once you use this perfume, you will definitely get to know that the price of this perfume is worth giving.

If you buy a 75 ml bottle of this perfume, it will cost you a total of around INR 4000. However, if you go for a bigger bottle with increased quantity, you have to pay an additional amount for that.


People go mad once they apply this perfume because its fragrance is so good that people notice it easily and you will get thousands of compliments.

A very lovely and woody cord is used in this fragrance which is very unique as well. Citruses are also used in its fragrance that makes it refreshing and gives it a sophisticated or complex blend.


This is a long-lasting fragrance that can last up to a day. Some people complain that it does not last for a long time but the reality is that if you are using this perfume in Indian weather, the smell of the perfume cannot reach you or other people due to the humidity.

If you apply the fragrance on your clothes and smell the same clothes on the other day, you will definitely get the smell of the perfume.

The perfume is office-friendly as well as public friendly.

If you are looking for a good fragrance for your date, you should definitely go for this perfume because it is an amazing perfume for date nights.

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7. Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme

Rasasi La Yuqawam perfumes for Men

Presenting Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme in front of you guys, one of the finest perfumes for Men of all time.

It is a high-class product belonging to the Rasasi brand and it is famous all over the world.

There used to be the most luxurious perfume that was named as Tuscon leather.

It was a combination of leather, Oud, and raspberry. The combination was fruity and unique.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme is much better than that perfume (Tuscon leather).

It has a very unique fragrance that smells very sweet.

It’s a very strong fragrance as well.

The leather part of this fragrance keeps it strong and masculine while the fruit part of this perfume keeps it fresh and unique.


The perfume is a bit costlier and expensive.

You can get a 75 ml bottle of this perfume at INR 5000 – 6000 in India but if you buy this perfume from Gulf, you can get a discount and it will cost you around 3000 to 4000 in Indian rupee.

However, if you want to buy a bigger bottle with an extended quantity, it will cost more expensive for you.

We recommend that you should use this 75 ml of this bottle only because it will last for a longer period.


The fragrance is rich with a smoky element that smells much like tobacco and it is amazing because once you apply this perfume, you will definitely love it and do not want to change your brand ever.


The performance of this fragrance is amazing and can last up to 1 or 2 days.

It is a very strong and powerful perfume. If you apply it on your clothes then its odor won’t go easily for 2 to 3 days.

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8. Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Black Incense

This Black Incense perfume is of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi brand. It is a very popular perfume for Men in the UAE.

The most reputed brand of perfumes for Men, Abdul Samad is what a man wants when he goes for attention and attraction.


Generally, this brand works on a high level and has a high price but you need not worry because they have an oxidantal range too (also known as French perfume range) and you can afford it within your estimated price.


The smell of the perfume is unique and refreshing. Although, it a rose-based fragrance, not a typical type of rose but it is an exotic and rich type of rose.

The perfume provides a freshness just similar to a fresh fragrance.

A bit of incense is definitely used in this perfume but it is of no harm.

The incense used is not too much smoky or leathery instead it has a very sweet smell and a spiciness that provides the perfume with a luxurious and oriental smell.

If you use this perfume in a party or somewhere else, people will definitely attract you and appreciate you.


The performance of the perfume is very decent and its odor remains until 6 to 8 hours.

This perfume can be used in almost every season whether it is winter or summer.

But the ideal time for using this perfume is the summer season.

The Black Incense by Abdul Samad Al Qureshi is definitely not the first perfume that focuses on the dark sweetness of flowers but no one can catch the difference.

It somehow gives the impression that it is the very first perfume that uses the flower as a dark ingredient.

It is no doubt the finest of the perfumes that give you joy and happiness during the summers.


So, in the above article, we described some of the amazing perfumes for Men under the affordable and mid-affordable range as well.

This article was especially for the young generation so that they have the option of choosing the right perfume that can equally match the expensive brands within an affordable price.

Out of these perfumes for Men in India which one is your favorite.

Tell us by commenting below.

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